You all know that I have spent almost eight years paddling around in the toxic sewer of Trump’s brain so that I could report to you about it. And I’m here to tell you, there aren’t enough Clorox showers and gallons of brain bleach to get everything off. But never in the last eight years have I less wanted to be in Traitor Tot’s head than right now.

Some of what I’m about to say is my personal feelings brought about by spending so much time trying to decipher anything even remotely resembling sense in Trump’s fevered brain. But I’m also relying on the diagnosis of his niece, Mary Trump, a board certified clinical psychologist. And the woman is a national treasure. If memory serves me correctly, she was one of the 30+ clinical board certified psychologists and psychiatrists who wrote The Dangerous Case of Donald Trump years ago.

Believe me when I tell you that the last place I want to be right now is inside Trump’s fevered brain, and I’m doing everything possible to stay out of it. In my mind, I see Trump’s fevered brain being similar to Mount Doom in the fictional Mordor of the Lord of the Rings trilogy. It is a dark place, full of seas of lava, with geysers of lava shooting up from the surface. This is because Trump the man child finally finds himself a trapped animal. It wasn’t always that way.

According to Mary Trump’s profile, from his earliest days her Uncle Donald was a mean, spoiled, petulant man child with a streak of cruelty built in. Trump desperately craved from his earliest days the praise and respect of his Father, Fred Trump Sr., Ad man not known for giving praise. And so Trump instinctively turned to cruelty, torturing his siblings to impress his father with his toughness, something Fred Sr. valued.

In her Trump family retrospective, Too much, but never enough, Mary retells the story of a night at the dinner table when Donald was torturing his younger brother. His older brother, Fred Jr., Mary’s father, told him to cut it out! Donald persisted, since his father seemed amused. In frustration, Fred Jr. dumped the bowl of mashed potatoes on the table over Donald’s head. And Donald had to sit there, with mashed potatoes dripping down his face and head, onto his shirt, while the whole table, his father included, roared with laughter. Donald fled the table, swearing a mighty oath to himself what he would never feel like a loser again. Instead, young Donald made the conscious decision to turn off all human feelings. 

Instead, as he grew up, Trump invented a fantasy persona. In his mind Trump was the ultimate winner, and anybody ese in the world that didn’t pass his muster were losers, or suckers, to be taken advantage of. Trump screwed his family members, he screwed his friends, he screwed his enemies, he screwed his investors, and he screwed anybody else who came along. And worst of all, He got away with it. Which only fortified his feelings of moral superiority and invincibility.

But now the worm has turned. Trump has now been criminally indicted four times, by the Manhattan District Attorney, the Fulton County DA, and twice by federal Special Counsel Jack Smith. And three times now he has had to suffer the indignity of surrendering himself to the indignity of being booked, processed, and arraigned, with one more arraignment next week.

This is intolerable to Traitor Tot. In his delusional mind, he sees himself as Friedrich Nietzsche’s Aryan Superman, far above the control of the classless minions, in homage to his father’s Nazi leanings. But now he is being dragged through the streets of Jerusalem, the cross on his back, towards the hill of Golgotha.

Trump is the perfect human. But now he has a sniveling bunch of underpaid civil servants nipping at his heels like a bunch of mongrel dogs. And for some reason beyond his comprehension, they are getting their way! They’ve arrested him, they’ve arraigned him, they’ve set dates for him to go to trial. And somehow or other, Trump is powerless to stop them!

Don’t ever ignore the religious significance of Trump’s response to his travails. When Trump stands before a microphone and intones, when they come, they’re not coming for me, they’re coming for you, Trump is portraying himself as nothing less that Jesus Christ, ready to be crucified on the cross of justice to keep them safe and free.

But the hull shields on the Starship Trumperprize are cracking. Trump is after all the Aryan Superman, and yet these sniveling pissants are still imposing their will on him. How is this possible? And how can he stop them.

This can’t continue. On the one hand, Trump’s hull shields are cracking. How does he still consider himself superior and invincible when miserable sub creatures are running around telling him what to do. And the longer this process goes on, and the more restrictions are placed on Trump, the more and bigger the cracks in Trump’s hull shield get. And nothing for Trump is going to get better from here.

Trump is too old, and too mentally set in his delusional ways to be able to continue this way. And I’ll stick with my original Mordor analogy. At the end of The Lord of the Rings, the ring is cast into the pit of fire from Mount Doom, and Mordor implodes and Sauron is vanquished. And that’s what I’m looking for here. Trump’s feeble mind literally can’t handle this kind of stress. He’s going to crack.

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  1. Someone needs to continually put HUGE bowls of mashed potatoes on every table in front of him to humiliate him. Push him over the edge by showering his existence with endless, enormous bowls of mashed potatoes and LOTS of laughter. May the prison of his mind seal him in that for eternity.

  2. I envision, instead of “seas of lava, with geysers of lava shooting up from the surface”, it is piping hot ketchup.

  3. Trump is a huge failure , he has lied his way thru life . He’s not a smart business man. He inherited his father’s money . He never owned ” Trump Tower ” they just put his name on it , yes he has an apt. there .

  4. My mother got on Trump early on. The draft dodger thing and I believe Donnie was banging a member of the staff until she got knocked up and then kicked to the curb. Don’t remember for sure the story on that. Anyway I got schooled on Trump how would you say. Through gossip and that kind of thing. She followed his career also and it wasn’t pretty. Tabloids wax over it like he was some kind of misunderstood saint with money troubles. That’s the biggest batch of bullsh*t you could come up with. Hell dig into the apprentice and you will see. They were going to use Trump Towers I think. The New York building he lives in. Anyway they walked in and the furniture was out of some fifties horror film. Well they hired a dumpster and was going to toss it. But Trump found out and blew a gasket. So they had to put the furniture on a unused floor where it still is. And by the way, I never watched anything he ever did beyond a couple of cameos. I’m not that stupid. The people that worked around him knew what he was. A huge azzhole unless you were rich. He treated rich foreign dignitaries very well until they had enough of his bullshit. You need to be nice all the time because you never know when someone is standing behind some curtain or in another room where the door just isn’t all the way closed. But that was Trump, he just didn’t care beyond the moment. That’s why he was a failure as a politician. Of course, you could say that about his whole life. You could but I wouldn’t. He’s a stupid mean sonofabitch that doesn’t give a dam about anyone but himself, and probably his daughter who he’s still trying to figure out that whole incest thing.


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