Yesterday I wrote an article about how Emperor Numbus Nuttus’ decision to go ahead and testify in his deposition for New York Attorney General Letitia James in her civil fraud suit against him most likely burned his last bridge. I provided examples, and they’re all valid. But the more I think about it, the more I realize with my perspective of the alleged man that it’s even worse than just what I wrote.

Let’s start with the old saw, because it’s the weight bearing member for all that builds on top of it. Trump is an imbecile. And not just a political imbecile, he’s also a narcissistic, ego driven, arrogant imbecile in both his business as well as his personal life. And that makes him incredibly dangerous as well as self destructive.

For example, anybody who works for Trump knows that he’s the worlds worst micromanager. Even secretaries, as well as Trump’s former fixer, Michael Cohen have told the tales that nobody even dares to order paperclips without his express approval. But he’s also one of the worst micromanagers in the history of micromanagement.

Former Trump executive Barbara Res, the first woman to be promoted to an executive position in real estate construction under Trump’s tutelage, laid him bare. Res told about how Traitor Tot would show up on a job site she was supervising, greet her warmly with a Hello Barbara and a hug, and then say Gimme an update. Whereupon Res would launch into a prepared recitation of the current progress, estimates for future progress, and a capsule precis of any problems. And it was clear that Trump wasn’t listening to a word, he wasn’t even looking at her. He was admiring the view, turning the power tools over in his hands, gazing around and watching the construction guys work. He clearly never heard a word she said. And when she wound down, he would smile to her, nod, and say, That’s great Barbara, let me know if you need anything.

So this mental midget didn’t have the vaguest idea of what was going on on his own job sites because that was Barbara Res’ job. Some world class micromanager, huh?

And it wasn’t just on job sites, it was rampant in Trump Tower too. Both Michael  Cohen, as well as Tony Schwartz, who ghost wrote The Art of the Deal talking about Trump sitting behind his desk while his CFO, Allan Weisselberg was going over facts and figures for him. But Trump was more interested in awing through swatches of carpet and/or wallpaper for his latest doomed schlock hotel-casino in Atlantic City. Trump would reportedly, according to witnesses, talk right over Weisselberg to turn to Cohen, or Schwartz, or whomever was in the room, hold up a swatch in each hand, and say, Waddaya think? Which is better for the bathrooms, this one or this one? While Weisselberg winds down, hopelessly trying to get The Mango Messiah’s attention.

But here’s the coup de grace. Trump is obsessively secretive. Like the mob boss he secretly craves to be, Trump is paranoid about leaving a paper trail, or a trail of any kind. While he routinely uses Twitter and Facebook for his political claptrap, Trump never uses e-mail, doesn’t text, and almost never leaves a voicemail on the phone. Trump is equally obsessive about paper. Former employees, both in Trump Tower as well as the White House recall Trump maniacally tearing a document into tiny pieces. Some even recall FrankenTrump stuffing the small pieces of paper in his mouth, then chewing and swallowing them. And the guy claims to be a germaphobe, right?

Here’s why this is so critical. When January 6th Superstar Cassidy Hutchinson showed up for her deposition, she came equipped with folders and binders with documents and evidence for her to refer to in questioning, as well as buttressing her testimony in front of the panel. From what I could see, Trump showed up for his deposition to James with nothing more than his Schwartz in his hand.

This is nothing but an unmitigated disaster. Once again, Trump is an imbecile. He knows nothing. But in his own mind, The Trumpster Fire is a very stable genius. And since he doesn’t come with any actual facts or documents to his deposition, he’s basically making sh*t up. And that’s a recipe for disaster.

In interviewing a witness, it is standard practice when you think the witness may be lying to ask a question that begs an obvious follow up. Ask the question, let the witness answer, and then, instead of following up with the obvious question and letting the witness spout out some prefab pap, switch topics and ask other questions instead. Once the witnesses concentration is broken, go back to the original question and ask the follow up. And since Trump has the attention span of a gamboling puppy, there is no way he is going to make that transition. Man! Talk about a spring lamb to the slaughter.

With all of that being said, now you know why I can’t believe that when either Letitia James, or her chosen surrogate began to question Trump, and realized that he was in full free association mode, it would have been prosecutorial misconduct to not sprinkle in some questions that could assist Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg with his case. Not hammer away all at once, you don’t want to tip your mitts and have him clamming up under the 5th Amendment. Just use those questions as change up’s, let him answer, and then gift wrap these golden nuggets as the noose for Alvin Bragg to place around Trump’s legal neck. Take my word for it, the moron will never even notice what’s going on.

There you have it. Once again, Trump is an imbecile. But he’s so self delusional that he is incapable of understanding that he’s a clear and present danger to himself. And Trump is an arrogant authoritarian. He doesn’t take orders from his marginally qualified lawyers, he gives orders to obtain the results he desires. Which they can’t do, since they have to follow the law. MAGA means Making Attorneys Get Attorneys. Buckle in folks, this is going to get bloody.

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  1. Thank you so much for a good article.I really enjoyed reading it. There is a lot of truth to what you wrote.And it’s refreshing

  2. As someone who’s pretty eclectic background includes leading or assisting in investigations I’ll let everyone in on a trick that can be devastatingly effective to the person(s) doing the questioning.


    Many an anxious person, and more so if they have something they don’t want revealed become so unnerved they start talking. Sometimes babbling. But if they’ve done something wrong they often if not blurt it out at least provide all the means to start narrowing in on what they wanted to keep hidden! Now imagine Trump, who thinks he knows everything about everything and is always the smartest person in the room! I for one can easily imagine Trump (especially if he gets a “say what?” or “oh come on now. Really” type look from a prosecutor who then just waits. Trump’s Tourette like “I goota prove I can get the better of THIS person” mentality would have kicked in and the word salad of b.s. and outright lies would pour out!

    I assume he/his lawyers are entitled to a transcript of his testimony and when the lawyers read it the club manager at Mar A Lago will have to place an emergency order to replace their supply of booze!

    • I’ve done my share of investigations and I’ve found letting folks talk, just let them go off on whatever tangent, often lead to some nice rewards for my patience. People are stupid. Full stop. Those who break the law are even stupider and will ramble on thinking they are diverting someone’s attention all while letting some things that should have been left unsaid exit their mouths.

      Now, I’m not sure this is a sound strategy to use on former guy for one reason: he generally rambles on incoherently. I suppose something useful might get expelled like a turd from a dog’s butt however more likely it will be his usual deranged word salad.

  3. I always thought his word salad blathering was a result of short attention span. I agree, that his ego will take over whenever he starts talking and he will say damaging things without realizing what he’s doing to himself. This should be unbelievably interesting.

  4. This case is mainly a documents case. Tish James has the documents he submitted to banks stating his penthouse apt at Trump Tower is 30,000sf and the city’s records which state the sf of every building and the apts therein which prove it’s about 11,000sf. She has stacks of appraisals he submitted to banks where he inflated his properties’ value and other stacks of appraisals he submitted to NY’s version of the Propery Valuation Admin, which sends out tax bills, where the properties’ value was quite different. While most authorities will allow for some fudge factor in appraisals, you can’t say its worth 20 mil for tax purposes and 300 mil when you’re trying to get a loan. What TFG says in a deposition is just going to be icing on the cake, she can prove her case with paper.

    • You’re right…But Trumps inability to conrol either himself or his mouth in deposition will give James the icing on the cake…

      • A full text version of that deposition, should be released to the public, questions and answers, not leaving out any of the BS crap that dribbles out of his miss shaped mouth …

        The evidence will be so deep that he cannot escape his own words and head-spinning comes to mind …

        Very good job once again Murf …

      • Mr Murphy
        Thank you so much for trying to use a Yiddish word. Let’s keep my grandma’s language alive! If you don’t mind a gentle correction, Schwartz is the color black..I think you were going for schvanz. According to Stormy Daniels, if drumph showed up with that in his hand it would be tiny and mushroom-shaped.

    • His crowd size claims are the same: he’ll be in a half-full hall, and claim that there were more people there than the place can physically hold.

  5. I stumbled on this website last week, and then found myself (after reading just one article) searching for your byline…because I knew I was in for a delightful read, regardless of the topic.

    Really great, funny, insightful and well-expressed observations. Looking forward to whatever emerges from your keyboard next.

    • Welcome aboard! Please tell your friends about our “Little Engine That Could”, and please offer your thoughts in the future. FYI, this is a small site with limited staff so moderation doesn’t catch everything, including sometimes typos in Murfster’s articles. Just so you know, he’s got really bad eyesight and his better half works & isn’t always available to proofread his stuff. Sometimes folks get on him over typos because they don’t know about his issue, so since you’re a fan of his already I trust now that you know you’ll cut him a bit of slack. (That goes to others by the way)

    • *Bows* Thank you SO much Eric!!! This place is my passion, and I strive to make it fun as well as informative…I’m so glad that you have found them to be both…Thanks for coming back…

  6. Why can’t they use “qualified immunity ” on white collar criminals? White collar criminals defrauded me of the patent that Chrysler is selling as the dodge ram box and the same white collar criminals are active defense department fraudsters but lead pipes and bailing out the ford crime family takes precedence……


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