I would say it’s yet another step across the Rubicon, a river which has been crossed, criss-crossed and now double-crossed so many times now that next you know it will be hanging from the cross — but this is simply acting out time for MAGA. They just love to stick it to the libs. They imagine us clenching our pearls with one hand and cushioning the fall to the fainting couch with another. Unfortunately for them, most of us have spent a little time around toddlers and so we know childish acting out when we see it.

This is a clip from Donald Trump’s New Hampshire rally where he has promised, among other things, an “instant economic boom.” Righto. And will that “instant boom” be accompanied by the repeal and replacement of Obamacare and the inception of a killer Infrastructure Week, like no other we’ve ever seen? Just asking. There seems to be an echo in this room.

MAGA is not familiar with the idea of the Leopards Eating Peoples’ Faces party, which decrees that while you may laugh and cheer as the leopards eat the other peoples’ faces, you won’t be laughing when they come to eat your face. That’s what they’re not seeing.

MAGA also doesn’t see that to Trump all they are is a small-dollar spigot and once that dries up, or becomes non viable for any reason, MAGA can go die in the corner. Trump will find bigger and better fish to fry. And speak of the Devil, look at this.

No, they won’t eat your face. You just keep telling yourself that. Your face is immune — until the nanosecond it isn’t, and it’s hanging there by a thread.

There are not exact parallels between Germany in the 1930’s and now. Germany was reeling from the devastation of WWI and that was mainly what Hitler channeled into, was that immense frustration and the idea that he, and he alone, could restore Germany to the days of the great composers, when the country was respected in the world as a cultural mecca.

Trump, feebly by comparison to Hitler, refers back to a mythical 1950’s world, where supposedly America was “great” and those are the wonder years he proposes to return us to. It’s a fantasy. It seeks to restore a male patriarchy and send gays back to the closet and POCs back to the field. Life doesn’t happen like that. Social progress can wax and wane, yes, but the backwards steps that Trump proposes are sheer fantasy land.

A few other tidbits from New Hampshire.

And again and always I remind you: these are his rallies that he’s speaking at. The minute he goes into a venue of people with mixed ideas, say a sporting event, the place goes wild. Middle-finger salutes and boos drown out whatever he’s saying.

Trump is hated in this country and with good reason. Yes, I know, we keep seeing all the swing state polls, bla bla, and he’s posing a threat to President Biden. Maybe we are stupid enough to lose democracy. I suppose anything is possible. But until that day happens, we are all going to work hard in 2024 to get out the vote and to build up the campaign coffers of worthy Democratic candidates, like there was no tomorrow. Because Trump needs to have a big hook come and pull him off the stage, like back in vaudeville. And we’re it. Our efforts are that hook, and what will save democracy.


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  1. As I’ve stated before…the vote is our stake to drive into the heart of this evil, child killing fascist. It has been paid for by the blood of many over the years since the American Revolution. IF we’re too stupid, corrupt, intellectually lazy, greedy, racist, etc., to use it…and this fascist takes over…I WILL PICK UP A GUN…I took an oath to defend the constitution from foreign and DOMESTIC enemies. It’s the least I can do to honor what the heros have done in the past. Do I want to? HELL NO. Will I? HELL YES. You fat, stupid phucks think your goddamn hats and flag vests will save your sorry asses…think again. VOTE!!!!
    ‘If I had a rocket launcher…some sonofabitch would die’…Bruce Cockburn singing about the Vietnamese children murdered in that war.

  2. The establishment GOP is suddenly surprised? That horse ran out of the barn in 2016. Democrats need to play hard ass. No quarter. Send MAGA back to the sewer. Retire the obsolete GOP. Out of our misery.

  3. Vaudeville Hook? Nah. I’m thinking this is what we need with Trump. If someone’s watching, how bout it Lincoln Project? Just think of the possibilities of “gonging” Trump during your clips sending him up!


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