Trump Lawyer Christina Bobb, who was up to her earrings in Trump’s plot to undermine American democracy following the 2020 election, is mad as hell that journalists are allowed to report on Trump’s many, many legal problems and that state officials are attempting to hold him to account for his failed insurrection – labeling such efforts as “propaganda” and “election interference”.

Gee, where have I heard that before?

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“Donald Trump’s attorney thinks voters should be shielded from knowing about the legal problems facing the former president.

Christina Bobb said on Newsmax that officials spreading “propaganda” about Trump criminal cases — he’s facing 91 charges in four jurisdictions — is tantamount to election interference.

Bobb was specifically talking about Shenna Bellows, Maine’s secretary of state who last week became the second official to rule Trump should be disqualified from the ballot under the Constitution’s 14th amendment.

It states that anybody who takes part in an insurrection against the U.S. is ineligible from holding public office. A similar ruling was made earlier last month in Colorado.

“This narrative that Trump isn’t going to be eligible, trying to instill fear in the voters that oh, maybe I shouldn’t vote for him… maybe I shouldn’t follow him because he won’t be on the ballot,” Bobb said.“

I dunno so much about that, Christina, maybe people shouldn’t vote for your client because he is a seditious POS, perfectly willing wipe his ample ass with American law and tradition to remain in power.

And just maybe journalists should be perfectly free to report as voluminously as they wish on court proceedings that attempt to prevent him from doing so again, and state elected officials be allowed to use their state’s statutes to to prevent him from once again obtaining the office he so thoroughly disgraced without any additional sniping by you:

“Bobb said Bellows should be impeached for her decision.

“I would encourage the attorney general or the district attorneys in Maine to take a closer look at this and possibly investigate [Ms Bellows] for abuse of authority, abuse of power and election interference because this, no doubtedly, is election interference,” she told Newsmax. The interview was reported by The Independent.“

Of course Bobb is allowed by the Constitution to go on right-wing media outlets and peddle this horse hockey for her client, but the vast majority of her fellow lawyers would feel constrained by ethical considerations and an appreciation for their own dignity from doing mouthing such crap.

But not you, Christina.

Anything for a buck, hey?

JoeMyGod and followers discuss this story on Twitter:

… or real judges.

Well, it is unless you cover your ears with MAGA earmuffs and speak in tongues to yourself at maximum volume…



Couldn’t agree more.🤣🤣🤣

Of course Bobb may be more concerned that continued accurate reporting on Trump’s seditious activities will reveal more about her role in abetting them…

Uncomfortable thought, huh, Christina?

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  1. Justice must not only be done but it must be seen to be done (unless you’re Donald Trump, in which case, hide it under the carpet and hope it gets forgotten)

  2. I wonder if Ms Bobb (I could be very crude and imply that “Bobb” is simply short for “Bobbing for slang-term-for-penis” but I won’t) feels the same way about all the coverage that House Republicons get for their efforts to impeach President Biden?


    Oh, now that I’ve gotten that laugh out of my system, I need to go find a tissue to dry my eyes from all the laughter.

  3. Whatever state bar she belongs to should adopt some rules of ethics…oh wait…nevermind. I forgot I’m talking about lawyers. Thank God there are a few prosecutors out there trying to save the profession’s reputation. Three years and counting on January 6th!!!

  4. I really doubt this asshat of a lawyer would go on anything but the craziest of RWNJ outlets. However if an actual journalist, even one that passes for one these days gets a crack at her on camera I’d love for them to ask her this: You say reporting on Mister Trump’s legal problems makes him look bad to voters and is therefore election interference. By that standard, isn’t all the reporting that’s done on President Biden’s son Hunter and his brother James and charges that because they are relatives the President himself is a criminal propaganda?

    Conservatives love to dish it out. But they sure as hell can’t take it. What really pisses me off is the news is full of SHIT they make up against the Bidens. No actual evidence to back it up. However, there’s plenty of evidence of Trump’s crimes including from his very own fat mouth. (or his thumbs when he’s “truthing”)

  5. Trump they pry obviously is not choosing his lawyers for their intelligence or experience. This is what you get when you hire the legal.equivanent of blue light specials at KMart

  6. Wasn’t Ms. Bobb the “attorney” who signed the affidavit saying tRump had returned ALL of his ‘stollen’ national security documents?

    Yeah, that person!

    Such credibility…

  7. Christina Bobb is an idiot spewing out incredible bulls**t. Not talking about Trump’s legal problems is like not telling Hitler about the defeat of the 6th Army at Stalingrad in 1942.


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