We are not lacking for “ewwwww” moments, as long as Donald Trump is in the spotlight and running for president. The latest cringeworthy, laughable statement that he made is about Taylor Swift. Naturally, because she’s in the limelight today along with her boyfriend, Travis Kelce. Tonight was Kelce’s night and in many ways, both of their nights.

So naturally, Trump, who simply cannot stand it that there’s any event going on in the world which doesn’t feature him prominently, managed to wrestle the attention away from Swift and Kelce. Or try to. Taylor Swift, he made it known, owes him bigly.

OMFG. Can you believe this? He did nothing on this bill except sign it, and that’s not coming from me, that’s coming from Dina LaPolt, a key attorney behind the MMA, who spoke to Variety about this.

“This [claim] is funny to me,” she wrote. “Trump did nothing on our legislation except sign it, and doesn’t even know what the Music Modernization Act does. Someone should ask him what the bill actually accomplished.”

While the full wording of the act, which was created to update the rights of songwriters and creators in the digital age, is available from the U.S. Copyright Office, a succinct summary can be found in a 2020 post on the Library of Congress website.

“Basically, the MMA changes the way songwriters and music publishers are paid statutory mechanical royalties [permission to reproduce and distribute recordings] when their work is streamed on interactive streaming services like Apple Music or Spotify, or sold on downloading services like Amazon Music,” the summary reads. “Beginning in 2021, a nonprofit entity designated by the Copyright Office, called the Mechanical Licensing Collective, or MLC, will collect and distribute these royalty payments to copyright owners of musical works matched to sound recordings in its database. And down the line, but no earlier than 2023, any unclaimed royalties can start being paid to copyright owners and songwriters of matched works according to each work’s market share. But to get paid, you will need to register your songs with the MLC.”

A bullet-point breakdown of the updates and improvements that the act instituted can be found here.

(In fact, the usually apolitical Swift has spoken out against Trump in the past, writing in Elle in 2019, “Invoking racism and provoking fear through thinly veiled messaging is not what I want from our leaders, and I realized that it actually is my responsibility to use my influence against that disgusting rhetoric.”)

Trump did indeed sign the act in 2018 — which had been passed unanimously by Congress after years of work by its proponents — politicizing the signing by doing so in a photo opportunity including such boosters as Kid Rock, the Beach Boys’ Mike Love, John Rich, the Doobie Brothers’ Jeff Baxter and others; Kanye West had been expected to attend but did not.

Regardless, the passage of the act was greeted with great enthusiasm by all corners of the music industry, as it updated a woefully obsolete copyright law that had been passed in 1998, long before the proliferation of streaming.

Odds are Trump doesn’t even remember the occasion of signing the act but somebody in his entourage brought it up so he could make a big show about it. Simply unbelievable. This legislation ha nothing to do with Trump. It was years in the making and he just happened to be in the Oval Office when it was passed.

Expect some blow back from this. This is nuts.

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  1. oh, not the doobie Bros. keith richards has some choice words for Trump when the stones played one of his venues athe marquee said Donald Trump presents in really big letters and the rolling stones in much smaller letters. keith really hates Trump.

  2. He’s such an F’ing A$$HOLE!!!! I heard 2 guys in a grocery store not long ago talking about this idiot and the one guy said “someone should just take him out, problem solved”!!!

    • Maybe she has tossed out a few breadcrumbs.
      The part of one song where her character talks about looking at the sun, but not into a mirror fits trump to a “T.”

  3. Interesting take from someone who has been playing copyright music at his rallies without permission from the holders of the copyright (and probably never paid the licensing fees to begin with)

  4. Is there anything this moron doesn’t take credit for? Has he claimed he created the universe yet? You know it is just a matter of time…Of course I hope it is just a matter of time before the men in the white suits carry him off to the padded room.

    In 2013 New York magazine had a bit on her and called her the world’s biggest pop star which is during President Obama’s presidency. Barak, you should have claimed credit for making her the world’s biggest pop star. Oh, wait, that’s right you only claim credit for things you do or do with others all while giving them the credit for what they contributed.

  5. He made Elvis famous, gave Motown it’s start, introduced Paul, John, George and Ringo to each other, advised Bob Dylan to drop his Jewish Zimmerman, wrote the lyrics to Thriller, and told the Bee Gees to try disco. I don’t have the evidence, just theories. Oh, and Whitney wanted him but he said she wasn’t his type…too dark.

  6. He hates Swift because he knows she is smarter than him, more talented that he can ever be, and made her billion without loans and bailouts and inheritance from Daddy Fred.He also knows he would never have a chance to get into her knickers because there is nothing he can give her.
    As usual when someone legitimately steals the attention from him (especially if it is a woman who is incredibly hard-working and talented and made UT in her own) HR screeches that he helped make that person make it. His reaction about her is ludicrous. Oh, and she has made it very clear that she considers him a waste of oxygen and a boil on America’s butt.

    • Don’t forget she’s better looking and her bf seems really into her…why he kissed her at the superbowl! Diaper Don can’t even get his wife to hold his hand. sad.mad.bad.


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