“For if God did not spare angels when they sinned, but cast them into hell and committed them to chains of gloomy darkness to be kept until the judgment;” — 2 Peter 2:4

And lo, the MAGA god, hath this day, cast out Nikki “Birdbrain” Haley from MAGAdonia, or Mt. Donald, as it is known to some, where the Mango MAGA God and all the lesser MAGA gods gather to worship and hold court. If Haley was auditioning to sit second chair to the great maestro in the 2024 election, she can forget all about that now. The word has come down from on high.

No you’re not, dear. Trump just saw to that, definitively. If you had a prayer before, you have none now.


Trump may just choose to go it alone, with a VP. Or, he may draft Elise Stefanik. It will be a pure shitshow if he picks Marge and let’s not even think about Kari Lake. After all, this is who Trump thinks he is.

Watching Trump melt down psychologically, in real time, lashing out viciously at one and all, is going to be quite the sideshow. Don’t forget, he’s due in court on Monday. Or, at least his lawyers are.

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  1. We all know how Trump operates. It is no coincidence that one of the running headlines since the second debate is that Nikki Hailey is one of the few Republicans who the RNC believes could possibly defeat Biden. No way Trump was going to allow that story to continue.

  2. Seven candidates at the 2nd debate. Six will succumb to ETTD. Only Christie can withstand the pressure. Talking heads have him running for prexy which, of course, he has to, if he is to be taken seriously as a member of the group. I believe he’s in it to take down Trump. I hope he succeeds; we can use all the help we can get. Trump is already on track to ruin the lives of the other six.

  3. I have to admit I sometimes wonder what the hell (or who) got into Nikki Haley’s head in the past year or so. As a southern Governor, albeit one with some major foreign auto manufacturing in her state and a major port she had little in the way of real foreign policy credentials she could tout if as we all suspected she had Presidential ambitions one day. Then Trump picked her to be U.N. Ambassador and young as she is it was her golden ticket. Being up in NYC most of the time and seldom appearing next to Trump she only had a light dusting of Trump’s orange stain on her when she stepped away. I’m sure she was looking at 2024 to make her run.

    Even after all the mess of the insurrection and Trump making it clear he was going to by god run again in 2024 she was in great shape for 2028. Spout some carefully crafted blather now and then from the sidelines that could be “walked back” when the time came and she’d be set. She could have played the “time with my family” card to perfection, and “emerged” as a leading candidate in 2028 with her kids launched into adulthood as a reason for her absence from a full political role. She had every reason to sit out of the spotlight and bide her time. Had she done so she’d have been a formidable candidate and not just in the GOP primary.

    Then she decided to run for THIS cycle. WTF? Even if the thought that making an effort and bowing out gracefully would put her in a position to become Trump’s VP was wishful thinking on the highest order. The light Trump stain she once probably could have washed off would have permeated her to her very DNA after being Trump’s VP! She’s not stupid. The rational part of her HAD to know that. At least at one time. Which brings me back to wondering what the hell happened? She blew it. What’s really sad, or will be once she’s able to look back on things with some perspective is SHE could have been the credible “rescue candidate” GOP mega donors so desperately are seeking.

    I keep saying it – Youngkin ain’t their guy. But Haley could have been their gal.

  4. Dictators don’t have vice presidents, or military commanders, or a legislative body, or a Supreme Court, or a set of laws, or any morality, or a set of religious beliefs that includes anything ABOVE them, or a population of citizens they care about, or a family…or…or…or…they do have cruelty, torture, imprisonment, and DEATH!!!! Any questions about trump’s next time as ‘President’????? Wake up voters or prepare for a descent into hell on earth.



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