Everything that Trump has done in tghe last two years as far as his federal legal cases are concerned is to obstruct and delay, desperate to stay out of federal court until after the 2024 election, where, if he’s successful, he can simply nominate and confirm a tame tabby as Attorney General to make it all go away.

And so far it seems to be working. By far and away the most damaging federal case is the Mar-A-Lago documents case. Simply because that’s purely a documents case, an d his guilty fingerprints are all over it. Trump was arguably already out of office when he had those boxes shipped to Mar-A-Lago, and certainly out of office when the criminal obstruction took place. It’s as open and shut as an automatic door at a store.

But with his Divorce Court lap poodle appointee Judge Aileen Cannon rolling over for tummy skritching, that trial doesn’t appear to be much of a problem, at least until next year, if he loses, and she can’t keep d*cking around anymore. The much more serious case is the DC conspiracy case, and it’s problematic.

Unlike Loose Cannon, decade experienced district court Judge Tanya Chutkan isn’t playing the game. Which required extreme measures on Trump’s part. Top be clear, Trump has no legal standing to be in front of the Supreme court right now at all. In criminal court, the presiding judge makes legal decisions on the pre-trial motions, sets a court date, and the two sides go to trial. If the decision goes against the defendant, then the defense goes to appellate court to argue the probity of the judges decisions. Not before. Chutkan ruled in pre-trial motions that Trump had no absolute immunity, so it should have been case closed. Appeal on conviction.

But in deference to his previous exalted position, and because he put three of the justices on the court, exceptions were made. The Appellate Court wrongfully decided to hear the case. And already knowing it would end up before the Supreme Court, he implored the justices to eliminate the middle man and take the case immediately so that trial could commence. The Court, not wanting to touch that case with a 10 foot polecat, politely declined to intervene.

But now time is finally running out for the Supreme Court. They finally heard the case, and it was a legal Armageddon for Trump. His lawyer blew him out of the water in less than five minutes, when he first stated that Trump could order Seal Team 6 to assassinate a political opponent, and affirmed it under questioning, if Trump were not impeached in the Senate, an almost impossible feat. That statement alone is incomprehensible in a legal filing.

As in so many things, it all comes down to a matter of interpretation and definition. The recent bimp stock ruling is a perfect example. Jjustice Thomas went with ideology, and argued a caontention based on the definition of a machine gun, one so full of nits he looked like a mother gorilla cleaning her young to rule to end the ban.

And that’s what this case is going to come down to too. But this time I thnink it’s different. All six of the conservative justices are pro 2nd Amendment, even though this case wasn’t about the 2nd amendment. This case is about presidential immunity, which doesn’t even exist, and the plaintiff’s arguments are too nonsensical for words.

Personally, I’m looking for this ruling to go 6-3 against Trump. I think Chief Justice Roberts is fed-up-to-here with Trump bringing every imbecilic argument in front of his court, looking for his three justices to call strikes balls. I’m betting that Justice Gorsuch joins the corruption twins in dissent, while Roberts, Barrett and Kavanaugh rule against him.

The problem is the wording. There is some grumbling in the media that the justices, not wanting to be black-and-white, will rule that there can be some acts that have immunity, throwing the case back into Chutkan’s lap, meaning a non jury mini trial to determine which acts are criminal and uncovered, only to have them thrown right back into the appellate system again, ending up once again on Chief Justice Roberts’s dinner plate.

And I don’t think that Roberts wants that. In simple legalese, a crime is a crime. We’ve gotten through 248 years without criminal presidential immunity, and I don’t think Roberts wants to spend the next 5 years of his life picking more presidential immunity nits. Kavanaugh expressed some sympathy for limited immunity in oral arguments, so he may go the other way, but I expect at least a 5-4 decision rejecting presidential immunity. The court just doesn’t want to keep dealing with this bullsh*t.

And if that happens, if Judge Chutkan gets the case back for adjudication and trial with a clean slate of health, then Traitor Tot is in the hurt locker. Because it is the judge’s prerogative to set his or her own court schedule, and that includes setting a trial date. And it aopears that Judge Chutkan already has her mind made up.

When Trump filed his appeal on the unqualified immunity ruling, Judge Chutkan had already set an 9- day window to trial at that hearing. She put that window into abeyance while the appeal played itself out, but it still stands as her decision.

MSNBC is reporting that if Judge Chutkan gets a clean bill of health on her case from the Supreme Court, then on the day she receives that decision, the 80 day clock to trial resumes ticking. She will set a drop dead date for pre-trial motions, as well as a date to begin jury selection. Period.

Which will bump her into the vaunted DOJ 60 day rule regarding criminal cases ahead of a general election cycle. Which apparently Judge Chutkan doesn’t give a sh*t about, and for some damn good reasons.

First of all, she’s a sitting US District Court Judge, not an employee of the Department of Justice, nor tethered to their rules and recommendations. second, and much more importantly for our purposes, the DPJ’s 60 day rule prohibits the announcement of any new investigations or indictments within 70 days of a general election.

Trump is hoist on his own petard again. He was indicted more than a year ago, and Judge Chutkan showed every sign of wanting to move the case forward with due speed and dispatch. It was Trump who mcuked the whole thing up with his frivolous appeals at every turn, trying to grind the process to a halt. If the trial now takes him through election day, with all the negative press it entails, then it’s his fault.

Of course Trump’s lawyers will immediately appeal the trial date, citing the upcoming election, but I find it almost impossible that the appellate court would intervene. District court judges have almost dictatorial control over their schedules. After all, His Lowness isn’t the only criminal defendant on her docket, and she has to run her court to ensure the right to a fair and speedy trial. Trump is just another skel in the box. And I don’t see the Supreme Court responding to an emergency stay request either, especially when they shot him down in the first place.

Oh, what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive. Trump, the eternal transactional thinker, if you can call what he does thinking, kept blindly pushing for delay after delay, never taking into account either the Supreme court’s calendar, nor the fact that there is nothing that prohibits a criminal trial from crossing an election day. stand up and take a bow, FOOL!

I thank you for the privilege of your time.

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    • Kudos for using the correct “hoist” instead of hoisted. A petard was actually an early kind of bomb (and yes, that was what engineers engineered then – weapons of war), so I personally prefer “with” to other prepositions. But I don’t believe all the folios agree

  1. IF they rule he HAS immunity then dark Brandon needs to remember in several gospels, it’s reported that JESUS TOOK A WHIP TO THE MONEY CHANGERS AND DROVE THEM FROM THE TEMPLE!!! Enough of the tolerance for NAZIS. After all, imagine what Trump would do if the actors were reversed. Democrats rounded up. Deported. incarcerated. Shot by firing squad. We are on the proverbial troop transport ships headed to Normandy, Okinawa, etc. This is no time for timidity or for laying our proverbial weapons down. Nice guys don’t win wars…Warriors do!!!!!



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