Rachel Maddow never fails to deliver on her now weekly show. Tonight was no different, but ho!, how it warms the cockles of the heart.

Rachel led off her A-block tonight by letting us all know that you can get the Farming Simulator game for the X-Box 1 for about $50. As a former Sim City freak, I’m all over it. She then went on to explain why this was national news.

According to a new report in Politico, the Michigan GOP now officially has something like $53.74 in their bank account. So for basically the price of an X-Box game, you can basically become the new owner or the Minnesota state GOP, if you want to assume the $300,000 in debt the idiots have already run up. And they’re not the only ones;

  • In Colorado, the state GOP has stopped paying their full time employees, and reportedly has filed for bankruptcy. and as a cost cutting measure is actually canceling the 2024 Colorado state GOP primaries. Don’t ask me how they pick an election ballot roster. Pin-the-tail-on-the-donkey?
  • An Arizona state FEC filing shows that they have a paltry $23,000 in the bank. And they
  • re still on the hoof to pay for replacement Maricopa County voting machines they turned over to the Ninja Numbnuts in their post election investigation. News Flash! $23,000 ain’t gonna cut it
  • In Michigan, the state GOP is so piss poor that they actually had to import Arizona MAGAt and uber loser Kari Lake to make some speeches and try to drum up a little tin-cups-and-pencils fundraising
  • The Georgia state Gop is also operating under a severe case of the shorts. And now they’re having to steel themselves for the possibility of staggering legal bills for GOP legislators caught up in the fake elector scam

I have been writing about this for years, but it’s still nice to see my predictions coming to fruition. Those of you who read me regularly know that it started literally the day after Traitor Tot’s inauguration. The brainchild was of course Steve Two Shirts Bannon. Bannon has long believed that the way to weed out the deep state was to burrow from within. And what would work for the federal government would work just as well to ensure that the current day GOP became a personal organ of Trump’s political agenda. Burrow from within.

Look, His Lowness breeds MAGAt’s the way bachelor pads breed cockroaches. And Bannon went all in on his idiot podcast to implore the faithful to get involved in GOP politics at the local level. Get on school boards, library boards, city councils and zoning commissions. And that includes getting involved in local state GOP politics. Start making it clear that there’s a new sheriff in town.

And it’s been wildly successful. Some reporters have started calling the Miami-Dade County Republican the Loud Toys Clubhouse. They’ve basically taken over the whole operation. And while everybody has seen the video of screaming matches at city council and school board meetings, what most people don’t realize is that when the issue finally comes up for a vote, it goes the MAGA way. They’ve successfully burrowed in.

Traditionally there are two ways that a state GOP operation gets revenue. First are small money in state donations, and things like County GOP Golf Days!, Fish Fries, Annual Picnics and other folksy money raising schemes, like an AR-15 raffle! And the other way is through quarterly operating expenses transfers from the RNC, the real cash cow for state and county parties. And both revenue streams are drying up for the GOP for the same goddamn reason. Trump.

On the local side, it’s hard times for the GOP. Ever since Trombies have started shambling around the countryside like a scene from Night of the Living Dead, normal Republicans have decided to sit on their wallets. Who the hell wants to go to a County GOP Family Picnic, and finding themselves, Grandma Noony, and the kids infiltrated by morons in combat fatigues and AR-15′ using state park signs for target practice, and donation bottles constantly shoved under their noses? If the professional GOP incumbents can’t shake loose from Trump and the Trombies, what chance do a bunch of local goobers have?

I have already written multiple times that many major deep pocket GOP mega donors are sitting on their wallets as long as Trump’s name appears on any ballot anywhere. They’ll be damned if they’ll kick into the RNC kitty so that Ronna Romney can trade it to Trump’s legal defense fund in return for a tummy skritch. And since Trump already has a stranglehold on small national donors, I can’t imagine that the RNC kitty is all that flush these days either.

Did you notice the McGuffin above? Michigan, Minnesota, Colorado, Arizona, and Georgia. All of them either already are, or potentially are critical swing states in the 2024 general election. And it takes a sh*tload of money for a state party to run a successful operation in a general election. After all, it’s the state that has the best polling, knows which races are competitive and which aren’t, and how to distribute the cash. But Sweet Jesus, the Colorado GOP is seriously considering not even holding their 2024 primaries because they can’t afford it.

If you watch the news, then you already know that there is a national shortage of qualified civilian volunteers and state employees to oversee the 2024 election. That’s because of the incredible pressure and abuse they’ve been under simply for doing their jobs. And the same thing is happening in the local, county and state GOP organizations. Far right mouth breathers and bed wetters are using fear and intimidation to drive out qualified local, county and state officials, leaving them replaced by slobbering dolts.

But it’s even worse for the RNC, because they’re not alone in sharing criticism for the 2022 debacle. In 2022 the GOP had a favorable map for retaking the Senate, as well as swallowing the House whole. But the RSCC, under the control of the human Skeletor, Rick Scott of Florida, pissed away tens, if not hundreds of millions propping up hopeless losers like Herschel Walker, Mehmet Oz, and Blake Masters in the primaries. And then they wondered why nobody stepped forward to refill the kitty, leaving more viable Senatorial candidates starved for cash. And big money donors haven’t forgotten the wasted equity.

Rachel Maddow promised tonight to keep an  eye on this, and to report back with new developments. And I’ll be watching too. Because I’m here to tell you, this is just the tip of the iceberg. If I’m DNC Chair Jaime Harrison, I’m not just looking at other swing states, especially with a Senate seat up for grabs where the GOP is cash starved, so I can carpet bomb it, I’m also looking at safe red states with vulnerable House districts where a sudden infusion of cash could vault a populist Democrat to victory over a cash starved GOP incumbent. Texas, Kansas Iowa and Kentucky top my list, especially with a popular Democratic Governor like Andy Bashear on the ballot.

I never even hoped to see anything like this in my lifetime. For most of my life it’s been the GOP that had the all important cash advantage in elections, due to their subservience to billionaires and corporations, while the Democrats struggled with small money donors. Democrats fall in love, Republicans fall in line. But for the last three consecutive cycles, 2018 2020, and 2022, the Democrats have proven that small money donors rule, and the GOP has learned the bitter lesson that big money donors get fickle when their best interests aren’t being served. How delicious would the irony be if what finally drove the GOP to its knees wasn’t Trump himself, but turned out instead to be Trumpism at the grassroots level. My best guess? Look at WI, OH, NC, and yes, FL next. Gerrymandering makes you fat and lazy, and right now Ron Pissantis is doing more damage not only to his own brand but the GOP brand than any Democratic assault ever could. Don’t touch that dial.

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  1. Omg, human Skeletor and Pissantis made me LOL!! I’m going to have to borrow those since I live in Floridah, I have to deal with those nincompoops.

  2. ETTD – Everything Trump Touches Dies. I guess the MAGAts never figured out that anyone who could bankrupt not one, but two casinos might not be the best leader of their party. Bannon clearly did not think through encouraging brain-dead MAGAts to run for local offices and state party officers, who have no skills to carry out those positions, might not work out so well.

    • trump might have the title of party leader but he’s not involved in the workings of state gop business-at best he can beg them for money but I doubt they’d deliver. If these state gop organizations are bankrupt or on their way to such status, they did this with their very own piss-poor management. No one forced these states’ gop orgs to support magats and on the dem side they can, and do, decide who to support and who not. Choice might not be a thing for women in certain states, but it still exists when it comes to pol orgs spending money.

      If magats are running these state gop orgs, well, I guess they’re screwed and to expect any other outcome would be silly.

      • No he’s not…Officially…Which is why Trump immediately put Romney McDaniel under his boot, and he and Bannon put total MAGAt loyalists into local, county, and state committee organizations…

    • Don’t count on it amigo…The Koch brothers soured on Trump in 2018, and have already written off their precious Freedom Caucus as totally useless to them…Reporting shows that GOP dark money is already basically funding the “No Labels” project to the tune of some $70 million…Don’t count on them not leaving the GOP in the desert and rebuilding the party to their likes through “No Labels”…

  3. “Far right mouth breathers and bed wetters are using fear and intimidation to drive out qualified local, county and state officials, leaving them replaced by slobbering dolts.”

    I keep trying to figure out how they intend to STEAL the next election. Could it be that the knuckle-draggers in these positions could simply announce R wins instead of, you know, bothering to even count the votes because they’re too stupid to know how to count?!?

    • News Tip…THEY CAN’T!!! As I wrote earlier, the fact that the SCOTUS laughed out the NC case based on unilateral state legislative control of federal elections threw away the whole premise of the “Green Bay Sweep” of having state legislatures override popular vote results and nae their own alternate slate of electors…


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