Allen West that is. That’s right, the former military officer, former Florida GOP congressman, and full time psychopath, the only GOPtard  in history too radical for a state party that wears NRA undies and worships craven idols like the Orange Julius and Pissantis, is taking his all-hat-and-no-cattle clown rodeo on the road to the Lone Star State.

West has apparently spent the last few years mucking around in the state GOP, and now he’s ready to make his move. West is planning on primarying incumbent Greg Abbott for Governor next year.  And while this would normally be more of an amusing side show than anything else, this time around there are several reasons why Abbott should be running scared.

For starters, Abbott’s approval rating is underwater at 44%. And it isn’t because of West or Trombies either, Abbott is fucking up in ways that are pissing off his own core constituents. Abbott got hammered for his response to the mid winter power grid collapse that literally froze Texans to death, and he’s getting hammered for his weak ass response to demands to reform the power company. 63% of his constituents want him tarred-and-feathered for signing a ridiculous constitutional carry bill, which says that every wahoo with a fistful of $100 bills can go into a gun shop, strap on a Glock 9mm, and wander the streets like Wyatt fucking Earp. And it turns out that a lot of Texas taxpayers don’t like seeing $250 million of their tax dollars going towards Trump’s couture border wall.

The funny thing is, Abbott did those last two specifically in a desperate attempt to gain support from Trump supporters to try to quell a primary from the right by Texas Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick. It

s funny how often trying to paddle around on lake Trumpkins keeps sending these idiots over a waterfall.

But West is actually far more dangerous for Abbott. While Patrick ran around trying to curry favor with Trombies, Allen West is a natural Trombie magnet. A true lunatic, West manages to be both a racist, as well as a reverse racist at the same time, and he speaks with the same fucktheconsequences kind of free association drivel that makes His Lowness so popular. He has name recognition, a record, and will be well funded.

And he could actually win the primary. Abbott is a traditional politician, with traditional constituents, while West is a lunatic that naturally speaks to and energized the base that actually shows up on primary day. Abbott’s best hope may be that both West and Patrick get into the race, and bloody each other over Trump voters while Abbott rides above the fray and tries to gin up his voters to come out and save the day.

But Abbott is in serious trouble. If he goes up against West in the primary, it’s going to be brutal. West will do to Abbott what Trump did to 16 others in 2016, fill bore annihilation. Even if he survives, if Abbott has to jump into that toxic Trump mosh pit with West, he will be so filthy when he emerges that it will be almost impossible for him to pivot back to the middle to get the anti Trump votes again. Remember, Trump only won Texas by 5.5% in 2020. If Abbott alienates his own base to beat West, and the West voters sit out 2022 in protest, Texas could possibly see their first Democratic Governor since Ann Richards.

I will close this with a cautionary note. While I wrote about Texas, it isn’t the only place this is going to happen. Trump is on a mission to maintain his grip on the party, and that means getting acolytes into every race he can. There are already rumors flying around that Snotorious MTG may challenge Warnock for his Senate seat. McConnell is already struggling to find qualified candidates to run for vulnerable open Senate seats, partly because of fears of having to run a vicious primary against a Trump supported candidate. Don’t write the epitaph for 2022 just yet. The GOP is s shit show with a central message of white grievance racism that won’t play outside of the Trump base.

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  1. The fact these evil ignorant aholes hold office is evidence OUR culture is sick. Maybe the largest genocide in earth’s history of the American Indians should have warned us about the path we were on. Of course, we then kidnapped, enslaved, & tortured Africans so a few white folks could get wealthy. Now we see the fruits of our evil.

    • PJ, I have never stopped saying that, that’s why I kept hoping that the replacement party formed from the ashes and the Lincoln Project would start NNOW to help hasten the process…

  2. Dan Patrick is not under indictment. You might be thinking about AG ken Paxton who has picked up a primary challenge as well. Dan Huffines is also in the race to replace abbot, also the the right. One thing this will do is force abbot to spend money in the primary.

    • I think I read somewhere that Abbott currently has a war chest upwards of $44 MILLION already. He went into 2018 with more than $34 million by the end of 2016 (with a quarter of that coming in just the second half of the year).

  3. Murf, West may have some problems of his own as far as winning over Trump supporters. The Wiki article currently up for the 2022 Texas Gubernatorial race has this rather problematic quote in the opening paragraph: “You know, I don’t serve President Trump. I serve God, country and Texas.” (That comes from a Texas newspaper published just a month ago.)

    Unless Trump *suddenly* becomes unpopular with Texas GOPers, West may regret ever saying that. Although, as with so many GOPers, he’ll simply deny ever saying it, that it was all “fake news” from the “lamestream media” (though I’m certain Abbott won’t hesitate finding exactly where and when he said it to use against West)

  4. I did see a report of a poll, where a little over 80% of republican voters would support Abbott. I keep watching the shit-show of Texas politics and wonder at the fact they still get re-elected.


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