Orange is new orange. Or at least that will be the case when a certain faux tanned, hairsprayed mostly bald guy shows up to wear an orange jumpsuit over his bizarre coloration and people start to see an after image on their retina after they look at him, like what happens after you look at the sun.

Maggie Haberman thinks Donald Trump is worried about going to prison. I don’t know if I buy that. I think he’s a great deal more worried about other things, first and foremost people finding out that he really doesn’t have the kind of money he claims to have, either inherited or earned. It’s pretty much a given that he squandered Daddy Fred’s money away decades ago and as to the actual worth of the golf courses, hotels, etc., he’s not going to be a member of the Billionaire Bad Boys Club anymore, once the truth comes out. That’s his terror, far more than the House Of Many Doors. That said, it’s always worth a listen why he might be terrified of incarceration.

In all truth, I think that due to Trump’s age and the fact that he was once POTUS, I think he would be pardoned. I think house arrest might be the biggest thing he would have to cope with and I’m not even sure about that.

He deserves to go to prison, if anybody in this world does. But what people deserve and what they get are two very different things.

I think that when push comes to shove that Joe Biden would say that due to Trump’s age and in the interest of the country coming together and healing, that his sentence would be commuted to time served — which could be a day.

Now where that would leave the Georgia case, I don’t know. But by the same token, if there’s a Republican governor, I think it’s a foregone conclusion that a pardon will take place. If Brian Kemp is still governor when all is said and done, I would bet the farm on Trump walking.

What Trump won’t get in this life is the kind of bi-partisan funeral and weeks of speeches that other presidents and key political figures such as John McCain have gotten. And I probably won’t be alive to see Melania kick the can, unless she dies an untimely death, but I’m sure she won’t get the kind of tribute that Rosalynn Carter or Barbara Bush or anybody like that has gotten.

My bet on Melania is that after Trump shuffles off this mortal coil, she’ll take whatever money, jewelry, etc, that is left and go hide somewhere overseas. Her passing will be no more than a footnote, it certainly won’t be a state occasion. Except maybe in Transylvania.

But maybe I’m wrong and Trump would end up serving time. Even a few months would be great. Even one night incarcerated would bring him off his high horse and wouldn’t that be fine?

Let’s just worry about getting him convicted and then worry about sentencing and serving the sentence when it’s time to do that.

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  1. I don’t think Kemp can pardon him. My understanding is that GA law says he has to serve his time, then be a good boy for five years before he can get a pardon.

    • Exactly. The law in Georgia does not leave ANY wiggle room. IF he’s convicted he WILL serve a minimum of 5 years if he lives that long. The governor can’t pardon him. He would come before the pardon’s board after 5 years. I can hardly wait!

      • If it is a law, legislation, it can always be changed. GA is red so if former guy does get prison time, I would bet a lot of money the GA legislature and guv would work non-stop to change the law. If it is some GA constitution thing, I wouldn’t bet the farm that enough people wouldn’t come together to change that.

  2. “Now where that would leave the Georgia case, I don’t know. But by the same token, if there’s a Republican governor, I think it’s a foregone conclusion that a pardon will take place. If Brian Kemp is still governor when all is said and done, I would bet the farm on Trump walking.”

    Nope. I checked on this some time ago but, in Georgia, the Governor’s only connection to issuing pardons is by appointing the members of the Georgia State Board of Pardons and Parole. From the Wiki article on the Board: “The Board is the primary authority in Georgia assigned the power to grant pardons, paroles, and other forms of clemency. Parole is the discretionary decision of the Board to release a certain offender from confinement after the offender has served an appropriate portion of a prison sentence.”

    Also, for the Georgia State Board’s own website, regarding pardons, Trump may be seriously SOL:

    To qualify for a Pardon for offenses other than sex offenses (which require you to be listed on Georgia’s Sex Offender Registry):

    ● You must have completed all sentence(s) at least five (5) years prior to applying.

    Additionally, the site has a “Glossary” that defines a pardon: “Pardon – This is an order of official forgiveness and is granted to those individuals who have maintained a good reputation in their community following the completion of their sentence(s). A Pardon is an official statement attached to the criminal record that states that the State of Georgia has pardoned the crime. It does not expunge, remove or erase the crime from your record. It may serve as a means for a petitioner to advance in employment or education.”

    More can be found at

    (Note: Trump won’t really have a need to apply for a restoration of rights since they only apply to his civil rights in Georgia. Without applying for those rights to be restored, however, he would be barred from running for President–in Georgia at least.* Restoration of rights can be achieved before being pardoned, however, as only 2 years have to pass following the end of any sentences before applying to have rights restored.)

    *This is based on my reading of the FAQs at the site.
    “What is a Restoration of Civil and Political Rights? A Restoration of Civil and Political Rights is an order restoring the rights which are lost in Georgia upon conviction. These include the right to run for and hold public office, to sit on a jury, and to serve as a Notary Public. Restoration of Civil and Political Rights does not automatically include the right to possess, own or carry a firearm; it must be specifically granted by the Board.” (I do love that last bit. For a state that’s so gung-ho on the Second Amendment–Kemp signed a law allowing carrying handguns in public without a license or background check–it’s sort of ironic that having your civil rights restored does not include the “right to bear arms.”)

    ● You must have lived a law-abiding life during the five (5) years prior to applying.

    ● You cannot have any pending charges.

    ● All fines must be paid in full.

  3. I don’t think President Biden would pardon trump or commute his sentence(s). He’s been 100% hands off justice. Why would he change that stance? He’s a compassionate man, when compassion is deserved.

    • ” He’s a compassionate man, when compassion is deserved.”

      Exactly, and he knows Trump deserves no compassion given what he has done to this country. He won’t pardon him, or at least I certainly hope not.

    • There is a process (which Trump of course ignored often) for granting pardons – hell there’s an actual office devoted to that specific matter and formal Pardon attorney. I’m sure Trump’s would be handled like any other pardon which means he’ll be SOL because that process takes years to play out.

    • I can think of one reason right off the top of my head: an effort to mollify trump’s base/magats. Why do that? Should trump be punished for his crimes, and he should, there will be millions of magats angry enough to do violence-these are not bright people and they have demonstrated a willingness to do violence when they do not get their way. Were I president when trump’s behind gets thrown in prison for his crimes, I would wonder if seeing him punished is worth the explosion of violence that would erupt when he is.

      If President Biden is more of a CYA sort of man he might do so to save his own behind from politically motivated revenge-we’re seeing that start to play out now, how much more so will it when trump is sentenced to time behind bars.

      Now, could all of this be alleviated were trump required to undergo house arrest? Don’t know. Putting trump in prison is problematic because he does have SS protection so any time trump spends in prison will mean his SS detail ALSO spends time in prison. This of course assumes he gets to keep his SS protection if he becomes a convicted felon. I do not know what, if anything, the law says about that.

  4. Kemp.cannot pardon him. In GA pardons are solely in the hands of the parole board. Parole can only be given if you have served your entire and have lived for 5 years afterwards as a law abiding citizen.
    If convicted in GA, Don the Con will.serve hard time. With any luck, he will.die in prison. My guess is a either an Hispanic or Black gang will.take him.out unless he is kept in solitary the entire time. And GA prisons make Shawsphank look like the Ritz.
    Biden can only pardon him for. federal crimes.

  5. In the interest of Justice For All, Trump will be imprisoned. He must serve time as no one is above The Law. Only then can America heal.


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