Trump is playing a dangerous game, at least you’d think so if you didn’t spend a decade dissecting his psyche, in which you realize that it’s just more of the same old racist bullsh*t.

Since Trump already has the nomination sewn up, convictions or not, all of the speculation now is turning to his looming choice as a Vice Presidential running mate. It has been related in the press that the final four contenders are North Dakota Doug Burgam, which I had to look up, South Carolina Senator Tim Scott, Florida Senator Marco Rubio, and newly minted Ohio Senator JD Vance.

There is one problem with that field, since Rubio is a sitting Florida Senator, and Traitor Tot is a registered resident of Florida, and the rules bar a presidential and Vice presidential ticket from the same state. Since Trump is a convicted criminal in New York, I don’t see him moving back to Trump Tower just to put Rubio on the ballot.

But since nobody really knows what’s going on in the fevered brain of Tater Tot, there are a couple of dark horse candidates thrown into that list, and that tells you everything you need to know about His Lowness’s cynicism and manipulation.

The two dark horses are Term limited South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem, and Florida US Representative Byron Donalds. And here comes the most cynical and manipulative obsession in Trump’s brain, which nobody is catching.

Let’s start with Noem. Trump has a real problem with white suburban GOP female voters, and Noem comes across as competent and professional, a go-to girl to get the white suburban GOP women’s vote. One small problem. What white suburban GOP woman soccer mom with a Sheltie and a Retriever in her yard would want to vote for a woman who shot her own dog in the face in a gravel pit just because it was feisty? But Trump needs a presentable white woman surrogate who doesn’t wander around toting an AT-15 like Machine Gun Marjie. So he’s dangling that VP slot like a cookie in front of a South b’each diet acolyte, and now Noem is on every network show that will put her on the air.

So much for the cynicism. Now for the overt racism. Trump has always bled African American support, and it could be lethal for him in 2024, all other things being equal. And so Trump dangles the same cookie in front of two of the few slathering African American elected officials he has.

Byron Donalds is an imbecile. But he’s also a craven, cowardly sycophant ready to sell his own race down the river for political power. Donalds has the same problem Rubio does, he’s from Florida, and you can’t have to candidates on the ticket from the same state. But Trump is still dangling that cookie, and Donalds has sunk to the depth of depratity to claim in a town hall that Jim Crow was actually a good idea, since it meant that african American fathers had to hang around at home and raise the kids, instead of taking off for greener pastures. First Donalds got his ass roundly kicked by Joy Ann Reid on Friday night, trying to defend his comments, and then on Saturday, Reverend Al Sharpton buried his ass in a shouting match, again on MSNBC.

Tim Scott is an even bigger imbecile, simply because as a Senator, he should know better. He knows that Trump is a virulent racist. But there he is, hitting every show he can get booked on, trying to portray Trump’s kinder, gentler side and pushing all of the non existent positive things that Trump has done for African Americans. An d he isn’t faring any better than Donalds is.

But hwe’s where the cynicism and racism comes together in a stunning display, and makes both Scott and Donalds appear as the craven, cynical cowards that they are. I can’t cut either one of them any slack. Donalds was elected on a Trombie friendly platform, and Scott was appointed to fill a vacancy, then was reelected on his own. They are steeped in Trumpism, and know exactly what it is and it stands for. Which makes them both despicable cowards to their own people.

Because they’re both out there, desperately trying to convince black voters that Trump is the answer to all of their prayers. And they both know that they’re lying through their teeth;

  • It was Trump who famously said that there were very fine people, on both sides following the race fueld riots in Charlottesville
  • It was Donald Trump who told the racist gang The Proud Boys to Stand back and stand by in a debate leading up to the 2020 election
  • It was Donald Trump who claimed complete ignorance regarding former KKK Imperial grand Wizard David Duke, and refused to deride Duke based on that ignorance, even though Duke publicly referred to Trump as The KKK’s man
  • It was Donald Trump who was reported to have wanted the National Guard put into the streets during the George Floyd BLM engineered protests, and promoted shooting them, in the legs or something

I could go on and on, but here’s the kernel at the nut of the whole thing. Trump’s core base of support consists of Klansmen, neo-Nazi’s and white nationalists, all of whom have a deep, unbridled hatred for African Americans. Do either one of these mental midgets honestly believe that Trump would nominate a black man as his running mate, knowing that not s single one of his rabid racist base would vote for him, knowing that they were putting a black man a single 79 year old mans heartbeat away from becoming President?

Personally, I think that both of these craven cowards know exactly what’s going on. They already know that the virulent racist that is Donald Trump will never nominate either one of them for Vice President, and enrage his racist base. Like Noem, they are playing the part of good little house elves in return for possible positions of power in an upcoming Trump administration. What sad, pathetic, twisted creatures of craven power they are. Let’s just hope that everybody else sees through the bullsh*t.

I thank you for the privilege of your time.


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  1. Try this:

    Melon Felon DELIBERATELY puts a fellow Floridian on the ticket.

    What this does is give the MSM something to talk about instead of his dementia and racism, i.e., anything coming out of his mouth; they will continue to ignore his rabidity.

    So the story will become: “If former President Trump winds re-election, is there really anything wrong with a president and vice president being from the same State?” Boo f-ing hoo…

    Other than the f-ing Constitution, you mean? When has THAT ever bothered these demons?

  2. And don’t forget his little dinner party with Kanye West and Nick Fuentes.
    I wonder if the napkins were folded into little Klan hoods

  3. I get the feeling trump is treating this whole vp thing as an episode of the apprentice. And of course we all know what trump thinks about African Americans winning the apprentice. Each one of these clowns is auditioning hoping that somehow at the convention trump will pick them.


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