The J6 committee hearing tomorrow is going to provide provide strong proof and motivation as to the participation of far right militias like the Oath Keepers, the 3%’ers, and the Loud Toys. And hopefully they’ll start to provide a link between the Trump White House and those groups. But there’s something we now already know that nobody is talking about.

On January 6th, 2021, sitting President Donald Trump attempted a full blown putsch against his own government. Not just an insurrection, but a full blown coup d’etat. It was only the incompetence and disorder of the rioters, and the heroic actions of the Capitol Police and DCA police officers that prevented it.

Just look at the evidence we already have at hand. Both the Loud Toys, as well asl the Oath Keepers, were ready to not only storm the Capitol, but to take it over. And once they held it, they were prepared to hold it until their aims were achieved.

Just look at the already available evidence. The Oath Keepers, much more and better organized than the Loud Toys, had a plan. Evidence shows that they had AR-15’s, automatic pistols, military grade hand grenades, and homemade napalm bombs made of Mason jars stuffed with gasoline and styrofoam stocked up in hotel rooms just across the DC border in Baltimore hotel rooms. And they had Rapid Response Teams ready to rush them to the Capitol on command.

The Trump White House did their part. Shortly after the rioters breached the Capitol, Vice President Mike Pence called the Defense Department and asked that National Guard troops be sent to the Capitol to help to restore order. The Pentagon, with disgraced former general Mike Flynn’s brother in the loop, delayed the deployment of the National Guard troops. To my mind, that was to allow time for the Oath Kreepers to get their weapons and munitions to the Capitol.

Envision for a moment this scenario. The Loud Toys and Oath Keepers engineer the break in to the Capitol, and push the dipshit Trump crowd forward. Once they’re rampaging in the building, keeping the Capitol Police occupied, the Oath Keepers call for their armaments, and once they get them, set up a perimeter inside the building.

When the reinforcements and the National Guard finally show up, they’re confronted with an embedded militia, with semi automatic weapons, cop killer bullets, military grade hand grenades, and homemade napalm. With an unhinged mob prowling the Capitol, looking for congress members to slaughter.

Read the transcripts. Watch the testimony. Look at the evidence already presented, and tell me I’m wrong. Trump didn’t just try to foment an insurrection to queer to electoral college vote and create chaos. He tried to foment a full out coup d’etat against his own government to claim permanent power. With Trump’s overpowering ego, and the arsenal the Oath Keepers had assembled, nothing else make sense. Trump is a traitor to the United States.

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  1. You’re not wrong, Murf. But you’re also missing a piece…there was no actual competent leadership in charge of this op at any meaningful level. That’s what makes me think the worst case scenario would have been more damage and dead bodies but otherwise the same failures. Doesn’t matter how big your gun is if you can’t aim it properly.

    • Unfortunately, the only permitted method of execution by the Federal government is lethal injection. There is a provision that allows a federal prisoner to be executed by whatever method or methods are legal in the state where the crime was committed but DC doesn’t have the death penalty and that would be the jurisdiction that would determine the method of execution and since DC has no death penalty, the Federal method of lethal injection would be the form.

      Kind of ironically, the only states where a firing squad is permitted are states which backed Trump by double-digit margins in 2020 (MS, OK, SC, UT–margins of 16, 33, 11 and 20 points respectively) and similar margins in 2016 (17, 37, 14 and 18 points).

  2. Everyone who illegally entered the Capital on J6 is guilty of sedition or treason or both! Sentences for their crimes should be measured in decades instead of days or months!!
    Including possible death sentences for those that planned the J6 coup attempt!!!

  3. John Bolton disagrees with you. He proudly claimed on CNN that he has been involved in coups around the world (something I would not be proud of) and they require planning. I sent Urusula a copy of the article from THE HILL on your web site. I agree with you, but Old Bolt loves the idea of well-planned coups against others and I believe he is likely more upset that he wasn’t involved in the J6 fiasco planning to make it effective.


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