After watching clips of drumpf’s hate orgy/campaign rally last night, during which Marge Greene, freed now from the fetters of her inconvenient failed marriage, seemed to be auditioning for a spot as the Orangeutan’s running mate in two years, it struck me that neither seemed to be offering any new policy ideas, but rather just obscenely chanting litanies of hatred directed at democrats – meant to inflame the bloodlust of their audience – spitting venom in the direction of LBTG citizens, trans-teens, democrats in general, LEOs, teachers, and even man’s best friend.

Just a couple of examples:

drumpf demonizing trans athletes:

And Marge Green accusing democrats of wanting to kill republicans:

And, lest our furry friends feel left out… drumpf railing against “cheating” dogs:

There is really no explanation for their lies, except that they are attempting to incite stochastic terrorism, which is defined as ‘the use of mass media to provoke random acts of ideologically motivated violence that are statistically predictable but individually unpredictable’.

Such random acts of terror weaken and make vulnerable to manipulation the pillars of democracy i.e. a voter’s trust of his fellow citizens, and of the institutions democracy has created to protect them.

Fear can make a population more susceptible to the authoritarian’s siren call of stability through tougher policing and restriction of individual rights and freedoms.

Fear of the “other” has always been used by tyrants to consolidate their power, since Neanderthal first sharpened a stick and convinced his followers that another clan threatened their hunting grounds, through to Adolph Hitler convincing Germans that their peaceful Jewish citizenry meant to destroy the German state, and Putin telling Russia that Ukraine meant to attack them.

In a thread on Twitter, Williamette University Professor Seth Cotlar exposes one methodology that authoritarians, and in particular Marge Greene, use to incite hatred in their followers called “mirror imaging”.

He also addresses Greene’s specific accusation about the young man killed in North Dakota:

(To be fair to Greeen, a consideration she would not for a minute extend to us, the cited article does not completely dismiss that politics played a role in Ellinson’s death, but rather expresses the local sherriff’s conclusion that the assailant being unstable and drunk played the larger role.

Cotlar continues:

Oddly enough…

There is more to this thread if you wish to continue reading, but I think that Professor Cotlar has made his point.

Republicans like drumpf and Greene instinctively know, in some part of their weak and hate filled minds, that the next Presidential election can only be won if they can create enough fear and strife among and between voters to overcome the Democrat’s numerical advantage in the electorate.

It is by now apparent that regular Republican pols are too cowed by Trump and his base, or are too desirous of their own political success, to push back against this madness.

Let us hope that there are enough sane Americans left to reject hatred and fear at the polls.

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  1. You didn’t even read it didn’t you? Dino the proud propagandist, inciting stochastic terrorism himself.
    Brandt told a 911 operator that he hit Ellingson because he was part of a “Republican extremist group”
    “Brandt admitted to State Radio that he hit the pedestrian and that the pedestrian was part of a Republican extremist group.”

    • Uh, I mentioned that there was some discrepancy regarding the motive, but the sheriff, whom I doubt is a raging leftist being from N. Dakota, stated there is no evidence of politics being involved. More likely that Brandt embellished that bit as he also claimed the victim and his friends were chasing him. Brandt was a hothead and a bad drinker, probably ran the kid down after arguing with him and was casting around for something to mitigate his actions.

      Certainly not evidence that democrats, as a group, are out to kill republicans.

    • Margie & your boy advocated politically motivated violence via mass media. Got it dumbass. Oh. And they lied therefore they practiced ” accusation in a mirror”, a popular tactic Hitler used. Question. Are you PROUD being part of a fascist party? Did you miss professor Coltar’s description of you? Did YOU read it?
      He said, ” all such repliers are supporters of the guy who falsely said Democrats would try to steal the election of 2016 and 2020, and who then organized a massive (and ultimately violent) effort to…steal the 2020 election.” Pure fucking evil & traitorous. Fact.

      • PROOF. Free full length uncut. Learn something.
        2000 MULES
        (Moderator’s note: Bitchute has content from contributors that have been banned from major social media platforms for dangerously misleading information and hate speech. Wikipedia indicates it is a hate/misinformation site and as such a direct link to it isn’t allowed on PZ. I’ve already removed a link to it from a commenter who is liberal in nature – it was cited as an example of a hate speech promoter – in case you want to claim victimhood. If you want to refer to that site for the moment it will be allowed but consider yourself formally warned against inserting any direct links to it in future comments)

        • “consider yourself formally warned.” Like they say, the flak only gets heavy when you’re over the target.
          Well this is ageing prematurely.
          red4751 October 2, 2022 At 2:18 pm
          The Demorcates are the fascist party. Just like before 1941 in Germany/Europe, you are being censored and brainwashed.

          • Well, you weren’t told you couldn’t mention that site or I believe even articles on it. You were told not to provide a direct link. People who read your posts are free to make their own choice on whether to go there or some other site like it and look up stuff you talk about. You call that censorship and reference flak being heavy when over the target. I see it more as keeping the lid on the septic tank full of shit in place. I looked up Bitchute on Wikipedia I looked up Bitchute on Wikipedia and as far as I’m concerned it is in fact a site that promotes hate speech and worse.

  2. Yeah, he was chasing him over a political argument. He ran him over and killed him. So that’s not political. Like we’re not in a recession and inflation is transitory. You’re going to have to twist it a lot more than that, or just make something up. You’re good at that. I agree the democrats as a group are not out to kill Republican’s. Just individual Democrats are killing or trying to kill Republicans. You know like Scalise? Rand Paul? Should I find more?


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