Time to play Connect The Dots, a fun game when the characters whose dots you’re connecting happen to be the denizens of Trump world. Donald Trump did another all-caps meltdown late Tuesday afternoon. So naturally, we’re going to decipher it as though it were a code, except you don’t need to be a cryptographer to figure out how Trump thinks. He’s obvious and he’s consistent. Therefore, I feel safe in pointing out that Trump keeps ranting and raving that the January 6 Committee “DELETED & DESTROYED” vast amounts of data, because his planned defense in court is going to be that what he really did on January 6 was “X” and he could prove it — with great ease, in fact — but for the fact that all the evidence was willfully destroyed. That’s my theory, in any event. Here’s today’s meltdown. See if you agree.

The tweet ends, “taken at the Capitol, for which she was responsible. The evidence is now criminally destroyed.” Either he believes it or he wants you to. Maybe both. I think it’s the latter, he wants you and MAGA to believe it.

“the evidence in question destroys his Fake, Election Interfering case. DISMISS SUIT!” And now he’s in all-caps mode, so it turns to screaming and stays there, naturally.

Not sure where he’s getting that. Maybe because he’s told he’s got the gangsta vote sewn up?

And the faithful chime in.

I wasn’t sure if that first comment was meant ironically. But you can see from the others that they are the soul of sympathy. Poor, persecuted man. Poor little billionaire boy, only seven seven years old (that’s the age he gave in Fulton County, no lie) who now has to answer for his criming and his treason. No fair, no fair.

And he threw this in for good measure.

Trump has been saying this for some time. This has been going on at least a month.

This is pure gaslighting. Nothing is gone. It’s all there. But Trump keeps raving that it’s otherwise. My best guess, as stated, is that he wants to make this his defense, that he did such and such and could prove it, but for the fact that the Deep State and the January 6 Committee destroyed all the evidence. So now we just have to take his word for it all, apparently.

Now take this one level further. Why does he want to construct this fiction? Because he’s guilty as hell and he knows he’s going down and Jack Smith has an airtight case. He’s greasing the cult for money and setting up the legend of what happened in MAGA world vs. what happened in reality.

The question then becomes, what will John Lauro do? Because for a crazed defendant to spew nonsense is one thing, for an officer of the court to utter falsehoods during a trial is something quite different.

But this seems to be what Trump is going to contend, because he keeps coming back to this same line of b.s. over and over again. He’s contending that January 6 was Nancy Pelosi’s fault. He’s always taken that posture.

Enough people believe Trump to keep him in donations. But do enough people believe him to get reelected? That’s going to be the acid test, not only of Trump’s ability to con on a level writ yuge but also of America’s ability to withstand this level of lies. We are in the trouble we’re in because there are two versions of the facts, running side by side. This has never happened before in our history. This is the new normal and it’s what’s killing us.




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  1. Ursula, your concern is valid, but I disagree there are TWO sets of ‘facts’. There’s a set of provable facts and a set of provable LIES. Let’s remain clear that ‘alternative facts’ is just a gaslighting way of relabeling lies.
    I guess, given baby huey’s approach, Norman Bates didn’t kill anyone…his mother did. Actually, Norman would have a better argument. I guess, given the Maga crowd only goes with what they want to hear, baby huey wasn’t a part of anything, anywhere, at anytime.

    • Just so we’re clear:
      Alternative facts=lies
      Anything tRump says=lies

      We’re in trouble because mealymouthed media folk refer to ‘misinformation’ or ‘disinformation’ when what they mean (and should say) is ‘lies’. Lawrence O’Donnell has been the only one to just come out and call it what it is, lies, and take great delight in doing so. Everyone else prefers to pussyfoot around. It’s lies, people, L-I-E-S, lies! Thank you for listening.


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