One of the sickest and heartbreaking aspects of January 6th is that the only real interest the MAGAs ever showed in some sort of an investigation was determining (publicly) who shot Ashli Babbitt.

The investigation is complete, and the officer has been cleared. After all, despite Babbitt’s defenders’ statements, she was not shot in the back but in an attempt to climb through a broken window to get down the hall where some of Congress’s top leaders and Mike Pence were about to pass.

Kevin McCarthy, who did everything on Earth to court Donald Trump in order to become Speaker of the House, now doesn’t need Trump. Kevin must be betting on Trump falling off in weakness in the 2024 campaign, perhaps being indicted (I keep losing hope), or otherwise not being in power because McCarthy came out in support of the officer (Who remains anonymous to the public but Trump has been dropping hints in an effort to put him or her in danger.

Trump was furious:

We should get used to Marorie Taylor Greene pushing Kevin around. We should also get used to Keven not caring what Trump thinks and McCarthy pushing Trump around.

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  1. Yeah, and the nazis were ‘patriots’. Brave soliders, armed with rifles and lugers, standing on the edge of a deep trench, firing into the naked mass of women and children at the bottom. Murdering 6 million helpless, innocents. Getting 70 million killed. Getting 400,000 American boys killed. ‘Great patriots’ to EVIL. Same as your ‘solider’, your bought off courts and politicians, your cult of murderous, hateful, racist, miscreants, and YOU!!!! I wonder what the Ukrainian phrase is for FUCK YOU!!!

  2. In the simplest terms, Trump is a worthless, malignant narcissist, without ONE ounce of care for ANY other person … His current tour of the most stupid man alive and he STILL thinks his antiquated, moldy rhetoric, hand waving and hand signals, along with his typical rubber faced sneers and shrugged shoulders can raise enough funding to rescue him from ALL the financial binds he is facing … The DA’s offices across the country have other thoughts in mind, and if and when the DOJ springs that BIG bear trap around Trump … Well, there goes ANY hopes for Trump’s slippery escape …

    What all the most idiotic Republicans are doing to our House is despicable and wrong, all the babbling about inane subjects and process of Congress, waste huge amounts of our taxes and create useless periods of meeting times with no solutions, nor fixes for the public domain …


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