I don’t understand this sudden media fascination with Presidential erections!  No Emily, it’s presidential elections.   Oh. Nevermind.   Chevy Chase and Gilda Radner on SNL

What’s left of Trump’s mental stability is finally cracking under the stress of his criminal behavior. We are now 17 days from the gavel starting the jury selection  process in his New York trial, and as Swamp Thing said in Con Air, Trump is sh*t out of runway.

Trump’s lawyers have made it clear that they are planning on filing several more motions to try and delay the start of the trial, and the presiding judge, Juan Merchan has already advised them that they can file whatever they like, but as far as he’s concerned, he’s already dealt with all of the pre trial motions that could delay the start of the trial. Put your big boy pants on, boys. And unlike his civil cases, Trump can’t storm out of court when he gets pissed, and throwing a Trumper tantrum risks alienating the jury.

Trump is about to become a criminal defendant, and there’s not a goddamn thing he can do about it. In 17 days Trump will start spending four days a week in a Manhattan courtroom, listening to witnesses describe just how he used what could have been a perfectly legal civil settlement if he hadn’t been such a dumb sh*t that he tried to disguise the payments as normal business expenses, not only falsifying New York business records, but also deprived voters of critical information to process in the lead up to the 2016 election.

Trump is responding the same way he always does, by spewing vile sh*t all over anybody with even a peripheral connection to the trial. This includes Judge Merchan, his wife and his 30 something daughter. This has led to a gag order prohibiting Trump  from criticizing witnesses, court employees, potential jurors, or the families of the prosecutor and judge. Merchan and DA Alvin Bragg are excluded from the order. Trump’s lawyers are challenging the gag order, and again today Traitor Tot called out the judge’s daughter by name, setting up a showdown with the judge before we even get to trial.

Trump is pathologically playing to a double ego boost, but one that can kill him in more ways than one. First of all, going after the prosecutor and judge, while they may be fair game legally, isn’t going to help him strategically. Those men signed up for this, and they aren’t going to let a 3rd rate street punk scare them off. But it gets worse. The first rule of marketing may as well be Repetition breeds boredom. Keep it fresh. 

And Trump has already had gag orders slapped on him from federal judge Tanya Chutkan in his DC case, and NY state judges Kaplan and Engoron. As I said, it’s one thing to go after the prosecutors and judges, But going after innocents like employees doing their jobs, or who just happen to be related to the judge or prosecutors don’t go over well.

Sweet Jesus, even the f*cking Mob had enough street smarts to make the families of judges and cops off limits. That shit only brings more heat than you want to be under. But Trump the imbecile just doesn’t seem to realize that threatening the families is not going to make a DA or judge fold like an origami bird and drop the charges.

In fact, it’s going to hurt him in November. Because while his drooling maniacs may get off leaving wussy little dark threats in voicemails and texts may amuse them, it isn’t going to play well with any of the undecided soft GOP, Democratic, and independents, most of whom have children and family members, those kind of strong arm tactics aren’t going to go over well.

The whole problem here is that His Lowness seems to think, and correctly so far, that this tactic is a one way street. Since he started attacking judge Merchan’s daughter, I’ve been waiting for somebody, anybody, either in the prosecutorial orbit, though not involved in the case, or the MSM hosts to not only condemn this conduct, which they’re already largely doing, but to start throwing out some very pointed comparisons.

What do you think that El Pendejo Presidente’s reaction would be if someone brought up the point that there were rumors out there that Melania already had suspicions about a Trump affair, and the hush money scam was Trump playing desperation ball to keep her from taking him to the cleaners in a divorce proceeding with a newborn infant under her arm?

Or how about a carefully selected leak from some unidentified sources that Don Jr. is actually an unindicted co-conspirator in the Manhattan DA’s case, since he personally signed some of the checks that went to repay Michael Cohen, but that he’s not out of the woods yet legally. Or since both Ivanka and Jared were intimately involved in Trump’s campaign, they may well know more than they’re saying?

I can already tell you what Trump’s reaction would be. He’s have a full blown Trumper sh*t fit. He’d scream that his family was firmly out of bounds, while the families of his opponents were scrambling to get personal protection. I’ll be perfectly honest. If I knew a way to anonymously get any of that into the Trombie orbit, I’d do it just to give the fat f*ck what a taste of life on the knife’s edge feels like.

But it’s still going to cost him. Because gag orders are regularly used in criminal case with a pronounced public interest, in order to avoid possible jury pool poisoning, and nobody else goes running around screaming that their 1st Amendment rights are being violated. It begs the question from persuadable soft voters, What makes Trump so special? And I still believe that threatening the families of prosecutors and judges is going to rub most justce minded people the wrong way.

I’ll say it right here, and right now. Trump. Can’t Win. In 2020, he garnered more votes than any sitting President in US history, and still lost by 8 million votes. Trump must find a way to appeal to moderate and undecided voters, and instead he’s literally banishing any GOP voters who either supported financially or voted for DeSantis or Haley. His stupid purity test for MAGA is going to make it impossible to win. And here’s a prediction. With abortion rights on the ballot in November in Ohio, and with a stone MAGAt running for Senate, not only is Sherrod Brown going to win, but so is Biden. And no Republican has ever lost Ohio and won the White House. Don’t touch that dial.

I thank you for the privilege of your time.

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  1. “With abortion rights on the ballot in November in Ohio, and with a stone MAGAt running for Senate, not only is Sherrod Brown going to win, but so is Biden. And no Republican has ever lost Ohio and won the White House. Don’t touch that dial.”

    From your keyboard to God’s ear!

  2. He’s painted himself into a corner with veeeery slow drying paint. If he tries to get out of this, all he’ll make is a huge mess. And everything will have his prints all over it.

  3. There was a female poet that wrote a poem about ‘dancing on the grave of the son of a bitch’. I now appreciate the sentiment more than ever.


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