I don’t know if it’s the pressure getting to him, or whether Traitor Tot is just getting old, but he used to be able to play pea-in-the-shell a lot better than this. He just tipped his hand at least 48 hours ahead of when he should have.

It was around noon Pacific today when Trump blew it. Ken Dilanian of MSNBC was giving Trump’s updated travel schedule, He will fly to New York on Monday night, stay overnight at Trump Tower, drive the four miles on Tuesday for his arraignment, and then return to Florida. All already known. But then Trump tipped his mitts when Dilanian continued, Then Trump plans to give a major speech from Mar-A-Lago once he returns Tuesday night.

There it is. This is Trump’s first real opportunity to return to center stage in over two years. Trump’s anticipated social media platform substitute, Bullshit Social has been a miserable failure. What His Lowness is gambling on is that with the wall-to-wall coverage the media give his every move on Tuesday, he may be able to con them into giving him a freebie Trumper tantrum on national television, under the guise of being somehow newsworthy.

Funnily enough, this is nothing new for the media, they’ve had to deal with the concept of newsworthiness from Trump for almost five months now. Trump declared his candidacy for President in 2024 about a week after the 2022 midterms. It was exactly what it looked like, a craven and cowardly attempt to drive off the investigations against him as interfering in an ongoing election. The problem is that the earliest traditional start to a primary season isn’t until at least early December.

But he was a declared presidential candidate. So what does the media do? So far, exactly the right thing, nothing. Trump made it easy on them by doing exactly what I predicted he’d do, run a phantom campaign. He made no rally appearances for four months, and when Trump scurried off to East Palestine, the networks properly gave him courtesy coverage. Even Nikki Haley officially joining the race hasn’t made a difference in the coverage. Although she isn’t exactly racking up the frequent flier miles either, and Ron DeSantis isn’t even in the race yet. The media is basically ignoring the whole damn bunch, which is perfect, they aren’t news yet.

And you’ll notice Trump’s cute little attempted  bait-and-switch? In his day planner El Pendejo Presidente lists Tuesday night’s Mar-A-Lago Trumper tantrum as a major speech. Just one problem. Presidential candidates don’t give major speeches. They mostly hold campaign rallies. Oh, they can give an issues speech on the southern border, or inflation, or whatever. But major speeches are a part of the built in advantages the President has called the bully pulpit. And Trump lost that two years ago.

I hope the media has already caught on to this, and is ready to deal with it. Trump is hoping to use his Klown Kar circus on Tuesday to get some free national media airtime on Tuesday night to reach the masses to protest to save our country! The media would have to be idiots to let him amplify that message.

Besides, if you reward bad behavior once, you get it every day. If Trump pulls this off, any time even his lawyers appear in court, he’ll have another major speech ready. And with possible indictments and court appearances in the Fulton County, NY AG and DOJ probes, if court appearance become the new normal for free air time, Trump may as well get a cot behind the set of FUX and Friends. That is if they still have a set after Dominion skins them alive *snicker*

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  1. If the judge decides to slap a gag order on TFG, this “major speech” may just be his first contempt of court citation resulting in what I hope is a substantial fine.

    • Or disobeying a bail requirement. That could lead to bail revocation and send him.to.Riker’s to await trial. That would make me very happy.

  2. He’s already making statements about the policies and actions he wants after being elected again. They’re all illegal or unconstitutional.

  3. I think, or at least hope the major networks won’t air it. Oh, they’ll have someone there to cover it and get video for news clips I suppose BUT as you say the important thing is that they don’t air the bullshit live. Or start to finish at all say on a weekend during the day, or the middle of the night to fill air time. For me, I’d love to see what Fox does or more to the point be a fly on the wall during the debates taking place.

  4. I think “Bullshit Social” is the perfect name for his idiot platform. I’m formally adopting it and will refer to it by no other name. Thanks Murph

  5. I think that he is a flight risk and should be locked up with NO BAIL until trial.
    Afterall, 3 strikes and you are out and he has at least 35,000 against him….


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