Alabama Senator Tommy Tuberville wouldn’t be a Senator had he not spent nine years (pretty successful ones) as head coach of the Auburn Tigers.   The only better “qualification” he could  have had would have been a successful stint as head coach of the state’s flagship school, the University of Alabama but Auburn is known by all and if second favorite a strong one in that football as religion state.  I should also note that while Senator Tub-a-Lard-For-Brains was head coach at Auburn for nine years, he was HC at four other schools totaling about 20 years as a head coach at big universities.

In all that time do you think maybe players let him know they’d gotten someone pregnant?  And wanted some advice/assistance on arranging an abortion and maybe also helping keep the whole matter quiet?  And that a call or two went out to boosters to help handle the situation?  Well DUH!  Of course such conversations took place.  It might be a good chance to revoke the scholarship of a recruit that had turned out to be a bust, but for anyone at second (maybe even third) on the depth chart at their position it was a different story.  Players who could produce wins?  Many a university head coach (and not just football) has “helped a player” through the thorny problem of an unwanted pregnancy.

And abortion has often, if not usually been the answer.

If Tuberville were to claim he’d NEVER had a player come to him with this particular “Coach, I need some help” problem he’s a goddamned liar.  Same is the case if he claims he never made a few calls to help the player and the woman he’d impregnated “take care of things.”  IF Tuberville was the oh so “moral” “abortion is soooooooo wrong” person he’s now making himself out to be he’d have kicked any player even suggesting that as on option and revoking their scholarship in a heartbeat!

If you don’t believe me you don’t know sports and elite athletes.  Especially young ones.  There’s a reason athlete housing at the Olympics and other major events have bowls (big ones) filled with condoms all over the place.  These folks like to screw, and even if the women are on birth control an STD can be the difference between doing well enough to be on the medal stand or just getting a “participation certificate.”  Casual sex with young, top level athletes is as common as eating meals.  Of course, with male athletes at large universities there’s a problem of them way too often assuming that any woman who heads away from the crowd with them wants to have sex.  Everything on the continuum from pressure to flat out rape happens every day.

Add in alcohol & drugs and overindulgence in both being a staple at parties on and around every college campus every single night and unwanted pregnancies are a given.

As head coach, Tuberville had 1500 or so players under his tutelage.  Young, horny guys with damn near unlimited opportunities to indulge in sex.  LOTS of sex.  Sure, some had relationships but the bulk was casual sex – short flings or one-nighters.  Again, any notion that Tuberville didn’t help a player and some gal arrange for an abortion, or have an assistant handle it much less that he “never had any idea” is insulting to any rational person’s intelligence.

Of COURSE he had players who were the impregnators and either wanted help getting the woman to go along with an abortion or actually was happy she wanted to without any prompting but needed some help.  And of COURSE he knew about it at least some of the time.  And especially when the woman was reluctant to get an abortion, or certain other factors were in play (say the daughter of one of the school’s VIPs had a fling with a player and “daddy simply can’t find out”) he personally had to have chats with a booster or two he took active part.

What’s important is what I said earlier – that for any player that had “game time” potential at least he NEVER, not once kicked them off the team and revoked their scholarships!  Not one effing time.  He’s a goddamned hypocrite!

COACH Tuberville needs to be called out on this.

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  1. “He’s a goddamned hypocrite!”

    Of course he is, he’s a republican.

    If they didn’t have hypocrisy, they’d have no moral values at all.

  2. I was hoping you might be able to share the significance of not having commanders that he is holding up like the Marine Corps Commander

    • As a jarhead (active duty was enough decades back it seems like another life) I’m plenty pi$$ed about not having a new Commandant in place. But’s hardly the first time the Corps has been f**ked over by politics. I could write reams about Beirut and all the dead Marines (and some sailors too) that wouldn’t be dead had “political considerations” caused the Reagan Administration (it’s not like my fellow Democrats were ok with us being in Lebanon either) to deny requests from the C.O. to take measures that would have ensured that truck never got close to the barracks.

      Anyway, I did think about including a discussion on the topic you’ve suggested but it’s a broader one than most people tend to think. Given I have a reputation for writing too long, too complex articles that tackle too many subjects I’m trying to more often pick a topic and stick to it. This was one of those times. I do take your point though and might tackle writing an article that delves into not just the current 600 plus promotions being held up but the broader (and they ARE broad) implication of what this unfit for public office p.o.s Tuberville is doing.

      • I was in the Navy on the other side of the World for the Reagan years, but ran into a Marine later in life that was in Beirut when the 240 Marines were lost. He said as soon as the Israelis left the fireworks started and then the truck bomb. They were left high and dry. Reagan wanted to look strong with other people’s lives. Ship CO’s would chase Russians all over the Pacific and the only reason we didn’t have WWIII is Russian restraint.

        • Don’t get me going r.e. the “vaunted” Israeli Army given their antics at the airport. And their f**king taunting. THEY started the whole thing and for all their image couldn’t project power even a hundred kilometers outside their own border! We were in Lebanon to help them contain THEIR mess, and the U.S. forces (and others) got jack in thanks and support from Israel. Only sh*t for not doing what they couldn’t which was to take over Lebanon and then handing control to Israel. But the MAF followed its orders from DC.

  3. Some wonder how Tubberville managed to have football teams that were 50% white, but only sign 10% in his annual recruitment classes? Especially since white males have an average 35% dropout rate.

  4. Oh c’mon. Comparing our nation’s security and military readiness to a football game win? That is just unfair. Everyone, in red states that is, KNOW the football game beats national security every time.

    Hypocrisy is the M.O. of the gop. It is the way they roll.

    • There’s nothing wrong with liking or even loving sports any more than say music, or theater. Yes, for some fans of anything it can become an obsession that goes too far. In any case, in the south football is huge. With a large majority of the people. In some states (AL being one) it’s an article of faith that the top two sports are (college) football and spring football! (and no other sport including pro-football comes close) Sadly, although I recognize you’re being sarcastic we both know there’s way too much truth in your comment.

  5. Football. Good and bad. High school football. Yikes. Had a coach who was a hard azz on everybody else but kid gloves on… the players. Granted most of the players were on honor society and got the cheerleaders but oh well. Why most of them and kiddos are fit and cute and sometimes not too bright. I kid. Mostly. Maybe. My nephew a player confirmed it. 🤦🏻‍♂️ But if said coach knows nothing about his “program” (pee wee to pros) then he is lying, stupid, lazy, ignorant, willfully ignorant or a puppet for somebody else. Coaches are little dictators or big ones. Egos are normal and some are just jerks. The old screaming aholes are dinosaurs but the ones who aren’t woody Hayes? Coaches at Northwestern are finding out about hazing, or their lack of institutional control or oversight. Tuberville is clown and POS. But until further news or info he is no Art Briles. Baylor. Ken Starr. Somehow ken found all sorts of Clinton bs but never any rapes under Baylor eyes. Briles still got hi$. OSU and doctor gonna get some jollies and northwestern showers… wonder what them Yankees are up to. Gym Jordan must know🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️

  6. I wonder how many times Auburn boosters paid for abortions to cover for star players and hid the abortions under NDAs. I wonder how many times Auburn boosters paid rape settlements to cover for star players and hid those under NDAs.

    As for Baylor, I would love to see the look on a White Southern Baptist father’s face when he discovers Baylor representatives talked his precious daughter into surrendering her virginity, what she had been saving for her husband on their wedding night, the one she wore the purity ring all through high school for, giving it up ‘for the spirit of the school’ as a reward because some football player had a really good game. How many of these are hidden under NDAs?


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