Trump starts his reelection bid in earnest. He wants to starve millions.


Standin’ in line, marking time, waiting for the welfare dime, cause they can’t buy a job   Bruce Hornsby and the Range   Just the way it is

Hey, y’all remember that mighty Trump tax cut that was going to have everybody farting through silk? Howz that working out for ya, anyway? And while I’m “Mr 20 questions” today, here’s another one for ya. Looking forward to feeding the family once Yertl McTurtle stalls the $15 an hour minimum wage until it qualifies for Social Security? Yeah, I thought so.

You can tell that The Trumpinator is kicking his reelection campaign into high gear, since he’s once again taking a sledge hammer and bashing over the head the very people who voted for him in 2016, and who he is going to need to vote for him again next November.

Axios is reporting that Trump’s USDA just can’t leave well enough alone, and so is tinkering once again with the qualifications for the ‘Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), a move that cold potentially yank food stamps out from under the feet of an estimated 3.1 million current recipients. I’ll let Axios give you the gory details;

The proposed changes to the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) would limit access to food stamps for households with savings and other assets, with the aim of ending automatic eligibility for those already receiving federal and state assistance,

OK, now here’s the thigh slapper part. In a telephone conference call, Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue stated that the changes were needed to “ensure the integrity of the program.” Jesus, stop, you’re killing me here! I can hardly breathe! Anybody with the IQ of canned cling peaches knows that putting the word integrity anywhere in the same zip code as Donald Trump, or Sonny Perdue for that matter, is a joke of the taste level you would expect from, say, Andrew “Dice” clay.

But here’s where it gets nasty, and in a casually offhanded and intentionally vicious way. The federal program what the USDA is talking about, the one which brings immediate qualification for SNAP is the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) plan. Now, follow me through the logic here, and see if it doesn’t have you pulling out your hair.

The word Temporary indicates that the program is meant for short term use, not as a long term fix for the problem. As such, it is likely the first program that a needy family would qualify for. As such, it likely means that the family involved has just suffered the traumo of the primary breadwinner suddenly becoming unemployed, presumably through no fault of their own if they qualify for the TANF program. And the words Neey Families indicates that the primary breadwinner isn’t pulling down Brad Pitt wages, or they wouldn’t be teetering on the brink the minute the income stopped coming in.

With me so far? Good, because here’s where it gets sadistic. It stands to reason that families just suddenly finding themselves with no income are the ones most likely to have scrimped and saved to put a “rainy day nest egg” together. This is likely to be an emergency back up for things like unexpected medical bills, a utility or rent payment, or school shoes for the kids. The mere existence of this money is a comforting influence on these people, the knowledge that their lives haven’t spun completely out of their control.

So, what The $1 Store Caligula, and his henchman Brutulus Meximus are telling these people is, “You’re out of a job? Awww. Well you can either take the kids to the doctor, or you can freakin’ eat! But don’t come bugging us until you’re glat stony broke! That way, once you finally find another crappy middle wage job, you can start scrimping all over again to get back out of the hole!”

Just think my friends, these are your tax dollars at work. No, not helping a fellow sitizen and human being who needs a quick, temporary hand. I mean pahying the salaries of sick, sadistic fucks like Donald Trump and Sonny Perdue to gleefully grind these people into the dirt. But the good news is that the move is expected to save $2.3 billion, and God knows that Shelly Adelson needs that money a whole lot more than Ma and Pa Kettle from Dogpatch Kentucky. What a way to run a railroad.

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  1. I hate to say it but this kind of “policy” makes me a little sadistic too. I start having fantasies of Ivanka Trump’s little snowflakes crying because there’s nothing in the house to eat. But then I’d also like to see her response if they were torn away from her, just like the children at the border she pretend to care about. Given this kind of behavior from her daddy’s administration, I am so sick of her little “kinder, gentler” sham act. All these people are making me sick this morning. As I have long said, I don’t care if you are some lazy, unemployed asshole, sitting on a porch in West Virginia in your MAGA hat, cleaning your gun and drinking beer, you deserve to eat. In a country as wealthy as ours, no one should be going hungry.

    • Don’t give up ALL hope…I( sincerely beieve that whenever Trump leaves office, he’s going to get pile driven by NY state…And as a financial enter, NT state has their own version of the RICO statute…If they consider Trump’s company as a “criminal enterprise,” they could seize the whole damn thing, and everything that was bought by cash that came from the company…Considering the fact that Trump’s useless Satan’s Spawn are wholly owned subsidiaries of the Trump Org, they’d be left hight and dry…

      • I would like to see them all go to prison. I see Donnie Jr has a new book he probably plagiarized from Ann Coulter because I’m positive she’s written this “How Liberals Are Destroying the World” tome already.

  2. They’re going to count cars as financial assets. Even unemployment knows better.
    You live out in the country and the nearest store is 10 miles away? Too bad for you.

    • oDpesn’t even matter about the country,,,There are plenty of cities with piss miserable public transportation…You ain’t got wheels??? You ain’t working if you don’t live within walking distance…

      • That, too. The nearest grocery store to me is a mile away. I’m not able to carry groceries that far – and there’s no bus service that would cut the walking distance below half a mile. Same for most other things I do.

  3. In that first paragraph, you come across as an ignorant jerk. Please do not write like that. It is unbecoming to an intelligent man like you.

    • I suppose Snark is a foreign language to you? In other news today, if you’ll think back to the dark ages, when food stamps(SNAP) was started, it was also intended to be a boon to the farmers. Of course since they no longer need help, I’m amazed the Dumpster didn’t eliminate it altogether!

      • Believe it or not, I sent out a tweet today remarking how it was funny that Trump wants to take money out of the hands of people who are buying some of the extra produce that farmers can’t sell to
        China anymore…

    • Miranda. I have absolutely NO idea of what you’re talking about…My 1st paragraph is a pair of questions…What appears above are the lyrics to a song by Bruce Hornsby which fits the subject matter…As for the typos, as I have explained several times before, I am legally blind from glaucoma, and am fortunate when I can type at all…ursula edits my stuff whenever possible, but if the typos bother you that much, my aticles may not be the place for you…Sorry…

      • I guess you are an acquired taste. I have learned to read between the typos. I always read your posts, typos and all and get a lot out of them. Keep up the good work.

  4. While I can keep my anger in check most of the time, Murf, few things provoke the kind of visceral reaction I get when this crowd talks about cutting SNAP. Start of the decade, it was the only way I had to eat for years. And every time I heard some know-nothing nitwit proclaim me a “taker” for such (never mind I’d paid into that system through 20 years of straight employment) or heard some BS story about people allegedly buying luxury foods with SNAP (never mind that you’d starve for the rest of the month by being that stupid), I burned a little more inside.

    So yeah, for me, this is oersonal.

    • My sis-in-law got AFDC, the previous version, for some years after her marriage ended, leaving her with a young kid in need of medical treatment. She was able to pay rent, barely – that’s how my brother met her: she was renting out a room.

    • bareshark, you are preaching to the choir…About 30+ years agi, I found myself between jobs with two small children, and those food stamps putg]better food on the table than we sometimes had when I was working…

    • When I was a poor graduate student with a wife and two children we qualified for WIC. We ate a lot of beans, cheese and milk.

  5. Thus far the Trump campaign playbook is looking relatively unchanged.

    1. Stoke racial division, exacerbate other “useful” divides.

    2. Promise your base that you will take things from groups they dislike, while also promising that you will deliver them things they like.

    3. Claim credit for a lot of stuff and shift blame for a lot of other stuff.

    I’m not sure this is a good re-election strategy. He’s lost a lot of voters…and his gambit seems to be that repeating 2016 will bring them back. I think this will help him hold onto and even expand the realignment of non-college white voters, but I don’t think this is an equal counterweight to the voters he’s losing.

    But anyway…I agree with Murph’s piece here. The SNAP strategy seems to fall into category #2 above. Trump will try to use this as evidence that he’s hurting the people his base opposes while simultaneously convincing his base that this won’t hurt them. This is absurd…SNAP benefits rural America to a massive degree. But his base has shown a willingness to ignore reality on things like this, so this could prove a compelling move to them.

    • Personally, Rory, I’m thinking that anybody who could be “realigned” has done so at this point. The sane Republicans have fled the GOP scene, every closet white supremacist who was going to come out has and no bridges have been nor ever will be built to groups outside Trump’s tribe. So all the scaremongering is going to have a minor to nonexistent effect on the body politic, including the SNAP flap.

      PS If that hack of the FSB database yesterday is any indication of things to come, Trump counting on Russian hackers may be just as effective as the rest.


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