We all know that mosquitoes carry deadly diseases, and when we need to, we smack ’em. Donald Trump, on the other hand, is like a 219-pound (yeah, right) mosquito but no matter how much we smack him, he’s still there. Still annoying. Still hovering. Still buzzing in our ears with annoying tenacity — “Stolen election!” “Witch hunt!”

But unlike mosquitoes, he has the mental capacity of a five-year-old. Which would admittedly be amazing for mosquitoes but not so much for an elderly adult human. And right now, the Tangerine Scream is proclaiming that his Truth Social platform is “hot.” He believes it’s the real “Voice of America.”

Writing for MeidasTouch.com, J.D. Wolf notes Truth Social is the hangout of QAnoniacs everywhere. And Trump, of course, plays to his audience here. But there’s Truth Social and then there’s reality, and Wolf writes: “Despite Trump’s claim, most Americans don’t believe the world is controlled by a child blood-harvesting secret organization like QAnon adherents do.”

“truth social is the real voice of america. it’s ‘hot!’ maga 2024”

Trump has used Truth Social to spread rabid attacks on anyone he happens to be pissed off at and has pushed 2020 election conspiracy theories, nutty January 6th conspiracy theories, and of course, complained endlessly about the legal prosecution of crimes HE committed.

But he’s done considerably worse than that. He’s promoted Hitler’s “poisoning the blood rhetoric” to his supporters, Wolf notes. He’s suggested migrants should be fed to alligators. “Trump’s app is a cesspool of hate,” the author notes.

And Wolf is right. It is a cesspool of hate. It’s where many of his most extreme supporters go to feed themselves on his festering, maggot-ridden lies.

And while Elon Musk has basically crashed and burned Twitter, Truth Social is an even worse substitute. Sure conspiracy theorists spread their b.s. on X but they do much more of that on Trump’s platform by about a factor of 10, I think. Trump also plays an epic game of cut-and-paste, posting media articles he has manipulated by removing whatever content he doesn’t like. We already know he dislikes honest journalists. There is no freedom of the press on Truth Social — unless of course, it’s Trump brown-nosing press.

As Wolf notes in his conclusion: “Those who bring dissenting views to the official MAGA narrative have been kicked off Truth Social. Toxic Truth Social is not the “real voice of America.”

America is quickly turning into 1930s Germany. It’s really true that people rarely learn from the past. We have been wash-rinse-repeating this for thousands of years.

And we’re about to do it again.

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  1. Through a family commitment I sat through a service at a large conservative evangelical Baptist church on Sunday. The young black preacher brought a political message to his preaching…that there’s no difference between the far left and the far right..
    WTF???? THERE’S YOUR PHUCKING PROBLEM RIGHT THERE…a preacher spreading lies talking about Jesus…when is this phucking country going to get a phucking grip on the truth???



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