Trump Iran Decision Expected Soon, Expect Sharp Rises in Gas Prices to Over $3 a Gallon


Major American media companies are in consensus, an announcement on the Iran deal is expected soon, possibly by the end of the day. Trump has every reason to get the decision “done,” desperately trying to drive news that he hired an Israeli security firm of ex Mossad Agents, “Black Cube,” to frame dirt on the Obama officials who negotiated the deal off the papers and airwaves. Trump also obsesses about reversing everything Obama did, as if the very fact that Obama had a hand in the deal means it need be overturned, one wonders if some of Putin’s legendary hatred of Obama dripped into Trump’s brain while the two met in Moscow at the Ms. Universe pageant. Finally, Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu faces his own political scandals at home and would like to see this deal finished so he can concentrate on saving his own hide. Last, our European allies, are steadfastly against pulling out of the deal, and our “President” seems to take perverse delight in creating division among our NATO allies, which, again – may have roots in Putin’s irresistible nature with respect to Trump.

So, it would seem set. Any hour now. When it happens, be sure to note to your Facebook Uncle that posts all things Trump and FISA, that the sudden rising gas prices are compliments of his president, “looking out for the common man.”

Gas prices have been creeping up, perhaps you have noticed? They have been creeping up due to complex international market forces having nothing to do with Iran, and they have been creeping up due to the expected exit from the Iranian deal.

If Trump’s decides to end U.S. participation, that could cause oil prices to rise even more as it becomes more difficult for Iran to sell its oil in the international market.

Last May, the average price of a gallon of gas was around $2.45, now it is $2.81, and if the President cancels the Iranian deal, expect gas prices to shoot up over $3.00 a gallon, a key psychological level/indicator, one which causes changes in behavior.

But consumer habits will change “if they climb well into the $3 range nationally,” DeHaan said of gas prices. Above that mark, some lower- and middle-income motorists may cancel summer road trips while wealthier drivers will be more eager to look into buying fuel-efficient vehicles.

The other psychological impact such an increase will impart is increase voters’ motivation to vote for Democrats this fall. After all, mid-terms are often a referendum on the president, and according to president Trump, the president is responsible for keeping gas prices low:

Given that the decision is due any hour, I figured it would be a good public service if this website gave you all the information you need to write some smart retort to that uncle, bragging on Facebook, about getting out of that panty-waisted Iran deal that Obama made. You will have all the information you need to dump the resulting loss in disposable cash on his president.

Oh, you might also note that the nation which benefits the most from rising oil prices, is the otherwise cash-strapped nation that depends disproportionately on exporting oil for its riches – Russia.

Once again, Trump has put Putin, and “undoing Obama,” over what is best for your uncle, or you.

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  1. On the west coast gas pricess are already above $3.00 a gallon and have been for the last 3 weeks with no sign of going down.


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