The yous and mes have the blessing that generally speaking, our worst screw ups are not caught on tape. Inhabitants of the White House have no such luxury and so Donald Trump’s vainglorious idiocy about how big and beautiful the Tulsa rally would be,”they’ve never seen anything like it,” and “we’ve never had an empty seat,” came back to bite him in the butt on Saturday. Watch Trump impersonator Sarah Cooper let him have it with both barrels.

Trump fell on his face just like Cooper does here.

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      • Yup, that was my first intro to her and I was hooked from then on. I love how she can perfectly lip-syncs him and she does it very quickly after he makes those statements.

    • Scott, you’ve got THAT right! stupid and she portrays his arrogance and his stupidity perfectly. Fun to watch her. TORTUROUS to watch HIM! ?

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