So much for Alina Habba’s depiction of valiant soldier Trump, nay General Trump, the man who doesn’t know the meaning of the word fear, who vowed to ride into the valley of the shadow of death on Monday, even though his lawyers were begging him, “Don’t do it, Sir. Think of the gag order.” Trump was apparently thinking of the gag order, or more likely of how impossible it was going to be for him not to perjure himself, when he gave up the ghost on Sunday and announced in shrieking all-caps, “I WILL NOT BE TESTIFYING MONDAY, MAGA!”

So now clips from a few days ago have been dug out of the vaults and are playing everywhere, and they are embarrassing. Trump was depicted a mere 72 hours ago as the “incredibly intelligent” protector of “the America that was,” and now, lo and behold, he’s only looking to protect himself. Whudda thot such a thing was possible?

And you saw this video a few days ago. “People who are afraid cower.” Yes, they do. And then they throw some ketchup bottles and go back to cowering and all-caps acting out.

Remember this old SNL sketch? It aged rather well.

I guess the Centre Street Court will be dark tomorrow, unless the expert witness who was scheduled to show up on Tuesday moves his testimony forward.

I, for one, am horrendously disappointed. I was so looking forward to Trump perjuring himself on the stand. If not this trial, then one of the others, right? Maybe the J6 trial which goes forward the day before Super Tuesday?

Meanwhile, oblivious to reality, Trump’s Republican enablers, co-traitors tell us all what a funny ha ha joke this is.

Trump is not the problem, as Obama observed. Trump is the symptom. The problem is that the country is dumbed down after decades of a broken educational system, listening to right-wing media lies, and the GOP has collapsed. Put all these elements together simultaneously and you have the situation that we find ourselves in now, America ripe for a fascist takeover.

And don’t think for a moment that the GOP isn’t stoked about the possibility. Mike Johnson would turn America into the Handmaid’s Tale faster than you can say Hail Mary.


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  1. ‘Trump is not the problem, as Obama observed. Trump is the symptom.’

    How true. Another reason to vote blue so that the problem can be fixed – then we don’t have to worry about the symptom recurring.

  2. Yes, that’s what I think too. At the drop of a hat, Johnson would turn the country into Margaret Atwood’s dystopian nightmare, where women are reduced to obedient reproductive units in a fascist theocracy. For all the women who cringe at the thought, vote like your lives depended on it!

  3. We won the Revolutionary War. The Union prevailed through the Civil War. We defeated Germany and Italy on one side of the world, and the Japanese on the other side. THE VOTE HAS ALREADY BEEN PAID FOR IN FULL BY ALL THE PATRIOTS WHO DIED TO ESTABLISH AND DEFEND IT. ALL WE HAVE TO DO NOW IS USE IT.

      • How funny will these clowns think it is when a group of young people dressed in all black with masks and bullet resistant vests, storm into a school full of young students, carried AR-15’s with extra magazines in all their hands, mow down all the teachers, security guards, any one else they happen to catch in the open, then storm through the classrooms, blowing out the windows facing the hallways, jumping over the counters and sweeping the rooms with hell fired bullets until no one is left alive …

        Once captured, after many police killed outside, a survivor of the group says, Trump said these classrooms HAVE to go, they teach peaceful solutions to all the problems he claims are [because they don’t listen to what I’m saying], and deserve to be eliminated as they are dangerous to my office … the young kids are being brainwashed so they also have become a clear and dangerous source for me … they actually READ THINGS and form their own ideas how this Country should be run …

        A sad example of HOW Trump REALLY feels about everyone else and their ability to think for themselves … He has NO problem saying what he plans to do or desires to do to/with these casualties a possible reality … It is obscene and un-called for the Republicans to defend Trump’s unforgivable statements as it IS exactly what Trump has been doing for the last few years, praising the ugliness of the world’s dictators, enjoying the idea of his OWN unbridled power and his OWN KINGSHIP !!

        It shows disrespect to the Constitution and rules of laws to laugh at Trump’s threats to our Democracy, every one of those commenters needs a place on a list of promoters and enablers of Trump’s extremely dangerous rhetoric … For God’s sake, lock the mindless freak up !!


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