This is the moment I’ve been waiting for. The NY AG’s case against Traitor Tot is a civil case. It can’t cost Trump his liberty, only money. The Manhattan DA’s case is a cheesedick case the SDNY had first crack at, and passed. Bragg may prevail, but it will still come off as petty bitching about something that happened seven years ago.

Even when it comes to Jack Smith’s pending federal charges against Trump for his unauthorized possession of, control of, and obstruction of justice for the purpose of continuing to keep them has all of the sex appeal of a Lawrence Welk concert. El Pendejo Presidente has done a good job from the start to portray this as a document storage dispute. Don’t get me wrong, I firmly believe The Mango Messiah will be convicted, even in a heavily red district, simply because the evidence is overpowering, but even convictions won’t inflame the general population against Trump in November. Only Trombies who see him as a political martyr.

But January 6th is different. January 6th was nationally visceral. January 6th was one of those rare national moments, like September 11th, or the shuttle Challenger tragedy, where almost everybody who hears the name can instantly recall exactly where they were, and what they were doing when the event occurred.

And the Democrats have done a masterful job of assuring that no one forgets. With their January 6th committee hearings, the Democrats drew NFL viewership numbers, even though none of the hearings took place on a Sunday, and only a couple in what would be considered prime time. But the simple fact of the matter is that January 6th was a national atrocity, and tens of millions of Americans desperately wanted to know What the f*ck happened?!

And the GOP knows it. They’ve always known it. And that’s why they stood on their hind legs trying to keep the Democrats inn the House from properly investigating it. Cavein McCarthy assigned a loyalist to negotiate with Speaker Nancy Pelosi to come up with the framework for a non partisan commission to investigate the insurrection. And when they did, McCarthy sh*t all over it at Trump’s direct orders. And Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell burned his last political favor in getting his caucus to vote against it.

They’ve always known this was the dagger in the heart. That’s why they bent themselves into human pretzels finding a way to call a homicidal riot legitimate political discourse, hysterically screaming that it was undercover FBI agents. BLM and ANTIFA that actually incited the mob violence at the Capitol, although there wasn’t a shred of evidence. And they went out of their way to describe Trump’s inflammatory speech as protected political speech.

And you know how we know they knew how crippling this bloody insurrection was to the GOP? Because they came right out and told us. On January 7th, feeling that Trump was now a deceased equine politically, House Minority Leader Cavein McCarthy came right out in the well of the House and laid the blame for the entire thing right at Trump’s feet. And while refusing to admit that impeachment was a suitable resolution for a lame fuck President, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell laid blame at Trump’s feet, and reminded the world that once he left office he was still subject to criminal charges for his actions.

And now the GOP’s worst nightmare is being laid at their own doorstep. And only months before the start of their primaries. Which is the least of their worries, but at the same time the worst of their worries. And there isn’t a goddamn thing that they can do about it.

Because Trump will be arraigned on Thursday. And once he is, the merry-go-round starts spinning. There will be a preliminary hearing date, followed most likely by multiple procedural hearing dates, then a status hearing date, and a pre-trial motion hearing date.

None of which means a bowl of piss Jack Daniels to the 35% Trump base that will breeze him through the primaries, and into the nomination for President. Which is the sunlight to the GOP’s vampire. Because every time there’s a hearing, or any other breaks, it gives the mainstream media the chance to once again drag up footage from January 6th, and since Trump is on a glide slope to the nomination, they can bang the drums for days.

And you couldn’t have a worse defendant going into a general election season than Trump. Trump will continue to beat the tattered drum of The Big Lie, and being a political martyr to the weaponized Biden DOJ. And there’s just one small problem with that strategy.

The vast majority of the American public absolutely hates that bullsh*t! The GOP already tried that lame sh*t in 2022, And the majority of the American middle turned what should have been a GOP tsunami into a Democratic Miracle on the Marne instead. The rest of America is sick and tired, fed up with Trump’s ideology, his racist bluster, and the GOP’s pathetic blame it on anybody but us!

And the best part is that it doesn’t really matter whether the case is tried before the election or not, because the hearings are going to drag on all through the general election season. And the GOP isn’t just going to have to defend Trump, they’re going to have to try to keep on claiming that the January 6th insurrection was an FBI deep cover put up job. Good luck with that Guys.

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  1. not a single hanger-on to the trump trainwreck deserves US citizenship rights
    after the clear cases against them are laid out and tried.

    “To the moon, Alice.”

  2. And, they MUST continue replaying turtle’s and Cavein’s and everyone else’s comments about TFG being responsible. Lay it all at HIS feet, then if you want fun, show how the shitheels have flopped like beached fish from “he done it” to “he did nothing wrong!”.

  3. Your “… And the GOP knows it. They’ve always known it. And that’s why they stood on their hind legs trying to keep the Democrats inn the House from properly investigating it… They’ve always known this was the dagger in the heart….” Yep, couldn’t agree more. And, as you also said, above “… And now the GOP’s worst nightmare is being laid at their own doorstep… And there isn’t a goddamn thing that they can do about it…” The absurdity of it is that it’s simply a self inflicted mortal wound, akin to Hara-Kiri.

  4. Not quite the nail in the coffin perhaps. When pols like rosendale, daines, and the rest who assisted/supported/etc. the j6 people are indicted (and in prison) then hopefully this sh*t can be laid to rest.


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