The GOP is looking at a national crash. Just look at last weekend’s GOP Policy Retreat in West Virginia. Only about 100 GOP House members attended, not even half of the caucus. One non attendee famously said when asked why he didn’t go, I’d rather sit down with Hannibal Lecter and eat my own liver. Moderate CO GOP congressman Ken Buck is so fed up that not only did he announce his retirement, he came out and announced he was leaving at the end of this week, totally boning what’s left of MAGA Mike McCarthy’s majority.

This is the basic problem with autocracy. Autocracy is intended to turn human beings into widgets, each of them lining up to do their tasks. But that depends on the widgets have to have an assignment to accomplish. And the MAGA GOP is a cult. There is no ideology, no direction, no common purpose, just obedience to Traitor Tot. And when the only thing to talk about is how best to praise His Lowness, and everybody has different ideas, there is no method for dissent, so everybody goes away bored and pissed off at everybody else.

And just think, that’s just the GOP House! What kind of an effect does this kind of mindless stumbling, fumbling, and petty psiising contests have on the national party, including the voters? I can sum it up in three words. Circular. Firing. Squad.

And that’s what we’re about to see, mainly thanks to Trump’s arrogance, narcissism, and vengeance. Let’s just start with one simple fact. In 2024, El Pendejo Presidente lost the popular vote by some 8 million votes. And he lost the electoral college to Biden by the exact same count that he beat Hillary Clinton by in 2016, when he called it an electoral landslide. This is not a winning formula for another White House run.

What did President Biden say in his inaugural speech? He swore to be a President for all Americans, whether they voted for me or not. And he also promised to govern with bipartisanship, taking everybody’s feelings and opinions into account for his governing. And he’s done exactly that, and has the record to prove it. That’s a pretty good talking point for undecided independent and soft voters.

So, just in pure electoral logic, Traitor Tot is starting this campaign 8 million short in the pot. Biden won by 8 million votes, and the first thing he did was to schmooze up to anybody who would listen that he was going to work for them, whether they voted for him or not. And if they wanted to have a Come to Jesus moment, hell, the doors to the big tent were open to them.

And what was The Mango Messiah’s outreach to the people who didn’t vote for him in 2020? F*ck all of y’all! You bunch of limp d*ck losers! We’re MAGA! We’re hardcore! And if you’re not down with that, then get the hell outta here! And it’s not just the turncoats and weak Nellie’s he’s screaming at, he’s even purging his own MAGA party!

Trump is already 8 million votes in the hole, and realistically he needs to find a way to convert at least 6 million of them to have a shot, so he insults them. And then the stupid sh*t turns around and to him in the first place to insult and banish GOP voters and big money donors who weren’t sufficiently obedient to him in the first place.

You voted for Ron DeSantis in the primaries? F*ck you! He’s a loser, and so are you! You’re not hardcore enough for MAGA! Voted for Nikki Haley in the primaries? F*ck you too! She was useless when I made her UN Ambassador, and you’re useless too! Did you give money to Haley or DeSantis? F*ck you! You’re barred from doing business in the Banana Republic of Trump!

Not only is this politically stupid, it’s damn near suicidal. Trump is already making preparations to bleed the NRC dry to pay his legal expenses, but his stupid macho vengeance will shut off donations he desperately needs, even if it costs him the presidency he must get to stay out of prison.

Trump is degenerating, and he’s taking the whole damn party down with him. This is pure speculation on my part, and duly noted, but I think that the campaign is finding alarming data that shows that some of Trump’s core support is weakening and abandoning him. I say this simply because of his sudden degeneration into darker and more violent rhetoric, specifically geared to hold his far right nihilists in place.

Which is insane. In almost every rally speech, Trump is sometimes subliminally, and sometimes overtly referring to widespread, national violence in the streets if he isn’t reelected. And while that might allow his far right supporters to lick their nuts, and promise themselves some vague 2nd Amendment remedies if Traitor Tot goes down, it’s all unadulterated bullsh*t.

Because he’s already tried that schtick, and fallen flat on his face. Following his dire threats of national violent unrest if he wasn’t reelected in 2020, when the results were finalized, there was national dancing in the streets, and not a bloody rebellion. When he was indicted, he kept calling for mass, violent protests, and there were more reporters than protesters in front of the courthouses. And especially after January 6th, when the far right answered his call, and their national leadership ended up in cages, they finally got the memo that Traitor Tot’s word wasn’t worth sh*t.

But you know who he’s scaring the sh*t out of with this Beyond Thunderdome nonsense? Middle and upper class suburban white women GOP voters, the very bloc he’s losing faster than a drunk at a roulette wheel. Trump signed his first law, a law that allowed mental deficients to purchase assault weapons. They’re already terrified to send their kids to school, and now The Cheeto Jesus is threatening to turn the streets of every American community into a bloodbath if he’s not reelected. Does this doddering psychopath honestly believe that he’s going to scare them into voting for him to protect their children? When he himself is the one who will unleash the carnage if he’s defeated?

Eight more months. It’s already bad, and it’s only going to get worse. But there’s a ray of sunshine. Now, as the presumptive nominee, and especially after July, when he becomes the GOP nominee for President, Il Douche is going to get more airtime. And when he does, he’s only going to remind four cycles of GOP voters why they left him in the first place. My prediction? Trump will garner fewer votes in 2024 than he did in 2020. And the margins of victory in the swing states will be wider for Biden than they were in 2020. Trump. Can’t Win. But only if we all get off of our asses, mobilize, and vote to ensure it.

I thank you for the privilege of your time.

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  1. Your “… Trump is degenerating, and he’s taking the whole damn party down with him…” because when one can step far enough back from the persona of Trump it’s clear one can clearly see, served up to those ‘sucked in’ to his evil charisma, there’s nothing but a cracked plate of grease and filth:

  2. So very true. Now we have to GOTV for ALL Big D candidates down ballot and give President Biden the D majority in both the house and the senate to “”finish the job.”

  3. “ Let’s just start with one simple fact. In 2024, El Pendejo Presidente lost the popular vote by some 8 million votes.”



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