Donald Trump sounds increasingly unhinged with each interview that he does, not to mention the fact that he keeps incriminating himself. Two or three more interviews are all he needs and there will be a fifth indictment, maybe more. As many have quipped, “He has the right to remain silent, he just doesn’t have the ability.” Trump keeps calling Jack Smith a “deranged lunatic” but he’s the one who sounds like one, not Smith.

“They were my tapes, I didn’t even have to give ’em.” No concept of obstruction of justice. No concept of accountability. And zero concept of the responsibilities he had as president and simply flouted. Yet, we are told, that he’s still a viable candidate to return and do more.

If you didn’t catch this farce yesterday, here’s what he had to say.

I hope he does keep doing interviews. And I hope he’s sincere about being willing to testify. Then all of this that you’re watching becomes fair game for him to be questioned on. Let’s see Mr. Black and White Simplistic Thinker shoot all this down and prove it’s fake news. This man is such an embarrassment.

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  1. He’s the poster child for a culture that raped, robbed, enslaved, and exploited the Native Americans and later the African Americans to build wealth. Then to add insult to injury, claim ‘God’ sanctioned it as a holy cause, and now pretend it never happened. Europeans did it here and around the world. Now, we put those in power who have abandoned facts and rational thought, while they use the products produced by science, and the power of rigged elections to oppress the majority of us. When the criminal presidents, senators, congress members, judges, etc. walk unscathed from their crimes, while millions are locked up, some for breaking unjustifiable ‘laws’, then we get evil liars in the highest offices of the land. Our core problems are tied to our lack of true morality which has always been the golden rule. Now we worship gold, fame, and drama. No wonder we are where we are. No one should be surprised. 73 million voting for a man who provably has no morals and lies when he breathes is no fluke. The real question is what are the rest of us willing to do to stop this suicidal madness?

  2. “As many have quipped,

    “He has the right to remain silent, he just doesn’t have the ability.” ”

    Luckily for us.

    Trump derangement system might be a fiction, but disgust with him isn’t.

    Trump fatigue is his only gift to the world, we are all just tired of him, sick and tired.

    He thus energizes his own opposition to act against him.

  3. Trump is the first person in my life of 78 years in October of this year, to see, publicly saying, with waving hands, rubber face and absolutely NO SIGN OF ANY intelligence, the most stupid, annoying comments, (Example), while looking over past our top scientist on treatment and survivability of the Pandemic, he suggests, “perhaps we could do something, by injecting bleach IN VICTIMS of the Pandemic”,.

    Too bad he didn’t insist on that treatment for himself when he was infecting the SS crew in his convoy by removing his mask and waving out the window, showing his importance to his followers …

    The stink he makes every time he is in Public, like the Iowa/Iowa State game in Ames, Iowa the other day called up boos and one finger salutes … on each hand at the same time …


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