You all already  know my feelings about Judge Merchan, or any other judge, state or federal sending Traitor Tot to the can for his big, fat, New York mouth. GO FOR IT! I’ve written that there are plenty of ways to get it done, hell, other democracies have been doing it for decades.

By far the easiest to set up would be to sentence to a weekend of confinement, adjourn court early on Friday, stick him on a US Marshals plane i in LaGuardia, and shuttle hop him up to Joint Base Andrews. He can spend the weekend with the suckers. And nothiing’s going to happen to him in the middle of a military base with controlled access.

If Andrews doesn’t want to fumigate on Monday, then convoy him to a New York state army facility. The ambience will be the same, and I’m pretty cure that most military base clinks aren’t running at anywhere near capacity. And when he takes that first taste of dinner, he’ll finally understand what courage and sacrifice really means.

But if they’re going to continue to ignore sound advice, as well as the concepts of justice and retribution, there are still other ways. And a couple of hours ago, on MSNBC, one of my favorite journalists, Jonathan Alter came up the most diabolical, Machiavellian punishment ever.

On friday, Judge Merchan sentences El Pendejo Presidente to 48 hours of home confinement and community service. After court he’s locked in Trump towers with no visitation. At 8:00 am on Saturday morning, they slap a pair of blue Park Services coveralls and a yellow vest on him, then they secretly convoy him to randomly chosen state parks and interstate rest stops, where he spends his fun filled weekend emptying the trash and mopping out the toilets. When he’s done there, they pootle him along to the next undisclosed place. He can chow down on a state prepared box lunch with the rest of the crew. And it starts all over again on Sunday morning.

If they ever did that, I can pretty well guarantee you that by the time His Lowness got to court on Monday morning, the only thing holding him up would be the starch in his Trump branded BVD’s. He’d probably shut down BullshIt Social, and start speaking only in sign language.

One of my favori9te vengeful phrases is There’s more than one way to skin a cat, but they all leave the cat dead. In his own way, Trump is almost praying to get sent to the clink, so that he can play the heroic martyr, taking one for the team. But how big of a martyr can he possibly be when the media starts showing video and photos of him in a jumpsuit and plastic vest, with his MAGA hat on, shlepping a mop and bucket out of the ladies room? Martyr isn’t the word for that, LOSER is. Hey, one can dream, can’t one?

I thank you for the privilege of your time.

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  1. Aw, c’mon, he’d rage that it was cruel and unusual punishment why just ask any black man on a chain gang in Georgia how much they enjoyed their “service” to the State.

  2. I love Martyr stuff Murphy, puck is live
    it’s a story upon itself, nobody is in protesting in lower Manhattan, isn’t that where that where the 3 card Monty was invented? Hope Nicks cried
    fairly real tears,🤔 ( good lord she needs to be waterboarded )
    when Cohen hits the stand, gentle reader, though as Democrat aid, he’s a Fixer, strong arm steaming
    pile of dog shit, for Trump, pick your poison.

    and his Moma cried,,

  3. I say stuff a sock in that anus-shaped maw that never shuts up. The nastiest, stinkiest sock off a locker room floor that you can find. I could care less about it being cruel. What we’ve had to endure since he came down that escalator (and poor NYNY for how many decades before?) is the height of cruelty and a threat to all of us. Just shut him the hell up, once and for all. Whatever it takes.

  4. Perfect. It would also relieve Jesse Watters’ concern about Von Shitzinpantz not getting enough fresh air and exercise.


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