Life is pretty Damn good for Kansas City Chiefs Tight End Travis Kelce these days – he is well on his way to the NFL Hall of Fame as one of the league’s best ever Tight Ends, sports two Super Bowl Champion rings, is on the first year of a 58 million dollar contract and, oh, yeah, is dating Taylor Swift…

Not bad.

So Kelcey probably didn’t even notice yesterday that a moderately successful Fox Sports Radio host, one Clay Travis, took some really cheap shots at him for shooting a commercial for the Pfizer Covid vaccine, recommending that you get one if eligible, along with your regular flu shot – “Two things at once”…

Kelce’s promotion of Pfizer’s safe and effective vaccine was apparently just too much for Trump loving, Covid 19 downplaying Fox Sports host Clay Travis – who comments on sports, has no Super Bowl rings and is a long suffering fan of the Tennessee Titans (who have exactly 0 Super Bowl titles) – who posted the following tripe on Twitter only to be slapped about the head a bit by our pal Ron Filipowski:

Ok. 😂 Masterful touch of understatement there, Ron.

Ron’s Twitter followers than took last name Travis to task:

As does his hero the Orangeutan. 🤣🤣🤣


👀 👀 👀



Oh, snap!

A bit early for that but I like the way you think!

If I may give some advice to Trump Chump Clay Travis it would be to keep his opinions confined to his safe little audience of MAGA supporters and not venture out to shout them into the real world, where normal folks can be repulsed by and make fun of them.

Get over your Chiefs envy and…

… stop telling people what to do and not do with their privates, that is never a good look, Clay.

When and if you grow up you’ll realize that.

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  1. I thought all you brain dead cult members were down in Dallas waiting for JFK, JFK Jr., Elvis, and their ancestor…Jesus. Jesus H. Christ…you people are wasting good oxygen. Bet you wouldn’t shoot your mouth off to his face. Hell, even Taylor could take you down.

  2. I’ve never been more proud! I’m the embodiment of a Clay Travis insult and being me makes him poop his Pampers! I’m a 68 year-old chick (never had a dick to cut off). I’ve had every shot and booster. I enthusiastically endorse Joe Biden 😎, again! And, I’ve been a Chiefs fan for 58 years!! Being the worst thing Clay can wish on another feels like my new superpower!! Now, where’d I leave that Bud Light!!

    • Ah, a kindred Chief’s fan. We’re almost the same age and growing up I didn’t think much of the old AFL until Namath led the Jets to that incredible Super Bowl Win. The next year, watching the Chiefs and that incredible team dismantle the Vikings I became hooked. I grew up along the Mississippi deep in southern Illinois but was never a fan of either the baseball or football Cardinals. So, once I became a Chiefs fan which was when the Super Bowl was just starting to become something significant my dream matchup became Chiefs vs. Bears. That way I couldn’t “lose” no matter the outcome! Like my beloved Cubbies the Chiefs broke my heart and more than once, so seeing them return not only to being a perineal top-tier team but actually winning Super Bowls has been a true joy. I thought it was great that Kelce did that ad. And given your Bud Lite (which I never liked any more than Bud – I’m a lager not a pilsner beer guy) reference the only thing that would have made the ad better is if he’d pressed a KEG of Bud Lite over his head!

      I hope other popular NFL players follow his lead.


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