The culture war is fundamentally an information war. In any war, intelligence about who the enemy is, what the enemy is doing, is key. And in the culture war, the Republican party has made it clear that they can’t wage a war to win over the electorate based upon platform or principles. Not any longer. So how are they going to win? By reinventing reality. By revisionist history. By right-wing media ginning up fear and pushing untruth.

George Orwell said, “Who controls the past controls the future. Who controls the present controls the past.” We are there, folks. Make no mistake about that. If Nikki Haley’s absurdist comments about the cause of the Civil War being some vague nonsense about “freedoms” and “what people could and couldn’t do” were a joke, wait until you see what Tom Cotton has to offer.

What we saw in 2016 was the beginning of the Republican party courting ignorant, uneducated people as a voting bloc. That was shocking then, now it’s simply the way that things are. This is sophistry, plain and simple, the presentation of fallacious arguments with the intent to deceive. Deception and lies are what the GOP is about these days.

Now, not to be naive, politicians have always lied a bit. It’s part of the DNA of politics. But never like this. This is the feral side of politics that you’re looking at. American politics might have been about cats and dogs before, but now it’s about the jungle.

It’s also a truism that voting is a visceral thing. And that’s okay when you have two candidates whose qualifications are somewhat equal. All that’s gone. The GOP isn’t seeking to put up good candidates, it’s seeking to put up candidates that look good and can spew MAGA talking points and recite the kind of revisionist drivel that Tom Cotton did here. This is the state of the Republican party, right here. This is what they have sunk to.

And here’s where the gaslighting is going, folks. Does this look like a Democrat to you?

And so what is Cotton pushing now, that these are Democrats supporting Trump? I think my head will explode.

Nikki Haley stepped in it, bigly, but the smear is going all over the entire party. Let’s see if this affects her polling in New Hampshire, where she’s been riding so high. And I’m also wondering how the big money donors are taking this particular gaffe.

Not that it really matters. Rick Wilson predicted that Haley would be the golden girl for a while but then, at the end of the day, the checkbooks would come out and Trump’s name would be on the top line. And that probably is going to be the case.

It’s hard to predict where things are really going in the election because the presence of Trump on various state ballots is still an issue as is the possibility of criminal conviction for Trump. These will have determinative effects on this election.

But whichever way things go, the GQP is bouncing off the ropes and they’re going to spin, pivot, and lie, do whatever they can to survive. This is going to be some show. Tom Cotton has just given you a taste of it.


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  1. Tom Cotton is what you find looking under rocks where the other snakes are hiding …

    To ME, it’s not that Tom Cotton could be held high as an example of a rotten GOP miss-informed dude with loser ideas, but, instead, how REALLY STUPID most of them are as is Cotton mouth … On and off the GOP has almost slipped on that banana peel and found out how hard-headed some of their members are, but, fear not, when the GOP needs a new example of many wrongs don’t make a right, there is Tom Cotton, a fearless man that spews stupid whenever he gets bored with winning respect … NOT!!

  2. Haley stood on a NATIONAL stage and supported Trump. She raised her goddamn hand supporting that nazi for president. She would accept his offer to stand with him as the VP nominee. SHE’S NO BETTER OR DIFFERENT THAN COTTEN. She’s just better lipstick on the same pig.

  3. Really dig that picture at the top. Cuz that’s EXACTLY what the 2nd Amendment was written for. Not “home defense”, not “fighting tyranny.” Just hired thugs shooting runaway slaves in the back.
    Really like to find a copy of it without any text over it. I could make a killer meme.


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