Another day, another conspiracy theory. This one is particularly amusing because it highlights Donald Trump’s “huge heart” and generous nature. Ask any of the workers he stiffed about his huge heart. It’s one thing to have an employer that doesn’t appreciate you, never gifts or bonuses you, and it’s something else altogether to have one that doesn’t pay you your wages.

And it’s particularly interesting that a holy man like Trump stiffed his workers. Go check out the Bible you hawk, Donald, it says so right there in black and white that “defrauding a laborer” is one of the “sins that cries to heaven for vengeance.” Yep, it’s pretty far up there, but what do you care, you’ve done all the others with impunity, lying, cheating, stealing, adultery, what’s one more on the pile? Here’s the latest from right-wingnuttia in honor of their Mango Messiah.

Trump has a huge belly and that’s what you’ve seen. Here’s another jewel on social media right now.

The comparison I like best is between Trump and Rock Hudson. We all remember what Hudson looked like, tall and trim. He was 6’4″ and weighed in at 220. Trump claims to be 6’3″ and weighs in at 219 — so they’re virtually twins, right? The same body type? I mean, anybody can see that just by looking, right?

It’s amazing how people believe this level of drivel.

I wonder if the Founding Fathers ever thought that we would live in an age of willful stupidity? I tend to think not. Knowledge and education have always been values that any kind of normal, aspiring, kind of individual respects. But now we live in an era where those values are either minimized or somebody like Trump claims to know everything when in fact he knows nothing.

And people take him at his word or the words of his fawning sycophants who can’t wait for him to get back in power so that they can overthrow our way of life. Never forget, a coup attempt is a rehearsal. Next time they’ll pull it off.


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  1. The founders lived in an age where most of our citizens were illiterate or barely functionally literate. That’s why they were so afraid of foreign influence. A charismatic rabble rouser could waive a newspaper or a pamphlet and misrepresent or even lie about what was in it but via word of mouth the wrong type of person could attain power. I know there’s actual truth behind the case that the Electoral College was created to increase the power of slave holding states and maintain slavery. What too often gets overlooked is that the electors were intended, being local enough that their own reputations were justifiably impeccable could if necessary step in and prevent a charlatan and/or unqualified demagogue or worse, someone subject to foreign influence (if not control) in the Presidency. The could, and were expected to step in and choose someone worthy of the Office. Not exactly a democratic thing but one with the best of intentions – protecting an ill-informed and bamboozled electorate from itself.

    Trump is the embodiment of the kind of individuals the founders feared, and whom the EC was supposed to keep OUT of the White House. The institution as it was intended failed us when it was needed most.

    We have, thanks to conservatives a dumbed down electorate to be sure but still there are clearly enough people that if we had a direct popular vote things would be very different. With President Gore instead of baby Bush there’s have been no Iraq war and destablization of the middles east. Not to mention a slew of better federal judges and even a couple of Justices. Same with Trump. In addition to all the federal judges McConnell arranged for him to appoint we’d have three different Justices too. We wouldn’t have a federal debt anywhere near what we’ve got because there wouldn’t have been two additional “supply side” tax cuts.

    Instead Trump got hold of the reigns of power because tens of millions of goobers are the very suckers and losers he makes fun of with his cronies. And tens of millions more care more about their fucking tax cuts and less regulations, and often culture war bullshit than the long-term good of the country.

    We once, had a country where a President could stand up and say “Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country” and inspire people. Presidential aspirants from both Parties once felt the same way, even if they didn’t posses JFK’s rhetorical gifts. Then came Reagan and the change to “what’s in it for ME?” attitude that’s only gotten worse since. Trump is just another symptom of a decades old problem.

    And entire major political Party chose to market a “I got mine, YOU can go f**k yourself” attitude and exploit the anger of those who haven’t yet gotten theirs by convincing them that it’s not the handful of the very riches and most powerful who are responsible for the difficulties in their daily lives, but “those” people, the “other” and Trump has proven their best salesman for the reasons you articulated.



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