You all know by this time that I was born, raised, and spent 38 years living in Chicago. You know, the home of The Capone Family, and on an almost annual basis being voted as one of the top 5 most politically corrupt states in the country.The reputation was well deserved. The Democrats feasted in Chicago and Cook County, while the GOP made hay in the southern part of the state.

But even with that pedigree, I must admit that even I’ve never seen a 220 page lawsuit with some 200 specific examples of illegal and criminal activities. Hell, even John Gotti in New York didn’t have 200 specific criminal acts charged to him when he went to trial.

But that’s exactly what New York Attorney General Letitia James just did earlier this week in her press conference. She laid out a summary of her case in exquisite detail against Trump, his worthless children, and assorted other miscreants. And while she didn’t seek the civil death penalty of dissolving the Trump Organization, she asked for $250 million in fines and recompense, and severs sanctions on Trump, his children, and the organization in the future.

Bravo to NY AG James, because this is a textbook slam dunk case. Why? Because James doesn’t need any Trump Org quislings to roll over on Traitor Tot. Because she has something even better. She has a documents case. The only witnesses that James needs to call are forensic real estate and accounting savants to show exactly where and how Trump manipulated the true value of his properties to screw federal, state, and local tax officials, as well as insurance companies and investors.

Yeah, I know, there’s a problem with that. Mainly that when you present dry, fact and data filled cases, the jury tends to end up with the legal acronym of MEGO, My Eyes Glaze Over. But please remember that the DOJ’s case against Trump crony Paul Manafort was a documents case, and the jury dropped the hammer on Manafort. If the prosecutor is creative, and uses colorful exhibits, they can keep the jury’s attention.

But, and here I apologize for irritating one of my valued readers, is the McGuffin. Take my word for it, this lawsuit will never see the inside of a New York courtroom. For one simple reason. Anytime you go to trial, you’re engaging in a crapshoot. And in a high stakes case like this, neither side can afford to leave the outcome to 12 everyday slobs like you and me.

On the New York side, James has a slam dunk documents case. But in addition to having to walk between raindrops to educate the jury to the mechanics of the fraud case she’s presenting, and the Trump family’s culpability, she has to worry about the likely Trump defense of, Hey! This is New York real estate, everybody does it! I’ll deal with that defense in the next paragraph.

On the Trump side, they cannot afford to go to trial. Because every card is stacked against them. NY AG Tish James has the receipts, and she’s going to show them. And even if the defense goes with the Hey! This is New York real estate, and everybody does it! defense, James can shut that down. She can call witnesses to show that while everybody might inflate their property value by $50,000-100,000, nobody has ever been as insanely greedy as Trump. Nobody has ever claimed that a 5th Avenue apartment of 11,000 square feet was actually 33,000 square feet, and worth $325 million dollars. Trump’s greed is going to be his undoing.

But neither side wants to roll the dice in that kind of a crapshoot. Which means an out of court settlement. And in those negotiations, AG James is in the drivers seat. And because James holds all 52 cards in the deck, the terms are not going to be beneficial for Trump and his idiot adult children.

Likely James won’t get the $250 million in penalties and recompense she’s asking for. But she’ll likely get between $175-190 million, enough to cause an incredible cash crunch of the Trump organization. But James has bigger fish to fry, and she will.

In her lawsuit, James seeks to bar Trump and his children from serving on the board of any company chartered in New York for at least 5 years. I’m not sure what that means when the Trump Organization is a private company, with no board, but I’m sure that sanctions will be negotiated that will curtail the control of the company from the Trump Mob.

More importantly, in her suit James is seeking to bar any banks registered in the state of New York from dealing with the Trump Organization for a minimum of 5 years. That pretty much eliminates anybody other than Billy Bob’s Bait Shop and Savings and Loan from even talking to him. And since Trump has several loans coming due in the next 18 months worth hundreds of millions of dollars, it could cause a salmon run on the price of his properties.

Look, James won’t get everything, but she’ll get most of what she wants, and I think I know what she wants. And what I think she wants is to permanently kneecap the RICO criminal organization of Trump and his kids. Which means that in any settlement, there will be independent, court appointed forensic accountants and real estate experts to have the final say on any deals.

Which means that for the first time in his life, Trump will no longer have dictatorial control over his company and its shenanigans. For the first time in his sad, misbegotten life, Trump is going to have to play by the rules. And where’s the fun in that? Or the profit? For a career grifter like His Lowness, a settlement like that would be worse than a death sentence. But the alternative is pauperdom. God, I can live with that.



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  1. I’m not so sure Ms. James doesn’t want to take this to trial. My sense is that they are ready to go, and Trump’s lawyers knew that before her press conference which is why they tried to sit down and work out a settlement. Whatever they proposed was a total non-starter and although in nice terms she told them to go pound sand. With a “See you in court” kick in the ass on their way out the door. I doubt she was bluffing. That said the main argument for her avoiding trial is the “she’s out of control and biased – she ran on doing what she’s doing!” Like that’s a bad thing. The thing is, Trump and his minions will be screaming that from the rooftops no matter what. So maybe she wants HER day in court to show she had every justification to turn her people loose to turn over all the rocks.

    But here’s the additional thing. She also made a point of talking about criminal actions which she can’t prosecute, but she can (and has) sent the relevant info. to people who can. SDNY, and Manhattan DA Alvin Brass is sitting on a raging bonfire. He flat choked, chickened out or whatever term you want to use when it comes to taking what Cyrus Vance left him and filing charges. He thought, or at least hoped that in a couple of years someone else would take Trump down and he could coast to re-election. Voter’s memories can be that short as we know. But now? As I said a bonfire has been lit – right under Bragg’s ass! He might, even if like others have done (not the least of which is Rudy G. back in the day) gotten something someting to let the matter go. But if he’s now in The Big Squeeze he’s only got himself to blame. He either hires back the kind of prosecutors who left and publicly called him out for his cowardice and prosecutes or he’s gone. As in might not even last out his term. IF he opens up that front, the he and James can craft a case using the NY state version of RICO which has teeth almost as sharp. Trump’s got the one lawyer down there who realizes as big as the stake have gotten, there could possible be yet another raft of criminal charges added to the pile.

    • Denis, you could well be right…After all, she already turned down a presumptive Trump offer before she even filed the charges….But if she does, it would be a helluva risk when she could hamstring the Trump Org without the risk…We shall see…

      • I doubt she’ll agree to anything less than Trump and his evil spawn being banned from anything to do with the Trump Org. and the whole enchilada being placed in Receivership. A court will appoint a new CEO and COO for starters and they will have free reign to replace anyone both at the main offices in Trump Tower and subsidiaries everywhere else. Basically, cut off Trump’s ability to try and sneak in and influence things with an agreement that if he or his kids (or their representatives) get caught trying he’ll be held in Contempt of Court and head to jail. I don’t know about you but I don’t care what his lawyers advise, Trump will never, ever go for that. And, with the shitball rolling downhill and growing bigger with every turn Trump’s ability to, especially in NY State courts to run his stock delay, delay and delay some more games will be increasingly curtailed. That’s something his Special Master he demanded has refused to allow. I happen to think a LOT of other judges/courts will take a look at that, and how quickly the 11th Circuit ruled on DOJ’s appeal and grow some fucking backbone. And demand things move along. He can afford plenty of legal representation. Or so he claims in his bragging about how rich he is. If he actually IS, as I suspect cash poor and has been juggling too many balls to keep things afloat actually unable to cough up the money for good lawyers then he will have to prove it to the court. THAT means ALL those financial records he’s fought so hard to keep hidden will become part of the court record. And news organizations are probably locked and loaded to file FOI lawsuits to make it all public!

        James has him staked out on the ground and vultures are circling overhead. How many people might be willing to take the risk of cutting him loose?

      • 7 years of investigations and Trump still is not in jail. 7 years but we got him now, right? You’re about as believable as Ursula, Joseph Murfster35″ Murphy. Gee, you writer just like a propogandist. Any correlation?

        • Why are you even here? You don’t like anything any of us say. You’ve got your brain thoroughly washed and know everything already. Why don’t you go to those sites that cater to your ilk: parlor and the other hate-based sites. You’ll feel so much more at home there. It’s not like you’re going to convince even one of us of the nonsense you like to spout, so instead of wasting your time here, go bother someone else, little boy.

      • The IRS audits Trumps taxes every year. Every year. Every Year! What part of that don’t you understand. DOJ has been investing him for 7 years and he’s not in jail. When will you stop putting yourself through this and admit Trump is clean. But hey, if you like beating yourself in the head, well that’s you.

        • I don’t know who you are or how old you are , but I’m 71 yrs. old and I’ve been hearing bad crap about trump long before he run for office. He’s a crook, always has been . His father payed for him to go to collage but he never attended a class. He’s a spoiled uneducated brat, that has cheated his way thru everything he’s ever done .

          • Wow, he attended a military school. You’re a senile idiot or just another liar. Look it up or are you too lazy to find out like everybody else here. Attendance is mandators. You need to read more than headlines or gossip columns.

      • That fuckwad Trump would, if I showed up at one of his rallies and enough MAGAs/Qs managed to overwhelm and beat me to death for criticizing their (and your) fake gold idol (I’d be going to hell in a crowd because I’d go down fighting to then end and know how) Trump would laugh and cheer them on. And lead them in pissing on my corpse. For good measure he’d tell anyone needing to take a shit to do it on my body. And have them spread the images on conservative social media. And THEN he’d brag, and laugh about it!

        So take your “you guys are so mean to and contemptuous of poor Trump and shove it up your ass. I’ve been threatened by your cohorts (to your credit you don’t engage in making threats of violence hear I have to say) plenty of times. In person too although when it’s one on one even my old broken down ass leaning on a cane is more than they want to take on. Okay, so I’m a taller than average, broad shouldered guy, but they seem to fear even an old fart like me might actually hurt them back. If you don’t like that people like me return that hatred you visit on us then I have no fucks to give. I started with complete lack of respect for Trump. It only grew to hatred when I criticized him (and at first in less vicious ways than conservatives and MAGAs in particular went after Obama!) and hatred flowed my direction. Boo fucking Hoo to you and others who get their little fee fees butt hurt that there are people like me who refuse to back down. And talk back to Trump and folks like you. If you don’t like it there are other sites that I’m sure you’d find more welcoming.

      • After being called perverts, pedophiles, groomers,and Satanic cannibals by your lot, you really have lost the right to complain
        about any rhetoric from.Dems. We prefer to see jail for a good long gimer,his company taken from.him,and his hellspawn dead broke. I admit that when the Orange Orc shuffles off this moryal.coil, I will.pop.The cork on decent champagne and toast the improvement of the world created by his leaving it. I can wait.

  2. I understand the young ones here denis. But you? You should know better. From your text I can see you’re not the brightest bulb here.
    “That fuckwad Trump,”
    “overwhelm and beat me to death for criticizing their (and your) fake gold idol”
    “For good measure he’d tell anyone needing to take a shit to do it on my body.”
    “you guys are so mean to and contemptuous of poor Trump and shove it up your ass.”
    “but they seem to fear even an old fart like me might actually hurt them back.”
    “It only grew to hatred when I criticized him.”
    I’m not a doctor but you also need mental health.

    • Considering the names you have called Biden and Click ton,and the language 45uses on a regular basis, you haven’t got a leg to.stand on.

      B.A. English, Magna cum laude,Dean’s List 8 semesters.
      M.S. Communications
      M. L.S.
      A.S. in paralegal.
      Published author of fantasy short stories

      Gey back when you can compete.



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