Trump Offers Putin Help With Siberian Wildfires, California No Longer Stunned


Does he know that we’re watching? He can’t.

No, a president who chastised California for having not raked its forest like Smokey-Trump might have, would never phone up the world’s biggest criminal to offer assistance in fire control would he? Would he?

Well, you know the answer. From Vanity Fair.

While the brunt of the political world’s attention was focused on the Democratic debates Wednesday night, the White House released a bit of news: in a readout to reporters, the administration detailed a call between Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin in which the two world leaders “discussed trade between the two countries,” and Trump “expressed concern over the vast wildfires afflicting Siberia.” The readout came hours after Moscow detailed the call, in which Trump apparently “offered help in putting out wildfires in Siberia,” and which the Kremlin said it considered “a sign that it is possible that full-scale bilateral relations will be restored in the future.”

Sneaky guy!:

“I will just call my good friend, Vlad, during the Democratic debate, they will never know. Genius!”

But, while we were not watching, apparently some were, and they include Russians. Russian media states that Putin was quite pleased with the phone call. Sure, I can see that, I would be pleased, too, if something about my existence made the United States President want to do anything to assist me. But, with respect to the actual fire? How would one go about even assisting in  … never mind:

How exactly Trump would go about putting out wildfires in Siberia is unclear; neither the White House nor the Kremlin offered much detail

So, he literally picked up the phone without any sort of plan, and offered the assistance of the American people? Can he even do that?

Meanwhile, lest you forget,

The offer stands in contrast to his attitude toward similar disasters in his own country. He’s repeatedly complained about having to provide assistance to hurricane-ravaged Puerto Rico—“Puerto Rico got far more money than Texas & Florida combined, yet their government can’t do anything right,” he tweeted in April, “The place is a mess”—and last August he blamed a string of deadly California wildfires on “bad environmental laws” and “gross mismanagement of the forests.” He subsequently threatened to stop sending federal money to the state unless it fixed its forest-management methods, pronto.

In case you’re attempting to keep some sort of ledger of all this, it is now not just our allies like Justin Trudeau who get treated far worse than North Korean leader Kim, but whole American states now get treated worse than Siberia.

You probably never thought you would see this in your lifetime, an instance where a president feels a greater obligation toward Vladimir Putin’s endless expanse of Siberian boreal forests, than California and its fifty-five electoral votes.

Of course, you never had to question whether a U.S. president owed a greater obligation to a Russian president than certain blue state Americans.

As is all too typical, we’re left wondering what the hell Putin has over Trump. Except now, we know enough to be thinking about loans, lies, cash and some extremely young “women.”

Nothing else explains this. When will some prominent U.S. politicians start making the accusation, in public?

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