Trump Declares “CNN NBC Fake News” to be Country’s Greatest Enemy


This is textbook dictator stuff.

Ironic that Trump just got done dealing with a man in Kim Jung Un who doesn’t allow any non-state sanctioned media in his country. Trump just declared the media that he doesn’t sanction to be the country’s “greatest enemy.”

What does a president promise to protect? He promises to protect the constitution from all enemies both foreign and domestic. What happens when the president determines it is his duty to protect the country from this enemy, despite the First Amendment freedom of the press?

Another weird aspect of this is that Trump did get some credit on both NBC and CNN, but because they asked questions that went unasked on Fox (I am not sure if Trump just didn’t have time to watch ABC or CBS, or just no one watches them anymore). Trump doesn’t like questions.

Or he could just be upset that my girlfriend Nicole Wallace rightly brought the hammer down on him yesterday for the mistakes made:

“I can’t! Stop, come out,” Wallace said to the control room. She was so stunned by the video — especially by the phrase “exploding the cannons” — that she had them play it again.

“So when they’re testing their ICBMs, I’m thinking: ‘What a spot! It could be like Boca!” she said. “What is that? What is wrong with him?”

Regardless, this is serious stuff. And i can’t help but think that this cannot be totally divorced from the fact that Trump just likely learned that Michael Cohen is about to turn on him in his NYC federal case. Trump is amping up his war on fact, and the very idea that there is a “truth” out there that can be known.

It’s in the Dictating for Dummies handbook.


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