Take it from me kiddies, this is not going to have a happy ending for the GOP. I have written previously about how Trump was sucking the RNC dry, but this is even worse than I thought.

For the last several cycles now, ever since 2016 at least, the standard wisdom is that it takes at least $100 million to run a presidential campaign. The problem is that that number is the minimum for a presidential campaign. But underneath that are US Senate seats, US House seats, and statewide legislative and statewide seats like Governor.

The point is that the presidential campaigns are supposed to be self sustaining. Sure the RNC and the DNC put out e-mail and text blasts for the presidential candidates, and take a little baksheesh in return, but the presidential candidates each have their own national campaign fundraising operations. It’s their job to snag repetitive small money donors, as well as snagging big donations from the deep pocket donors. The RNC and the DNC have a different job. Their job is to snag, and hoard every dollar they can for everybody else bit the presidential candidates.

There are a myriad of Senate and House seats where incumbents and promising challengers may be struggling. Control of the House and Senate may be at stake. And then there’s statewide races for House and Senate seats, as well as statewide offices. It’s the National Committees that are the guardians of the gates.

Sometimes it’s money, and sometimes it’s not. Sometimes a promising candidate may lack a ground game to get out the vote. It’s the RNC that dispatches not money, but educated manpower to try to help the candidate get door knockers and phone bankers. Sometimes it’s cash for mailers and text bankers.

But it all requires cash. Cold hard cash. And I have written recently about how Traitor Tot has put a nipple clamp on pretty much anything that even resembles cash going into the party. There are states like Michigan, Minnesota, Arizona and even Georgia that are selling assets, stopping paying employees, and even threatening bankruptcy. Trump is sucking the state and county organizations dry.

The RNC has never been known as a small donation powerhouse. Most GOP small money donations come from constituents at the state and county level, through their golf days, fish fry’s, and raffles and picnics. But as the state and county organs have been taken over by Trombies, moderate GOP voters are staying away from the extremist politics of the local organs, and that money has dried up.

And now Trump has put the hammer down on the lifeblood of the RNC, their deep pocket donors. Traitor Tot sent out a letter to the big money donors, telling them to get off the fence and pony up, or say goodbye to cutting deals with a 2025 Trump administration. The big money donors are falling in line like a domino maze.

The 4th quarter filing for the RNC shows that they have a truly pathetic $8 million in cash on hand. Sweet Jesus, I’ve seen House special elections in highly competitive swing districts that sucked up some $5 million! And the RNC has nowhere left to go to replenish their depleted coffers.

Trump’s legal problems are coming to a head. A Thursday court appearance in Manhattan may well set the March or April trial date for Trump’s 1st criminal trial. And if the Supreme Court shoots down his stay motion, he could be looking at a late May or early June blastoff on the DC election interference case.

Which means that Trump is going to be balls-to-the-wall on fundraising to pay his legal bills. The early smart money is that the Democrats will easily flip the House in November, with the GOP likelier to flip the Senate. But here’s the wild card.

The RNC’s lack of ability to fund down ballot races could end up costing the GOP control of key currently GOP held legislatures. And if that happens, then it’s the death knell for the GOP in 2024.

Mental midgets like Elise Stefonik and MAGA Mike Johnson are already dropping 10 gallon hints that if Trump loses, they may not certify the election. But here’s the kicker. The new congress will convene before January 6th. If Biden wins, and the Democrats retake the House, it’s game over.

But even if the GOP maintains control of the House, they may still be boned. Congress passed a law after 2020, tightening the rules for a party to contest state electoral votes. And if the Democrats can flip three state legislatures in 2024, without the RNC being able to effectively contest the seats, then they’d still be able to confirm Biden on a floor vote by state. Game. Set. Match.

I thank you for the privilege of your time.

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  1. Murf’s stronger arguments have always hit the nail on the head, which only keeps making me think about how they’re gonna try to steal it this time! Talking Points has a story about Kenneth Cheseboro back in 2020 heading a group to keep J6 going for days and forcing the 2020 election to the SC. Interesting fantasy or plans for next time? You decide?!? Doh.

    I keep worrying about what they are up to next time. Dotard’s stolen all their $$ by now, and the stupid rich kids are giving him what they got for “future favoritism.” Yeah, how’d that work out for anyone but the Krupps in 1933-45?

  2. A huge wild card for the House is New York. There are six now Republican-held districts and it appears all of them are leaning Dem. The one being contested today is that for George Santos’s seat and my bet is on the Dem who’d held that seat before he stepped down to run for governor. The Republican-held House is now almost on life support with a teensy, slim majority and with each announcement of a representative stepping down, which today seems almost one a day, the nutso crazies who could get through a primary are not as likely at this point to get through the general election in November and voila, Dem House. But I don’t think the doom and gloom regarding the Senate is as supported as it appears it is………..I don’t think in the end, for example, Jon Tester of Montana will be defeated. Nor Sherrod Brown of Ohio. And I think whatsername, traitor Sinema, will lose to the Democrat not the Republican vying for her Senate seat.
    Still. It will be one nail-biting ride we’re all in for…………

  3. HERE TRUMP MONEY MAN ( sent email w full story via AXIOS

    A Trump campaign senior adviser, Chris LaCivita, is in line to take over a GOP operation expected to spend $1 billion — effectively merging Trump’s campaign with the RNC, and enhancing his already tight grip on the party, Axios’ Sophia Cai and Alex Thompson report.


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