I’m serious. Ok, perhaps I’m also being snarky but attorney (for now) Terrence Howard really, really needs a nickname. I suggested a couple already. I hope after reading this if you’ve got suggestions of your own you’ll share them. If nothing else it could make for a fun weekend game. “Hang the mocking nickname” on yet another person deserving of ridicule. Why am I writing about this?

Closing arguments on the motion in Fulton County, Georgia to disqualify DA Fani Willis and Nathan Wade from the case are done. The judge has now taken things “under advisement” so the saying goes. I wrote earlier about gut reactions to what I saw, but by the end after the prosecution (Willis’ team) was done the defense (Trump’s team) Nathan Wade’s former law partner and divorce lawyer Bradley had again (to use another old saying) taken in the shorts. Back on Tuesday when Bradley had again taken the stand I said he looked for all the world (I guess literally anyone with access to a TV or computer could) to see like a man who wanted to be anywhere but on that witness stand.

I still think that’s the case. However it’s the WHY that got me to thinking today. We’ve learned some things since he was excused from the witness stand back on Tuesday. During his testimony we learned he had had more communication with Ashleigh Merchant, lawyer for Trump co-defendant John Roman (who was the lead in this motion to disqualify) than was previously known. Well, that turned out to be interesting to be sure. Since then we’ve gotten more details of what was in those 413 texts. And a much better sense of the relationship that developed between Merchant and Bradley over roughly four months before that motion to disqualify was filed.

To refresh your memory I’ll reference part of a CNN report I included in a post yesterday here on Politizoom about Bradley’s credibility problem:

“The admissions by Nathan Wade’s friend and former law partner that they did not want you to see,” she added.

In the texts, Bradley calls Willis and Wade “arrogant as f,” calls Merchant his friend and says he trusts her.

But that’s not all:

When asked about a list of other people, including some who worked in the Fulton County DA’s Office with Willis who would know about the relationship, Bradley responded: “Subpoena them all.”

I’ll say what I said earlier this week which is that Bradley had an axe to grind alright. When Merchant listed some of the trips Willis and Wade took together there was this:

Seemingly aware of this travel, Merchant replied, “And Napa.”

Willis and Wade traveled to California when the former’s daughter “flunked out” of college and moved to the state, Bradley added.

Not only did Bradley trash Willis and Wade, he also trashed Wade’s daughter! And yes, trashed is a fair way to put it because as the prosecutor noted for the record today Bradley was LYING. Willis’ daughter had graduated from college. Lawyers are by nature hesitant to say so bluntly but the prosecutor actually called Bradley out as a liar.

So again, Bradley’s credibility for this and so much more is for sh*t. So much even a Federalist Society acolyte like McAfee will dismiss Wade’s testimony. What I want to make note of is something else I said yesterday, that for months Bradley was willing and at some point eager to assist Merchant. We’ll get to the why in a bit. I also noted that until recently Bradley’s “help” to Merchant was conditioned on him being anonymous.  Also Merchant, after filing her motion expressed nervousness to Bradley. He offered encouragement and support. I think it could be characterized from the texts as: You got this. Go get em.

As the hearing approached it seems Bradley for a time dropped his reservations about testifying if needed. Maybe he didn’t think it would come to that. Then again maybe he had a plan. Not a good one as we shall see but a plan nonetheless.

First, keep in mind that although the name Donald Trump was damned near absent from lawyer’s mouths during this KKKlown KKKar circus he was watching with great interest. Even if he gets back in the WH he’s powerless against a state prosecution. No DOJ rule about not prosecuting a sitting President (or even candidate within 60 days of an election) and no ability to pardon himself. IF Willis and Wade but especially Willis is disqualified the entire case would have to be handed to a different prosecutor in a different county as the whole Fulton County DA’s office would be considered “tainted.” Legal experts say that puts the whole case in serious doubt. This was Trump using others to do what he wanted and NEEDED. Bradley damn well knew this. Getting a sense of where I’m going?

Here’s another dot. Bradley was out to get Wade (and to an extent Willis because he wouldn’t be getting any work from the DA’s office anymore) back for both forcing him out of their pretty successful law practice and then firing him as his (Wade’s) divorce lawyer. That’s a lot of money lost for Bradley. He’s hung out a shingle in neighboring Cobb county but likely not doing so well. The reason? He was forced out by Wade (and shunned by the DA’s office) over accusations of sexually assaulting an employee at his and Wade’s firm. Bradley denies the allegations but paid a settlement to the employee. However, that’s not a good way to all of a sudden in mid-life have to start over.

Here’s the next dot. Trump needs lawyers. Preferably ones with no morals and hell, a fellow sexual assaulter/rapist is someone he could relate to! And with Bradley being in tough straights no big upfront retainer. See where I was going? Much has been made about Trump losing (or firing lawyers) and not having the cream of the crop willing to work for him. And the ones who are competent forced him to shell out big upfront retainers. Perhaps Bradley made nice with Merchant (and other defense lawyers) in the hopes they’d  put in a good word on his behalf.  He probably bet, regardless of him telling Merchant no way Willis or Wade would recuse because they were “arrogant as f**k” he believed they would. Or that Merchant had the evidence she seems to have told him she did and would win.

Well, AFTER agreeing to testify if needed things changed for Trump and quite a bit during the month of February.  He’s broke. He’s not going to be hiring any new lawyers for damned sure. Hell, he’s got the same lawyers who lost for him up in NYC handling his appeals which normally is never done.  As the time for him to appear in Fulton County Court neared Bradley was having Oh sh*t! What have I gotten myself into? thoughts. Because not getting a gig with Trump was bad, but actually taking the stand once he realized he was going to be the “star witness” meant something that could threaten his law license.

At the last minute he tried to weasel out claiming attorney client privilege. That failed, at least for the one thing that mattered which is the alleged conversation outside of attorney-client communications in which Bradley claims Wade told him about the romantic relationship. It’s worth noting that the text in question doesn’t say when this supposedly happened. Team Trump tried all manner of ways to get around the judge limiting them to non attorney client stuff and McAfee kept shooting them down. In the end all they got was NOT what they wanted to hear – Bradley’s repeated statements he had no personal knowledge of a “relationship”, or at least a romantic one. There’s a lot more I could get into about how bad it turned out for Team Trump but I want to focus on Bradley.

Some legal experts say he might have, even with his statement about a conversation which he can’t narrow down to even a two or three month time frame might have him hauled up before the Georgia Bar. However, even if that doesn’t happen his career is screwed. He used to be in a successful practice, one in which lawyers from different firms or defense lawyers (what Bradley has been) and prosecutors may not like each other but establish a professional trust and working relationship. Bradley I think came to two realizations.

First, there was going to be no gig lawyering for Trump. And even if Trump still offered there wouldn’t be any money from it. Only promises and we know what Trump’s promises are worth! Second, what lawyer in Fulton County or Cobb county or anywhere in Georgia is going to trust him now? He showed himself as someone who will turn around and try to screw over someone else for not tolerating his own misconduct!  No wonder he looked so miserable.

Now we get to connect the dots:

  • We have a guy who was gung ho to help team Trump.
  • Then not so much. He was only gung ho so long as his name was kept out of things.
  • Then, when it looked like he new best pal Merchant had a shot at winning, or at least forcing Willis out she’d be Trump’s new favorite lawyer. And put in a good word for her pal Terrence Bradley who made it possible to cripple if not kill the entire Georgia case. (Merchant I think is successful enough she doesn’t want any part of directly representing Trump)  What matters is that Bradley decided to go “all-in” and by offering to testify as needed.
  • Then Bradley realizes that even if “they” win there won’t be any big payday from Trump. But he still had to make a living and if he took the stand any chance he had of rescuing his reputation and career was GONE. So he was all-OUT. Desperate in fact not to take that witness stand!

The dude’s emotions must have been flipping back and forth at warp speed. In reality he flip flopped. Or Yo-Yoed. See-sawed. All the while sliding down into the deep canyon of “screwed with no future.” I say to hell with him.  He’s caused a helluva lot of damage. It’s fair to wonder if, without Bradley that motion to dismiss Willis and Wade would ever have been filed. I can’t help but think of that text from Merchant to Bradley (right after the motion had been filed) about being nervous. At that point their agreement was that Bradley would remain anonymous. Merchant had to know Robin Yeartie’s testimony wouldn’t hold up to scrutiny. And without Bradley she’d have a hard time hauling others he’d suggested she subpeona to the stand.

I won’t lose a moment’s sleep if Bradley winds up dis-barred. Disgraced for the rest of his life. He’s a dude who did something despicable and faced some consequences from someone he thought would cover for him. Instead that someone called him out and dumped him as a friend and colleague. And, in the process hurt him financially. He jumped at the chance for payback and shot off his mouth, and for lack of a better word was seduced by friendly treatment from a lawyer with a good reputation in the Atlanta legal community. He knew what she wanted to hear and thought he could get away with making sh*t up.

Terrence Bradley wanted payback. Well, he’s about to get it. On himself!


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  1. As the story comes down through thousands of years, Judas betrayed Jesus for thirty pieces of silver. He must have had serious regrets as he went out and hung himself. Sounds like he’s going to carry more damage than either Willis or Wade. If I were the judge, I’d be very cautious about siding with an accused sexual predator who sought revenge but was proven a fraud. Oh, wait, that description is one I’ve heard before.


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