I’m still trying to absorb the absurdity of it all.  A normal day – nothing great but nothing crappy.  Normal aches and pains I live with every day.  A smile here and there, being ticked off at some piece of news.  And a bit of housekeeping.  Took a bag of trash out to the dumpster and as is my habit left the TV on.  To MSNBC at the time.  When I got back into my apartment and looked at the screen I kid you not.  I broke out in full on laughter!

There was a red banner across the bottom of the screen saying Trump has proposed an April 2026 trial date. (For the DC trial on Jan. 6 crimes)  That wasn’t the funny part.  The part that made me laugh.  No, the funny part was the banner included the words:

Not A Typo

Better yet, it stayed there for a while!  Any day where I can cut loose with a good ole belly laugh is a good day in my book and that made my day.  Hours later I chuckled some more as I tuned into Chris Hayes for a while.  When it came time for him to tease the upcoming segment he couldn’t maintain a straight face.  Although not bursting out in raucous laughter he openly laughed and clearly struggled to maintain his composure.

Now we all know is what Trump wants is to have the charges dismissed outright.  Failing that, we assumed he’d push for something after the election next year.  So that once President again he could make the whole thing go away.  No one expected judge Chutkan to let him get away with THAT, but while a hopeless ploy it wasn’t totally crazy.  Unreasonable?  Sure.  Even spring of 2025 would have been a no-way request that would be fairly politely declined but I’d be willing to bet that’s what Trump’s lawyers suggested he go for – April 2025 which would give him time to settle back into the WH and decide whether pardons (including a self-pardon) would be the way to go or wholesale screwing with DOJ.

Trump took one look at their motion and got out his RED Sharpie and crossed out 2025 – and wrote 2026 in the bigliest letters he could fit on the page!  His lawyers had to feel like they were about to suffer a massive humiliation when they faced the judge and tried to present this crap!  Maybe, since we also got news that Trump has cancelled his Monday event, his Lindell style “Here’s actual real proof the election was stolen” live press conference they didn’t some dealing.  A “We’ll make ourselves look like fools in front of the judge and the entire non RWNJ legal world in exchange for you not doing that even Monday.  Trump is truly terrified of a trial and conviction before the primaries really get rolling, and such a deal might well have been a straw he’d grab on to.

Oh how I wish cameras, or at least audio would be in that courtroom on the 28th.  Because since the popcorn laid in for Monday won’t be needed then it will be perfectly fine later in the month.  Alas, we will be stuck with reporters running outside for brief stings on camera updating us on who’s saying what.  Which sucks.  Even freaking SCOTUS releases audio recordings of oral arguments hours after they’ve adjourned on a given day.

We all knew Trump would propose a ridiculously delayed date for his DC trial.  And he did.  I don’t think it’s at all crazy for him to think of that Michael Jackson song and have to be told by his lawyers that “the 12th of never” isn’t an actual calendar date they could put in a motion!  Then duck from the flying ketchup bottles Trump probably keeps on his desk these days.

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  1. Trial? I don’t need no stinking trial! Brings to mind Jim Morrison and the Doors, (no…not The End), but Riders of the Storm…” there’s a killer on the road…his brain is squirming like a toad”. I wonder how many toads are squirming in the vast wasteland of his mind?

    • I’ve thought of that song and that verse often ever since it became clear Trump’s candidacy was taking off. Remember the last lines of that verse: “If you give this man a ride, sweet family will die.” And I thought giving Trump a “ride” as President might well cause “sweet Democracy to die.” Festering F**wad Trump and his supporters are doing their damndest to kill it!

  2. Denis, while it’s possible that Michael Jackson recorded “The Twelfth of Never” at some point in his career (though I’m absolutely unfamiliar with it), the song was first recorded by Johnny Mathis, who also had a Top 10 hit with it in 1957 (it was released as the flip side of “Chances Are”). Cliff Richard had a Top 10 UK hit with a cover in 1964 and Donny Osmond had a Top 10 US pop hit in 1973 (it also topped the UK chart that year). So, I think you may have been thinking of either Mathis or Osmond rather than Jackson.

    • I’m old enough to remember Matthis when I was a kid. Never much of a fan even as I got older. Michael Jackson? Was never a fan of his either. But he’s who most people associate with that song, which (again) I never cared much for. And those attitudes were formed long, long ago when except for when I was competing in sports I was considered by damned near everyone to be an easygoing, genial & friendly person. (And as fiercely as I competed I believed in sportsmanship) Having turned into a cranky old-fart I don’t see any reason to change my opinion on the artists or the song. And, just as I developed the opinion that Trump was a self-promoting a$$hole who merely put out an image of being some smart, successful “businessman” from the time Art of the Deal came out I’ve seen nothing to change my opinion of him, other than it regularly becoming more contemptuous.

  3. A thought about Trump’s “proposal”: The judge should FIRMLY remind MR. Trump that he is the DEFENDANT and no court has ever heeded a proposal when it comes to setting a court date. The court MIGHT take counsel’s recommendation for an earlier date based on many factors but, without a truly amazing supporting argument, a later date is just not going to happen (that’s why all the current prosecutors are playing with flexible dates for their own shots at Trump; it is incredibly difficult to try one person in two separate trials–to say nothing of four–in differing jurisdictions as the defendant is supposed to be present for his trial).


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