Trump’s Two Worst Nightmares Are About To Come True.


I could be bounded in a nutshell, and count myself a king of infinite space, were it not that I have bad dreams   Hamlet   William Shakespeare

January 20th is going to be one mondo bummer day for El Pendejo Presidente. There isn’t even a legitimate argument to be held anymore. Donald John Trump is a clinical sociopath, and an obsessive narcissist, and on that day, the two worst nightmares of his life are about to come true.

For starters, on January 20th Donald Trump will become that which he most abhors. For more than 50 years now, Donald Trump has had a favorite epithet for all of those below him, or those who try and fail, and that word, which is, for Donald Trump literally a 4 letter word, is loser. And at 12:01 on January 20th, Donald Trump will become what he most hates, a L-O-S-E-R! Trump will become only the fourth President in US history, joining Herbert Hoover, Jimmy Carter, and George H W Bush to be denied a second term by the voters. There is no way to sugar coat this, and whether admitting defeat or not, Trump has admitted that he will no longer be President. That is a death dart to the ego.

But the worst is yet to come. Because, on January 20th, Donald Trump will finally become irrelevant in the mainstream media. And for an obsessive narcissist, the lack of public adulation is deadly. Not only will Trump lose his bully pulpit as President, he will also lose, for the most part, barring court appearances, any relevance in the national mainstream media. That, Trump could handle. But what just came next may well be the kill shot.

Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram announced that they had all immediately suspended Trump’s accounts, either permanently or indefinitely, for gross abuse of their user policies. This is the true kill shot for Trump’s future plans. Trump could survive this being relegated to the second tier status of the Sinclair network, as well as the Patriot Network, as long as he could communicate directly with his racist horde via social media. But that has been shut off now. After the announcement from Twitter, Trump immediately went to the Official White House Twitter feed to voice his displeasure. Since the tweet was obviously from Trump, a newly banned user, Twitter pulled the post.

Look, forget about Trump’s non existent 2024 chances for a moment. Trump is at heart a con man. Since his loss, Trump has used social media to fleece the suckers with mass requests for donations to support his nonsensical court challenges, most of which money he pockets directly through his Leadership PAC, where the funds go. But for his text and e-mail blasts to have any real effect, Trump requires a massive social media presence in which to make his desperate, personal pleas for filthy lucre. And the Big Three just shut him down, and off.

Look, Trump never wanted to be the President, and he could manage to explain away his personal loss. But Trump is, at his heart, a grifter, and what is most important to him going forward is to be able to continue to run the grift, and continue to fill his pockets. The loss of the national mainstream media is bad enough, but the loss of his ability to marshal mass social media is something he never thought possible. In 12 days, Trump will truly become a man on an island. Adios, Motherfucker!

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  1. Apple also booted Parler from their store. Moderators are probably having fun playing wack-a-mole on the different twitters he’s tried.

    • Not quite gone from Apple yet. They gave Parler 24 hours to clean up their act. No way it can be done in that timeframe. Google Store didn’t even give them THAT long.

  2. All the above begs a very big question that has yet to be adequately answered: who the actual eff thought what went down Wednesday was a good idea?! To see certain video that’s surfaced of this clan celebrating, you’d think it was conquering Iraq all over again. Instead, they bungled it to the point where everybody is after them and anyone who supports them. And that’s before we get into pro-Trumpers going after Lindsey Graham, a preview of what’s coming for other failed Trump loyalists…

    “Prisons are bulging with dummies who wonder how they got there.”–Sidney Boehm, The Big Heat, spoken by Alexander Scourby, 1953

    • Let me quote my friend Dusty, who wrote this earlier today. He’s talking about Internet forums, but the idea is the same:

      Look, this is an old, old story (at least old in Internet time). Every moderated forum I’ve been on since the 90s has bent over backwards to put up with right wing nut jobs, no matter how egregious the violation of the TOS, because they whine and bitch that they’re being censored if they have to abide by the same rules everyone else does. Then they finally go too far over the line into something the mods can’t ignore, like threatening or harassing someone, they get banned or even suspended for a few days, and go “See?! See?! Bias!”

      It’s bullshit. It’s always been bullshit. Ignore it. Or mock it. Your choice.

      • I finally quit Facebook…(well, lots of reasons) but the trolls were outrageous. And commenting on the idiocy of RW nutjobs. Got responses. But my comments were mild at best… yet FB somehow (now, I know why) suspended my account for 3 days (?) since I was not a “human”. WTH, Somehow one of my comments… made somebody go ballistic and played the game I did not know was being played. This is before FB was playing footsie with RW… Shapiro and crowd (Like how Fox and fools make Top 10 of hits…) . Just info one got and others suspected and then proved.

        I quit FB… but it is used by a lot of folks. Good and bad. Just had one of my nieces tell me… fam back home: Q is not part of true believing Trump supporters. !!! Yeah, for some reason them kiddos don’t call their uncle. No more fam reunions invites. Darn. Guess I don’t cuss anybody out.

    • AND who is liable for any harm caused by these American corporation? (Twitter, Google, Facebook) THE Board of Directors that’s who, Jointly (Together) and Severally (Singly). can TORT LAWYERS can go after any and all of them.. there are HUGE CIVIL $$ PENALTIES for causing CORP HARM with your business product.. just remember Big Tobacco and OxyContin. AND Board Members do not have to have even known it was happening, that is the Risk of Owner Responsibility they traded in by Incorporating. This is from British Common Law via Commercial Laws.

  3. I saw Rick Wilson on Brian Williams’ show a little while ago and he said something interesting. He spoke about all the Republicans he knows who for years have PRIVATELY complained about Trump and how they detest him (my note – they wanted their tax cut and to tip the balance of SCOTUS but once that was done along with a boatload of other judicial appointments they no longer had much use for him) but said they were afraid to be openly critical because Trump would kill their career with his twitter feed. But now Wilson says, they have no more excuses. Wilson may or may not be right. Without twitter, which apparently is already on the lookout and deleting tweets he makes from other accounts but it remains to be seen how long the Trump effect will linger. What happened to Lemming Lyndsay Graham (who in a very unlike a Lamprey manner detached himself from his host – Trump’s butt) at the airport is bound to give GOP types the shivers. I wonder how many are begging rich friends with private jets for rides right now so they can avoid going through airports? Still, in a few weeks after the goons of MAGA land have a Biden administration to focus their anger on it’s possible the rest of the GOP can help each other apply solvent with a q-tip to dissolve the super glue attaching each others lips to Trump’s butt.

    • Methinks you’re vastly underestimating the sheer loathing of the Trumpers right now. Wilson isn’t. I’ve lived among these people for nearly four decades. I can tell you they will cling to this lost cause like it was a religious obligation for as long as they can manage. The social ostracism and systematic disassembly of their mouthpieces will eventually drive to the margins. But there’s no coming back from this for the Republicans. The cult crossed a bright red line in public and they WANT someone to blame for it not working out. It’s as if Tiananmen Square had been run by Jonestown.

      • Trumpism will never be gone. I’ve lived among some of the people you cite for an extended period, albeit not as long as you. I know there are tens of millions who have never gotten over the south losing the Civil War – that grievance has been passed down through generations. The way I see it Trumpism is a mutation of the Klan & “lost cause” mentality. It’s always there lurking, like a virus that can go dormant. The example I like to use is chicken pox, which once a person has had it lays dormant and sometimes never resurfaces but alas, it often does and an outbreak of shingles is ugly, painful and in some instances (say if it’s on the face near the eyes) life altering. The Klan has never been erased, and has sprung up periodically and done awful damage. And as I said, Trump has created a mutation. The best we can do is with much effort that will take time drive it back into dormancy. Alas, unlike the shingles vaccine (and you can bet your ass I got it having once experienced a massive outbreak) there will never be a “vaccine” for Klan/lost cause cum Trumpism. The only question is can people of goodwill summon (again) the will to drive it into dormancy, and if so do a better job of keeping it that way. But it will ALWAYS be there lurking, waiting for the tiniest opportunity to break and and flourish in all its ugliness.

          • No one will ever convince them otherwise but they’re wrong. Don’t get me wrong, Jackson, like Lee was very good but I sumbit they were overrated. Keep in mind that their greatest successes for which they get so much praise took place before Grant was moved from the western theater to the east. It’s not that Grant was a better commander than either Jackson or Lee but he knew what he was and was not. More importantly he understood that the north’s industrial capability as well as it’s ability to move munitions and supplies while also strangling the confederacy’s ability to do so was key. More importantly unlike those who came before him he was bold and not at all afraid of devising a battle plan to go on the offensive and then carrying it out. Lee was outmatched in troops, supplies and and finally faced a commander who was willing to take him on directly and had capable subordinates (Sherman for example) who were also not afraid to go at the enemy. Hard. Ruthlessly and accept the casualties that went with it. Grant might not have had Lee’s flair but he by god knew he had advantages and kept the pressure on and Lee finally had to grapple with the fact he was facing a competent Union command that was better fed and equipped than his own forces. And that Grant wasn’t the least bit afraid of Lee and his vaunted reputation. Had Grant been in the east and in command at Antietam instead of McClellan Lee would never have had those precious extra two days to gather his scattered forces. His contempt for McClellan was well justified. His own commanders felt they should retreat but Lee said they would build out their defensive positions because McClellan wouldn’t attack right away despite knowing he had far superior numbers. Grant would have crushed Lees army right then and there, and when the swollen Potomac prevented what was left from crossing back into Virginia, unlike McClellan who held back and gave them time to do so Grant would have had his forces fall on them like a pack of hungry wolves. If Lee managed to survive the pictures of him and his “steed” Traveler would have had photos of them in a Union prison yard (with Lee in shackles and the horse hobbled) and they’d have been smuggled all over the south. End of war. End of story. And Lee wouldn’t have become the icon to the traitors that you correctly note he still is.

            Lee was a traitor and it’s my hope that one day our own history will regard him as such even in the south.

        • Oh, there’s a cure for all of it, Denis. It’s called “extinction” and the 2020 census will make plain that’s well underway. This crowd has fallen in love with the idea of “white genocide” precisely because their numbers are shrinking like a gasoline puddle in the hot sun. But what does one expect when they never gave that much of a damn about the next generation?

          • Not to be a downer… what I feared and probably is happening… Hispanics have drifted to R’s and some of those to the cult. Religion, attitude, … stupidity. Not much traction with Black Americans but with other groups ? … don’t now the appeal but maybe one was Prosperity Gospel (or perversion of): Get it and support those that want you to get it. Taxes are bad and so are regulations!! An easy if mistaken message. Just like tolerance, education, and knowledge.

            Economics (I got mine… from US Govt… but screw you!). I noticed that a lot of folks (white) are against the very entity sending Social Security and Disability checks. The same as for some… Hispanics. Folks that work in trades or truck drivers seem to make money and want to know why they can and others can’t.

            I had a supervisor rail against welfare. He worked and saved his money. Just railed daily. Yet, when while I was working… and other workers came in: he would shoot the breeze and smoke and drink coffee, with them. When I tried to do something… he would say concentrate on “your” job… and then… blah blah. Of course, he did not like me saying why those guys sitting and not helping. Which I did when I had the same job (general warehouse) before operating sitdown forklift. Oh yeah, supervisor was black. So it is not a racial thing… ?… but an attitude and culture.

            And for some reason, Fox News and others (OANN, Sinclair, Rush, Levin and other radio fools) spread their cancer… and there seems nothing to counteract. Not for a lack of trying… just been in the shadows. Who listens to AM in urban areas… besides… Yeah, the same crowd of nutjobs.

    • After epstein’s murder, er, mysterious demise, i hear there’s an island for sale. Good news. No one has to show the rich & powerful the grounds. They’ve already been in the hot tubs. Maybe they can start their own country. They are a cancer to democracy & any sort of future social justice & a move to true environmental stewardship. A cult in germany almost took over the world. This one almost pulled off taking congress hostage. Time to wake up folks & make examples of the fascist enablers who hold high offices & have clearly & proudly violated the oaths they took. If we don’t stand up now, with the power in the hands of the democrats, they will only get rewarded, & grow stronger. The time is now.

  4. I didn’t know Trump tried to use the White House account. That’s funneeee. I love that. He’s so used to having all these incredible mechanisms of power, the White House and social media — he won’t have any of it. He’ll still have his private plane and Mar-a-Lago, but he’s going to be pretty isolated.

    • Until the local council reminds him, via a court order and/or a couple of deputies that he’s breaking the law by staying more than 7 days at the club (which isn’t zoned for a residence).

      Btw – I loved the heading from Fintan O’Yoole of the Irish times on the rapid emptying of his cabinet “S***s leaving the sinking rat”

    • Not just him, Ursula. EVERY RWNJ mouthpiece on Twitter just got deplatformed overnight, including…wait for it…LIMBAUGH. Nobody’s taking any chances. At this point, I’d say the FBI is monitoring telegraph wires just to make sure no one’s getting any messages out.

      • Telegraph. LOL

        Reminds me of a sci fi/horror movie mid 80s. Aliens took humans and they didn’t age. US Govt knew and kept it quiet. Until one guy’s wife (who was an alien and had a kid with her) was taken in some farm town out in the boonies.

        He meets a journalist and the feds monitor the airports and buses. “What about the trains?” asked one of the agents.

        Her response: Nobody takes trains anymore!!

        He and gal pal… on a train.

  5. Something just dawned on me. I haven’t had email from the Donald Trump campaign account for, well …. I just went to look and the last one he sent was t 1:22 Wednesday. That was right before all hell broke loose.

    He said, “TODAY will be a historic day in our Nation’s history. Congress will either certify, or object to, the Election results. Every single Patriot from across the Country must step up RIGHT NOW if we’re going to successfully DEFEND the integrity of this Election. President Trump is calling on YOU to bolster our Official Defend America Fund. For the NEXT HOUR: you can INCREASE your impact by 1000%. Please contribute $5 immediately to the Official Defend America Fund and to increase your impact by 1000%.”

    That was it. Then … silence. He’s had nothing to say. Interesting for a guy that peaked at 50 emails in a single day on Election Day.

  6. It’s more accurate to call Don Wayne a “mothercusser”. That’s a word you could say to your own mother, if you have one. Some of us are so old our mothers are no longer alive …

  7. Trump needs to be sentenced to the ultimate (to him) nightmare. To be sentenced to a super-max prison, where he will never have any contact with the outside world nor any contact with anyone for the rest of his life. Even that punishment cannot make up for all of the pain, misery, and deaths that he is directly responsible for!

  8. You can cencor, block and continue to lie.Everyone knows who and what you evil SANTANIC child sacrificing Adrenochrome pedofilers shapeshiffters are. You seem to forget with all the hate you thieves stirred up, you’ll have a price to pay.You will have your judement day. Your pathetic and apparently you never read the Bible. FYI God wins in the end.

    • Wow. My first reaction was while the descriptive adjective were a tad over-the-top you provided a pretty good description of members of MAGA world. Then I read it again (it’s the middle of the night and having woken up I couldn’t get back to sleep) and noticed the typos (apparently you don’t know how to spell censor and pedophile) and realized YOU are a MAGAt. That makes your little post a pretty good “self-own” if you know what that means. (Hint: It’s not a compliment) As for the bible, and God might I suggest instead of listening to mega church evangelical preachers with bad hair and dimples (couldn’t resist the Jimmy Buffett description from his tune Fruitcakes in the stanza about religion which starts “Where’s the church, Who took the the steeple? Religion’s in the hands of some crazy a$$ people!”) and prosperity gospel nonsense you get yourself a good old-fashioned bible like we had when I was a kid – one of those “red letter” bibles where the New Testament had things said by Jesus printed in red instead of black ink? That should make it easier for you to understand what the Savior you claim to worship actually taught because what Jesus taught is WAY different than what conservative “Christians” spout. But hey, if you want to worship your false prophet/golden (actually orange faced) idol that’s your business. St. Peter deserves a good laugh every day and seeing folks who’ve sold their souls to Trumpism will give him plenty as he denies them entry to heaven prior to crotch punting them down to hell!

    • Yeah….those projecting Talibangelical Republican types are real azzholes rite 🙂

      I can’t think of any sin worse than perverting the teachings of Jesus to fit your own selfish agenda.

      GFY assclown…….

      *points at the clueless assclown and laffs*


    • You can run, rave and do inane posts, baka saru. But your hiding days? Those are done. Only a fool of your stripe is dumb enough to think God is on his side. Right now, he’s likely still laughing at how your petty revenge plans went sideways.

    • Any claim you ever had of being a “Child of God” was shot to hell the moment you supported Donald Trump–the guy who can’t even hold a Bible correctly (and, most likely, couldn’t quote even the simplest verse without having to read it from a TelePrompTer or name a single book in the Bible) and hasn’t been seen INSIDE a church for the entire time he’s been in office (the man spends more time playing one round of golf on a Sunday than he’s ever spent in a church).

      As for “God wins in the end,” well, let’s just say that’s just plain bull. That prediction has been going around for almost 2000 years and He hasn’t seen fit to do much to “win” at any point. Hell, He proved He doesn’t care about us since He foisted Trump on an unsuspecting nation (certainly something to rival any of the Great Plagues of Egypt).

      There’s actually some philosophy that proposes that God, upon finishing creating the Earth, basically kicked His “kids” out to grow up and fend for themselves–like most parents tend to do in the real world. He only offers help when the “kids” are in truly dire straits but, otherwise, is hands-off (much like real-world parents will let the kids move back home during a crisis, with the expectation the kids will help out while at home and will eventually move back out when they’re able).

      But, I’ll leave you to ponder on words imparted to us by the illustrious pair, Salt ‘n’ Pepa:

      “So the moral of this story is, who are you to judge?
      There’s only one true judge, and that’s God
      So chill, and let my Father do His job.”

      (“None of Your Business,” Salt ‘n’ Pepa; written by Hurby Azor; from the album, “Very Necessary”)

      • You do remember during the 2016 campaign when he was asked to name his favorite Bible passage and he said “All of them,” like a kid doing a book report on a book he had’t read? Meanwhile, Hillary was able to quote copious scripture, yet HE was the one the “Christian” right thought was anointed by God.

    • “You don’t ask questions with God on your side.” Bob Dylan (another pizza-eating jewish pedophile per your ‘doctrine?’).

    • Putin is probably too busy dodging the oligarchs who backed him right now. Trump being Prez was his latest Not-So-Amazing Idea that would put Russia back on top. After getting those oligarchs’ assets frozen courtesy of the Magnitsky Act and more crippling sanctions from his ill-fated attempt to grab Ukraine, Vladimir Vladimirovitch may have just incurred strike three.

  9. You’re monumentally dense if you decide its safe to ignore the entity Trump from now on. Hitler Incited a coup on Nov 9th 1923, talked for hours and hours spewing his poison in court, and that was before live streaming. He got a light sentence, served part of it and was visited by fans and treated like a king without a throne. A decade later he rose to power and ruled for 12 years before he shot himself in the head after he had done the same to most of Europe.

    Why am I telling you this? Because you haven’t even managed to put him behind bars yet. Unless you convict him of SOMETHING, nothing you decide to post anywhere will convince me it’s sane to forget about Donnie “Two hands to Drink” Trump.

    • Why are you telling this, actually? That entire post made a lot of assumptions, most gregariously how the justice system is supposed to work like it does on TV (which it doesn’t), how anyone was supposed to convict Trump of anything while he had political muscle (which he just used up on Wednesday) and how the history of early 20th Century Germany is somehow exactly like 21st Century America (which is history illiteracy that completely ignores the cultural context of both situations).

      • True, but human nature remains the same & since history rhymes according to mr. Clemmons, it’s also foolish to assume safety. Ask your local representative where they were hiding during the violent coup attempt by our president, senators & republicans in the house. The experts on how democracies fall into tyranny aren’t as confident of tbeir stupidity leading to their demise. Wow. That’s one big assumption. I could easily argue, the other side must be rather blind & ignorant to allow him to rise to power. Especially since we lost 500,000 in fighting authoritarianism in ww2. Point? Soothsayers rarely are correct when it comes to the future.

    • Settle down, bozo. The only one here “monumentally dense” is that MATAt troll above, and perhaps you for spewing your vitriol at the people who want Trump gone. Trump is 74 now and in poor health. Hitler came back a decade later, in part because he was young(er) and healthy. A decade from now, Trump will be dead or arguing with wastebaskets in the old folks’ home. When you say “you” haven’t convicted him yet and “unless you convict him,” who do you think you’re talking to? I’m not a state or federal judge and, as far as I know, nor are any of the posters on this site. We’re not federal or state prosecutors, either. No one here is advising you to just forget about him.

      I think we know who the “monumentally dense” person is here.

      • Are monuments by nature dense? The Washington Monument is granite, so it’s probably quite dense. The Virgin Islands Coral Reefs are mostly water and air…probably not that dense in the grand scheme of things.

        I just can’t get behind poor adjective choice.

        • “Monumentally dense” has nothing to do with the density of monuments (or coral reefs, however that got in there). It suggests that someone’s density is so great as to deserve a monument. Whether the expression really fits the circumstances is a separate question.

    • Agree completely. He is more desperate and dangerous than ever & is still extremely dangerous given he’s still taking orders from Putin.

  10. 45’s’s a malignant narcissist – obsessive is part of it. That malignancy metastasized into others. That’s the seriousness of having as POTUS. Blame the Senate that kept him in power. Blood is on all their hands.

  11. I found it informative as to what Trump and POTUS and TeamTrump tried to tweet in last TWEETS. From VERGE piece:
    TRUMP TWEETS (since removed)
    1. As I have been saying for a long time, Twitter has gone further and further in banning free speech, and tonight, Twitter employees have coordinated with the Democrats and the Radical Left in removing my account from their platform, to silence me — and YOU, the 75,000,000 great…

    2. …patriots who voted for me. Twitter may be a private company, but without the government’s gift of Section 230 they would not exist for long. I predicted this would happen. We have been negotiating with various other sites, and will have a big announcement soon, while we…

    .3. ..also look at the possibilities of building out our own platform in the near future. We will not be SILENCED! Twitter is not about FREE SPEECH. They are all about promoting a Radical Left platform where some of the most vicious people in the world are allowed to speak freely…

  12. Just remembered a piece .. yours?! From a bit ago that noted .. TRUMP WAS A LOSER by 3 million votes in 2016. LOST 40 seats in 2018 for#GOP in the House thereby creating Former Military/INTELL #SevenHouseHeroes during his Impeachment1. Then he L.O.S.T HUGELY by over 7 million votes in 2020, and managed to LOSE TWO LILY WHITE SENATE Seats in the DEEP SOUTH on Jan 5 and the Senate majority on Jan by 5
    MEANWHILE on m JAN 6 he LOST in his #MAGA COUP attempt, and created 127 #seditious criminals who are now noted permanently in Our Congressional Record.. ALL OF WHOM who are NOW primed to be PRIMARIED by both Patriot #RVAT GOP AND DEMS in 2022, when there are 22 more SENATE seats up for re-election. ….
    AND today Molly Jong Fast reminds us that violent MAGA smashed TRUMPKid nepotism futures too, they even see millennial friends falling away in droves .. SEE
    YEP HE IS A LOSER.. and soon thus lousy Apprentice PREZ… will hear YOU’RE FIRED!

  13. If it turns out to be death to his ego as you suggest, that could be a very good thing for him. Often the journey to mental wellness begins with the death of the ego.

  14. Everybody relax — Trump’s legal problems begin the day he’s officially out of office, and so do his financial ones. If I’ve surmised correctly from various indirect sources, he owes a very large amount of money to various un-named people of quite nasty dispositions, money which he cannot repay either in actual currency or in favors from on high. Add in the prosecutors from NY state and the many angry women waiting for his return to civvy street to get him into court on sexual abuse charges; Donald’s going to be far too busy trying to stay out of prison to be setting up alternative governments, media empires or internet platforms.


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