First, the deranged and debilitated wannabe dictator went on Miami radio yesterday to boast that “40,000” MAGATS would show up to his GOP debate counter-rally to be held at a high school football field near the debate venue.

Then, last night he showed up to the half empty field (stadium would be a gross exaggeration) and subtly recalibrated his fantasy, looking out at a sea of empty bleacher and on-field seating and lying that he was speaking to “tens of thousands.

In reality, maybe 4,000 were in attendance:


“Donald Trump bragged about the size of the crowd at his rally in Hialeah, Florida, despite videos appearing to show empty seats at the venue circulating across social media.

The former president on Wednesday appeared in South Florida for a dueling campaign rally the same night his Republican rivals faced off in the third GOP debate in Miami, a city that has trended toward Republicans in the crucial swing state of Florida in recent years. Trump declined to participate in the debate, as he did the first two, as he continues to hold a substantial polling advantage over the other presidential contenders.

Instead, Trump held a rally in Hialeah, a suburb of Miami with a high Cuban American population, a demographic that has helped Republicans see recent victories in Florida, including Trump’s 2016 and 2020 presidential campaigns.

During the rally, he bragged about the size of the crowd that turned out for him, boasting that “tens of thousands” of people attended the rally…

…“I’m standing in front of tens of thousands of people right now and it’s on television. That’s a lot harder to do than a debate,” he said.”

Yeah, right.

Never Back Down at Twitter provided my top photo and the real skinny, as well as some entertaining commentary:


Yeah, props on that but if Trump is talking, Trump is lying so know surprise there…




Could only happen in the fever swamps of the dotard’s brain.

Great shot. Trump is actually speaking, so no one can claim the empty bleacher seats were before the rally.

Well, at least that is true.

Expect a lot more of this when peeps actually start voting.

The Orangeutan will be claiming crowds of hundreds of thousands in a Staples parking lot next year.

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  1. “Great shot. Trump is actually speaking, so no one can claim the empty bleacher seats were before the rally.”

    Au contraire, mon ami. We are talking about Trump here. If he can claim there were 40,000 present in a field that seats just over 5,000, then he can always claim the shot was before the rally and that his image was superimposed or photoshopped and his braindead supporters would believe what Trump said no matter how much evidence proved the photo to be 100% unaltered. I mean, we’re talking about a man who could tell one thing to the audience of one rally and just 6 hours later, tell the exact opposite thing to the audience of another rally and blame any credibility gap on “fake news.”

    • You’re correct Joseph, he can claim anything he wants to claim. Pictures tend not to lie however and every once in a while a magat wakes up to the fact their turd emperor is just that-a lying sack of sh*t. Not nearly often enough but it does happen.

      • Right from the word go, he’s lied about crowd sizes, and lied about the actual photographic proof of them.

        Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose.

    • Math was never his best subject. Neither was history. Or English. Or any science, unless they had a class in female anatomy and how to sexually assault a,woman. He’d have gotten an A in that

  2. His rabid followers make up about 20% of the Republican Party. Some are claiming this indictment will actually help his chances of returning to the White House. They say his poll numbers have bumped, and millions in campaign cash have come floating in off of his faux mugshot fundraising effort. The truth is his indictment not only won’t carry him back to Washington, but it is also killing his entire party. Democrats already hate him. Independents are not going to be suddenly swayed to think Trump has become more diplomatic and merely a victim in the rough and tumble of politics. Credible polls show a majority of Republicans don’t want him to be their nominee in 2024. He can’t win. He won’t win. What he apparently will do is smother the Republican agenda and, in the process, decimate his party’s chances in 2024. Turn away now. You won’t be able to unsee what is coming.

  3. Trump rally in Houston last week drew about 1000 people. Mostly limited by the size of the venue which was a held at a petroleum company facility. Only 1000 people at a rally may be an indication he can’t get the turnout he used to get and picking smaller venues is a way to make the crowd look bigger.


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