Yeah.  I’m saying it.   Charlie Manson died in 2017 and lifelong racist Trump who already had a literal crime family with multiple “compounds” (a lot nicer than Manson’s Spahn Ranch digs) decided he wanted to bring the weight of the Presidency/Executive Branch to fulfill Charlie’s dream.   Hell, “Helter Skelter” is I think as good a descriptor of the Trump Administration as any I’ve heard.    Even outside the whole Manson Family comparison it fits.   Anyway my thesis is that Trump is a lifelong criminal and cheat (just like Manson) with delusions of grandeur and a messianic view of himself (just like Manson) but had the benefit of growing up in wealth and privilege.   IOW, a cleaned up and wealthy & powerful version of Manson.    He’s a (orange colored) turd just like Manson was only polished up with tailored suits and fancy homes & even compounds like Mar A Lago and his golf resorts instead of abandoned ranches in the California desert Manson had to settle for.  His administration has literally caused deaths both directly (due to inhumane detention policies designed specifically to be as cruel as possible) and indirectly through inflammatory language to shooters who have committed mass murder, as well as other incidents where people died as a result of attacks by Trump supporting goobers.   Trump has a lot more blood on his hands than Manson and he’s far from done.

However in the end, like Manson Trump is a piece of shit only instead of a nasty lump on the ground he’s been shaped into something less obvious than a turd on the ground — and polished to a high gloss.  (Btw the Mythbusters proved actual turds can be transformed into a nice, shiny ball)

The idea has been floating around in my head since re-reading “Flight of the Intruder.”   In the not as good as the book movie version there’s a scene where, after the fictional bombing run on Hanoi (during Vietnam) the pilot and his bombardier are getting an ass chewing from their Squadron Commander who, turning away from a guy who helped them plan the mission says “And as for you two — you can lead the Manson Gang now that Charlie’s in jail!”    I maintain that Trump, ably assisted by Stephen Miller playing the role of Tex Watson (with Mitch McConnell vying for the role from the Senate) is by nature inclined to create so much turmoil that things will boil over and the United States will become the White, European-centric nation he’s always believed it should be.   Evidence abounds that Trump believes this country is for Whites only, and that virtually anything worthwhile that’s been done/accomplished has been because of white people.   As for black or brown people & especially any non-white immigrants they are to be servants only — relegated to a second or more likely third rate status with limited (if any) rights.   Second rate status would I think be reserved for those of us who are white but can’t prove a long term fidelity to the GOP/conservative cause.

That’s exactly what they believe, because they weren’t born into significant wealth with a father who kept propping them up through failure after failure like Trump’s dad did then they should look in the damned mirror.   Black, brown and/or foreign people aren’t the reason for their lot in life.   It’s true that life isn’t always fair, and that sometimes even when you do the things you’re supposed to do to succeed that things don’t work out.   It’s also true that for countless people someone else studied more, worked harder, and harder to overcome obstacles.   It’s hard to admit even to ourselves sometimes but there it is.   To that you can add that corporate America’s relentless approach to cutting labor costs by offshoring jobs,  replacing people with machines and now AI and manipulating those who do still have jobs into working more and more hours because they know others would gladly jump in to have a job, any job if someone gets fed up and quits.   Regular Americans and poor people including and especially those who are white have been systematically taken advantage of and pretty much screwed over by a relative handful of almost exclusively white rich and powerful people.   Literally for decades.   Alas, marketing can be devastatingly effective and the powers that be invested a great deal of effort into shifting blame away from themselves.   And providing targets like minorities and immigrants.

Countless (mostly white) people want someone to blame.   It’s not like other “leaders” in the past haven’t blamed people of color and/or immigrants & in the latter case highlighted “illegal immigration” as causes for job losses (among whites) or wages being stagnant for over four decades.  However no one has done so as loudly and consistently as Trump has done from the Oval Office.   From the day he rode down that (fake) gold elevator at Trump Tower to announce his candidacy to a crowd of people paid to be there for the event Trump’s campaign and Presidency have been fueled by white angst & hatred of “the other.” Since that day he’s not only continued regularly citing his “greatest” hits of “illegal immigrants” bringing crime and drugs and “infesting” us, gangs (although the relatively small MS-13 is the only one he seems to cite),  Muslims and “even un-American” protesters like Antifa he’s always been looking to add others to the mix.   Most recently it’s been four Democratic Congresswomen although even more recently he’s focused on two who happen to be Muslim.   Also, for all his professed love for Israel he’s engaged in plenty of his own anti-Semitic tropes the latest being this week with his comments about Jewish voters that vote Democratic being “disloyal.”

Divide and conquer is a strategy that’s been used (alas, often successfully) throughout human history and as divisive as Trump’s campaign was his actual Presidency has ratcheted up the division exponentially.   Trump managed his company by pitting underlings against each other and he’s doing the same thing to the country and the free world as President.    We all know about the bankruptcies and other business shortcomings of Trump and his company. Well, some of it. I for one don’t think it’s CT territory to suggest there is likely a LOT more damaging information to be learned about Trump’s business failings. The problem for the country and the world at-large is that Trump isn’t just setting underlings in the Executive Branch (and to some degree within the GOP on the Hill) against each other he’s pitting various groups of Americans against each other.   There is no brighter spotlight than that which shines on the Oval Office and its occupant, and no person in this country or on the face of the earth has a larger megaphone than a sitting President.   Teddy Roosevelt called it the Bully Pulpit but he meant the word “Bully” in a very different context (and people of the time understood it without it having to be explained to them btw) than Trump does.   Trump uses the pulpit literally to bully.    It worked to get him the nomination and, with some help from another bully who gets to do to his people things Trump (so far) can only dream of into the Oval Office.   Trump isn’t all that bright, but knows he can’t win without that “base” of his being as riled up as possible.   He’s gonna “dance with who brung him” as the saying goes and if that means people (including children) are humiliated and tortured in detention camps that are closer to concentration camps than detention facilities, or people are assaulted all over the country or even murdered in mass shootings he doesn’t care.

In fact, I believe he WANTS these things.   And much more.   His daddy was a Klansman but to Trump’s way of thinking his dad/the Klan didn’t get the job done.   In his mind they didn’t “purify” the America he believes should exist.    I believe Trump is not only fine with inciting riots that will make those I saw growing up in the 1960s seem tame by comparison but that he actually wants it.   His not all that veiled talk about his supporters rising up should he be forced from Office or voted out is I believe evidence enough that Trump is ok with inciting violence to stay right where he is.    He sees all too well how differently white people with guns, even after committing horrific crimes are treated than non-white people — that the latter are routinely are shot dead in what would be routine encounters (with LE) with a white person.   His pals at the NRA have successfully pushed for laws that on the surface increase gun rights for everyone equally but the reality is that us white folks are a helluva lot more equal than non-whites.    If the GOP still controlled the House why do I feel Trump would sign a national version of the Mulford Act (link is:  with language that exempted white people?

When the NRA promotes the right to keep and bear arms they really only mean white people.    The not at all subtle hints from Trump that his own supporters are the ones with all the guns is a dangerous concept to be promoting but what does he care?   He won’t have anything to worry about given he’s got great protection via the Secret Service and even if not President he can live safely walled off in one of his compounds with Erik Prince providing enough thugs to keep him safe.

I truly believe that Trump wants riots if he loses, or if it becomes apparent that he’s going to lose so badly his buddy Vlad can’t or won’t be willing to step in and help next year.   He’s already mused about not being able to hold elections.    And he’s turned the GOP into a cult of sorts who either drink gallons of the Kool Aid or are afraid to challenge those who do and care far more about holding on to what they have in the here and now than the future of this country and the world.   We might hold the House but McConnell has enough margin in the Senate and is in so deep at this point he is fighting tooth and nail to allow Putin (and anyone else) to rig the election in Trump and the GOP’s favor.

Like Manson, Trump has created a sort of cult.   Only the Trump cult has power and resources ole Charlie could only dream of.    Manson was a nasty smelly turd alright.    And despite the orange veneer and the trappings of wealth Trump is nothing but a highly polished version of Manson.

A polished turd is still a turd.,

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    • Thanks. I actually wrote it a little while back but was unsure of whether it should be published. I’ve been known to miss the mark pretty badly sometimes but I’ve also noticed when I get in rant mode and less inclined to delve into creating context & nuance people tend to pay more attention. I actually tweaked it just a little bit but left it in my drafts folder over on Kos. If folks like it here maybe I’ll put it up over there.


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