Donald Trump is out to get Chy-nuh. It’s somewhat amusing, actually, since his number one daughter, Ivanka, has no problem having her manufacturing done over there, nor does Trump himself.

And he’s raving about tariffs, something he clearly does not understand, and lying about how much money he brought into the country before via tariffs. “China paid to the United States hundreds of billions of dollars and no other president got ten cents, legitimately, ten cents.”

No, they didn’t and there’s a reason for that. Tariffs are a tax that the consumer pays at time of purchase not a check that the tariffed country sends to the treasury because the sitting president told them to. This guy, I’m tellin’ ya.

Mercantilism. Wow. That takes us back to the time of the Revolutionary War, a time that Trump loves, apparently, because he thinks there were airports back then. Mercantilism “was a form of economic nationalism that sought to increase the prosperity and power of a nation through restrictive trade practices. Its goal was to increase the supply of a state’s gold and silver with exports rather than to deplete it through imports,” according to Google.

That sent Twitter humming.

He just doesn’t get that the consumer pays the tariff. Aye aye aye.

I don’t know who’s writing his material. Stephen Miller? Clearly, it’s somebody who is economically illiterate. I can’t wait for Paul Krugman and Robert Reich and people who actually know something about this to chime in. This is lit. But then you knew the GOP primary would be. All signs point to that.

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  1. Good ol’ clueless. STILL has no clue.

    Maybe I’m unusual but when prices go up on shit, I buy a LOT LESS SHIT. The so called “inflation” going on right now (more realistically corporations making yet more money off of consumers in the name of inflation) has my wallet shut up tight. I buy ONLY absolute necessities and those I shop for quite carefully–and I hate shopping just about more than anything. I do not hate it more than I hate forking over money unnecessarily to craporations trying to fuck me over. I’m not the only person doing this and as prices increase exponentially due to dumb-ass not knowing anything at all about economics, business, taxes…or any other fucking thing, I expect many, many more people will stop, or at least curtail, their spending.

    I’m not overly worried about this horse’s ass getting back in the w.h. I am however worried that not enough will be done to rein in the oligarchs and the rapidly expanding plutocracy. Their crap will destroy this nation just as thoroughly and almost as quickly as another four years of the orange shit gibbon.

  2. does ivanka even have a brand any more? I was in New York a couple years ago and there was this bargain basement shoe store that had a few dozen pairs of Ivanka shoes. I don’t buy women’s shoes, but I am just wondering is that still a thing? Or did she just dive in on jareds grift from the Saudis and give up on pretending to work.

  3. Yeah I watched the orangutan talk up his plan and I’m like, if I remember correctly you took your daughter to work day in China where she got to get up and talk to Chinese leaders and the bought her with something in the neighborhood of thirty patents for goods for her line of junk she sells somewhere, don’t know or care where. And we had a president that paid more taxes in China than he did here and we found out he’s got a bank account there with over fifteen million dollars in it. And these clowns talk about the Biden family. Old saying, The Biden family can’t hold a candle to the corruption of the trump crime syndicate. Where is the ethics committee. Hell where is the DOJ. If the trump syndicate didn’t break any laws on there bullshit in China, it wasn’t for a lack of trying. Get freaking real, people.


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