This is as moronic as you would have expected, the solution that Donald Trump proposes to bring the Ukraine/Russia conflagration to a halt within 24 hours. The sheer comedy of the situation is that nobody with the slightest experience in foreign policy or diplomacy would ever even think something this ridiculous, let alone share it publicly — but that’s Trump’s high card. He’s so far out there that he doesn’t know how far out he is.

In other words, hostilities will cease because Trump tells the two principals to do so.

And they both care so much about what you want, Donald. Zelensky thinks you’re a joke and Putin probably thinks you’re an even bigger one.

It’s no wonder Ron DeSantis, Mike Pence and the rest think they can be president. After watching this moron attain the office, who wouldn’t think it must be easy?

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  1. “Zelensky thinks you’re a joke and Putin probably thinks you’re an even bigger one.”

    Putin has his hand up Trump’s ass puppeting him. Zelenskyy knows it. The only people fooled by this are the hard-core MAGAts and those with something to gain from a continued war or a Russian conquest.

  2. The only beneficiary of that “cease fire” would be Putin as Trump would obviously get on the phone to Vlad and say, “Hey boss, all that chatter about me giving more aid to Ukraine than Biden? You know that’s just talk, right? I’m just trying to give Zelinsk-, Zellyins-, whatever the hell that guy’s name is–you know who, right?–a false sense of security. Just as soon as I’m back in the White House, you’ll be getting all our help to crush that pest. And NATO? It’ll be nothing more than a memory six months after I’m back in the White House.”

  3. I can’t wait for the day, though it will be several years from now when Russia has been kicked out of every inch of Ukraine, funds have been allocated to rebuild that war ravaged country and it’s well on the way to recovery and Zelenskyy and Ukraine no longer have to worry about Congressional Republicans holding up assistance. THEN, and only then will Zelenskyy be able to go on record with what he and he fellow Ukrainians think of Trump. I hope Trump is still alive (and in prison where he belongs!) when that day comes.

  4. Sure. Trump will get around to “implementing his plan” – right after he releases his taxes!

    He’s just shooting off his mouth of course because although he’s not the sharpest knife in the drawer he can read polling numbers. While he’ll ignore polls directly about HIM if he doesn’t like them, he knows damn well where the public is on this and even some of the MAGA goobers want Ukraine to win. The interesting thing could be if he doesn’t water this down. It will put GOPers in Congress who have been making noises about cutting support for Ukraine in an awkward position!

  5. ‘He was a murderer and liar from the beginning. When he speaks lies, it’s his native language for their is no truth in him.’ The gospel of John, where Jesus is describing the devil. Sound familiar evangelicals???? Do ya even read the damn gospels, or just use them to buy private jets?

  6. because this rat f**k plays this game time and again albeit different subjects it
    was easy for me (over a year ago)to see a potential for him to do just that and use it as fuel to
    power him to victory in the next election.


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