Donald Trump loves to forecast doom, especially if he doesn’t win the 2024 presidential election. It’s just a repeat of his behavior before he lost the 2020 election and that fear-mongering led to the insanity that was January 6, 2021. So of course, he’s at it again and went all gloom and doom during a Michigan press conference with law enforcement officials, warning that hell will break loose if we don’t vote for him.

“if we don’t win on november 5th, i think our country is going to cease to exist,” Trump said, flanked by police. “it could be the last election we ever have. i actually mean that. if we don’t win, i think this could be the last election we ever have.”

But what he should have said is “If I win, this could be the last election we ever have.” Of course, he’s not going to say that, even if he did promise to be a dictator for just one day.

Fortunately, as noted by Raw Story, there are Democrats like Jared Moskowitz, who accurately burst Trump’s pompous balloon with a needle.

“we will still have elections,” he posted on X. “we will still have sunshine. we will have rain. we will still have flowers. we will still have dogs and cats. we will still have doritos. we will still have…etc.”

Unfortunately we’ll also (probably) still have Trump, whether in or out of office, but hopefully out.

Moskowitz is a feisty sort and has taken Trump’s allies to task for trying to boost him for political purposes. As the ridiculous Biden impeachment hearings were going on, he openly challenged Oversight Chairman James Comer (R-Ky.) to hold a vote on passing articles of impeachment because it’s been a struggle for Republicans to even find evidence of the allegations they have made against President Biden.

Trump has been playing the doomsday game for quite some time and some of his allies (including his nutball former spokesperson Liz Harrington) have said America has already ceased to exist since their messiah (Trump) isn’t in control.

Despite all this hand-wringing by right-wingers, there is actually real concern among experts that far-right activists plan for a second Trump administration that would undermine democracy, by doing such things as using the DOJ to harass political opponents. There are also worries that mass roundups and detention of immigrants may be a thing and that the Heritage Foundation’s “Project 2025” could come to fruition. This is really scary because this “project” calls for restructuring the government into a loyalist army to support Trump and Christian nationalism.

But 2016 and 2020 were scary times and the country came through it. I’m glad we have Democrats like Moskowitz to add some much-needed humor to this worrisome situation.

Other X users shared their thoughts as well.

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  1. “…there is actually real concern among experts that far-right activists plan for…” what happens ON election day as the votes are counted and they are WAY BEHIND.

    What the hell are they gonna pull this time?

    I figure at least massive disruption at the polls and counting houses, Brooks Bros Riot on steroids.



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