The handwriting is on the wall and blinking in neon. What’s left of the Republican party has gone to the Dark Side and made it clear that they are election deniers. The new head of the RNC may be an election denier as well. We have yet to see a successor to Ronna McDaniel announced. And bear in mind, that’s the shortcut to Donald Trump’s good graces is that you have to grease him that 2020 was actually won by him, giant among men that he is.

So Elise Stefanik officially sold her soul last night. She told a CNN host that the 2020 election was not secure, knowing that she’s spewing sheer bullshit like a whale spews ambergris but not caring. That’s who this iteration of the GOP is filled with, people ready to sell their souls to Trump to see if they can get a piece of the action. And we’ll see if Michael Whatley ends up taking over the RNC. Currently, he runs the North Carolina state GOP, and he’s big on election denial. These portents are important to watch and here’s why: Trump has already done his dress rehearsal. He did that on January 6, so far without consequence. So the next time will be playing for keepsies.

If Trump gets back in office he will think nothing of declaring martial law or doing any number of abuses. We think of all this now in terms of black comedy and satire but remember, friends, what happened to Germany in the late 30’s. The Germans were a cultivated people, filled with engineers and composers and the like. WWI wiped them out and they were desperate for somebody to save them. So the loudest voice in the room got the job as is so often the case.

America is not desperate right now. But America is something conceivably worse. She’s decadent. We are a culture that has allowed the tinsel of the TV set to attract our senses, rather than read a book or a newspaper and think a thought. We are a bread and circus crowd. This is the only way that a man who is all form and no substance, Donald Trump, could get where he got. He put forth an image on television and in this country, in this day and age, that’s everything. It’s all packaging.

Trump packaged himself as a leader, a captain of industry. He’s nothing of the sort. Now he is packaging himself as “revenge, retribution,” and he’s made it clear he’s going after his enemies.

January 6 was a dress rehearsal. Next time it will be the real thing. And don’t think Vladimir Putin isn’t salivating, just waiting.


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  1. Many here, I’m sure, think I’m full of shit continually bringing up our history of conflicts and wars that have given us this freedom and the right to have a small say in our government. They live in denial as far as I am concerned. I’ve had guns in my face at one point or another all my childhood and threatened with violence by people armed and capable of doing just that. I know the fear, the denial, the disbelief that real violence, mindless violence can cause. Everyone thinks it will never happen to them, although with all the mass shootings, murders, and domestic violence in our land, I really can’t fathom how ANYONE can think they will continue with their lifestyle once a heartless, soulless, ignorant pathological killer like Trump seizes power. He has murdered more Americans than we lost in WW2. He has ripped babies from their mothers with no intention of ever reuniting them. The list is endless. The biggest mistake ‘decent’ Germans and people everywhere else made was UNDERESTIMATING THE EVIL HITLER WAS CAPABLE OF! If we make the same mistake with Trump we will suffer the same fate…annihilation of our democracy, and ultimately the ecosphere of the planet. I never wanted blood on my hands, even in self defense. That being said, I will fight for the children who are innocent, defenseless and unable to understand the madness. The saddest pictures in WW2 to me are the faces of the children subject to those horrors. In Slaughterhouse Five, Vonnegut visits an old WW2 buddy to talk about the war and plan a visit to Dresden, where he was held prisoner and survived the fire bombing that destroyed the city, killing hundreds of thousands of civilians. His friend’s wife was angry at him thinking he was going to write a book glorifying the war. She changed her tune when she found out he was really going to write an antiwar book. He told her the subtitle would be The Children’s Crusade. That’s a movement I believe in. That’s a cause I will fight for one way or the other! VOTE! It’s already been bought by the blood of patriots so we wouldn’t have to pick up arms.


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