To the surprise of exactly NO ONE Trump is ping-ponging between rage and whininess as he sound off on his criminal trial set to begin late next March.  Smack dab in the middle of primary season.  Hell, if I were running for President I wouldn’t want to sit in court as a criminal defendant next spring either!  But this is a no-nonsense judge who has allotted plenty of time for Trump’s second-rate lawyers to prepare and is unlikely to put up with the delay crap Trump believes is his birthright.  Trump’s going on trial late in March 2024.  IF he asks very nicely (fat chance!) and IF he has a very, very actually really bigly valid reason at best he might get a delay of a couple of weeks.  Which would mean he’s till be a criminal defendant in NY during the primaries.

On a side note, I have to admit that now that the judge has gotten Trump to admit he knows the rules about evidence turned over in discovery that after a couple of times breaking them the judge will issue a bench warrant for criminal contempt.  Let him sit in holding cell for a night or two.  (What can I say?  My fantasy life is a bit weird and doesn’t center around sex)  The main starting point is that at least one trial during primary season is already set.  No wonder Trump is beside himself.  But consider this:

In all criminal prosecutions, the accused shall enjoy the right to a speedy and public trial,

I didn’t pull that sentence out of thin air. It happens to be the first phrase/right listed in the 6th Amendment of the Constitution of the United States.  Remarkable Amendment the 6th, as it outlines a series of rights of the accused that have been fleshed out and codified in federal and state law and clarified by SCOTUS.  While not widely known, or usually forgotten by those of who had to pass civics back in school those laws that define how the 6th Amendment works in the actual world include a “clock” for when the Speedy Trial provision starts.  For federal crimes, the Speedy Trial Act requires the government to bring defendants to trial within 70 days of the filing of charges or the defendant’s appearance before a judicial officer in court, whichever is later  (18 U.S.C. § 3161.)  Here’s an article that explains things in pretty simple, regular person language.

States have their own statutes regarding the right to a speedy trial and if I’m not mistaken the max is 60 days.  Trump already has a criminal trial in NY State scheduled to begin next March, right in the middle of Presidential Primary season.  Also, unlike in his Civil trial he just LOST he will be required to be there in court.  Hey, I get why he or any Presidential candidate wouldn’t want to sit in court as the defendant in a criminal trial during an election(s).  Not a good look.  Not at all.

So, Trump is already scheduled for one criminal trial next spring, and by all accounts he’ll be facing another set of criminal charges in Georgia next spring or summer too.  And Special Counsel Jack Smith is, if reporting can be believed ready to charge Trump on the documents case soon.  It’s a reasonable assumption that Trump will be defending himself, sitting in court in three different criminal trial in three jurisdictions by late spring, and certainly summer in 2024, while running for President!

Once in a blue moon Trump has a coherent, rational thought and anyone including a deranged narcissist like Trump will think “I don’t want to be a defendant in any trial, much less a criminal one.”  However he’s already stuck with at least one criminal trial and knows there’s going to be at least one more.  More likely two more.  And lest we forget, the documents case and the J6 insurrection case are two separate matters and later this year or sometime after the first of the year he might get criminally indicted in a fourth case!  Let’s set that one aside however.  It’s so complex that even if after the first of the year charges are filed it wouldn’t get to trial until 2025.

So let’s concentrate on the criminal prosecution already underway and the two likely to kick off in the next couple of months.

As I said, Trump wants no part of being a criminal defendant once voting starts after the turn of the year.  He of course doesn’t want to be a criminal defendant at all but the goose has already dropped one such turd and he knows a couple more are coming and soon.  And you know the old saying about not being able to stuff the sh*t back in a goose.  Trump knows he’s going on trial next year.  Or is he?

He does after all have an “out.”  Not an attractive one but it’s available thanks to the 6th Amendment and those laws that define just what constitutes the “speedy” part of “Speedy Trial.  He can exercise his right to a speedy trial!  The NY, GA and federal documents cases could be over and done before the end of this year!

He won’t do that of course.  First, it would go against every instinct he has… everything legendary dirtbag Roy Cohn taught him.  Second, deep down inside he knows he’s guilty.  Worse, if he thought prior to the jury in the Carroll case handing down a unanimous verdict against him no jury would vote to convict him he sure as hell knows better now.  The juries he will now face won’t be made up of a Senate that’s roughly half made up of Republicans too scared to vote to convict as was proven twice in his impeachment trials.  Nope, he will be facing juries of normal Americans who will be screened for bias one way or the other.  Voir Dire isn’t a perfect process but more often than not, most of the time in fact it works.  Most jurors take their duties seriously and set aside personal feelings & evaluate the evidence presented and follow the law as outlined in the judge’s instructions.

No wonder Trump’s alternating between whining and tantrums like a spoiled toddler.  Which let’s face it, emotionally exactly what he is.

Trump has just gotten a very personal lesson in this.  For all his whining and ranting he knows deep inside he got a fair shake in that Civil trial.  And would in upcoming criminal prosecutions which brings me to the third reason Trump won’t assert his right to a speedy trial.   He doesn’t have the GUTS to try that particular Hail Mary.  And it would be the legal version of a Hail Mary in at least the documents case and probably the Georgia case too.  NY is a bit more complex because of the law that Bragg is using to elevated the crimes in question from Misdemeanors to Felonies.

The bottom line though is that Trump, for all his bravado and “I Am Alpha Male”, or these days “Real Florida Man” (with a suck it DeSantis attached) he doesn’t have what it takes to stand up and fight with someone, in this case the prosecutors he’s facing and trade blows.  In fact, he knows he’s guilty.  And that he will in fact get a fair trial which means he won’t get a jury filled with slobbering MAGAs.  Which turn means he’s so deep in shiite he’s drowning.

So here’s the question EVERY politician, talking head pundit and journalist should be shouting multiple times a day every single day: “Hey Trump – WHY don’t you demand to exercise your right to a speedy trial?”  That same question needs to be put to EVERY single Trump supporting politician and pundit as well.

(We know none of the non-Trump GOP candidates/potential candidates have the guts to throw that out there)

Trump has the same Constitutional rights you and I have.  If he doesn’t want to be on trial during the primary and possibly even general election campaign as I said he’s got an out.  He can exercise his right to a speedy trial.  If as he claims the case(s) against him is made up bullsh*t, “fake” etc. then fine.  Put up, or more accurately tell prosecutors to “put up” in court.  Now.  If he’s soooooo certain it’s all a witch hunt, that he’s being persecuted etc. then he can say let’s go to trial.  Right away.  He can plead not guilty, which is legalese for telling the prosecution “Prove it – beyond a reasonable doubt.”

Of course, Trump knows all too well prosecutors have got the goods on him.  Which is why he’ll try to drag things out until after the 2024 election in the hopes that he will win and can pardon himself.  What’s that you say about the Constitution only granting President’s power to pardon or commute federal crimes?  If god forbid Trump cheats or via force his way back into the WH the Constitution will no longer matter.  He’ll tell NY, GA and everyone else he’ll have them shot if they try to investigate, much less prosecute him and there are people who will do just that for him.

In the meantime though I think it’s a no-brainer that the question “Why doesn’t Trump demand a speedy trial” be front and center.  EVERY  SINGLE  DAY.



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  1. Just as a general rule, if you want an unencumbered primary campaign, it’s an extremely good idea not to engage in criminal activity before-hand.

    No-one has sympathy for those who author their own misfortune.

    And he’s right, it is unprecedented. No-one else has committed the crimes he has in the run up to candidacy, previously such behavior would have excluded them from consideration.

    But obviously law and order are no longer tenets of his party, they’ve abdicated that moral authority to the Democratic Party.

  2. I hope that Trump’s supporters will finally see him for who he really is . We don’t want anybody with a criminal record as our President , not to mention his threat of ” I’ll be your ” RETRIBUTION ” there’s no telling how crazy he would get !


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