I don’t blame the mainstream media, print media as well as electronic media, for feeling like they’re surrounded and can’t seem to get slapped silly.

I can sympathize with them because was one of the people who was whacking them around like a tetherball. The first time around, the MSM was flat out wrong, and they knew it. Humble pie was served all around, and to their credit, the media dorved down every bite.

The second time around, the media swung for the sweet spot, and for the most part they nailed it. The problem for them was that the circumstances they faced made it difficult to be as effective at containment as they wanted to be. But they did it.

And now, the third time, the mainstream media thought they were going into this with a slam dunk winner of a strategy. They weren’t going to repeat the mistakes of the first time, and they no longer have the circumstances that they faced the second time, that dulled some of the effectiveness they were looking for. And wouldn’t you know it? Now that they’re executing their plan perfectly, they’re wrong again!

Let me explain. O a, of course talking about the never ending campaign sagas of that overstuffed poltroon Donald John Trump. And when it comes to the pitfalls of covering Traitor Tot, to a certain extent the MSM can be excused simply because such a political freak of nature as His Lowness had never occurred in out system. It was like having yhr College of Cardinals debating on naming Pee Wee Herman the Pope.

The first time that El Pendejo Presidente ran for President, the media cocked it up. Miserably. Mainly because Trump was such a totally ridiculous ass clown. He couldn’t be for real, but as long as he was running, how could you look away?

Trump’s fruit was so low hanging that the networks had to stand in holes in order to pick it. It was like All in the Family had miraculously returned to television, only this time Archie Bunker was for real! They were spending so much time gleefully covering his imbecilic antics that they never realized that they were not only helping to create a cult figure, they were strangling any real, substantive debate from taking place in the GOP primaries, and knocking him off the mountaintop.

And as bitter as that wormwood was, the media learned from their mistakes. In 2020 the media largely ceased covering Trump’s two hour mental masturbation rallies start to finish. But they had a problem. Trump was not only the GOP candidate for President, he was the sitting President, with the bully pulpit at his beck and call. And so the media had to settle for only showing the mandatory clips of Trump’s rallies, just enough to squeak them through under the Doctrine of Fairness, but when The Mango Messiah found the loophole, they had no choice to cover his every increasing policy speeches from the White House start to finish. But they did their job.

And now it’s 2023, and here we go again. Once again The Nosferatu of politics is once again suckling at the lifeblood of campaign cash while pretending to run for President. But this time the media has it knocked. After all, Trump isn’t President anymore, he’s just another three time loser. He can’t hold any policy speeches from the White House, and since his campaign rallies now tend to run longer than Schlindler’s List, the media is free to ignore the sh*t out of him. Problem solved.

But they’re wrong again! In 2016 tjey gave Hair Twitler slavish coverage for spoutingh off the most insane, low IQ, racist claptrap that has ever been posited in a national campaign, and by their compliance they normalized it.

But while ignoring Trump may be what they should have done in the first place, it isn’t now. Because from 2016 to 2024, something happened that the mainstream media isn’t taking into account. In 2016 Trump spent almost a year spouting off racist, far right authoritarian bullsh*t. and the media gave him an Empire State Building sized megaphone to spout it.

But then came 2017-2021. And The Cheeto Prophet spent those four years trying to accomplish exactly what he told everybody he was going to do on the campaign trail. And the little f*cker damn near pulled it off. He weakened the guardrails of democracy so much that there’s no way that Biden can repair them back to their original state in just four years.

And now here we are in 2023, and the Tiny Thumbs Dictator is busily laying out an exact blueprint of how he’s going to finish the job of turning the United States into a banana republic is he manages to come belly crawling back through the front door of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

And nobody is paying attention! And they’re not paying attention because the media isn’t going to make the same mistake again. The only problem is that this isn’t the same goddamn mistake again. It’s a completely different mistake.

Because in 2016, Trump was full of sh*t. Nut once he got elected, he tried as hard as he could to follow through on every promise he made. And now he’s not only laying out explicitly how he’ll get it right the next time, he has a dark money group The 2025 Project that is totally devoted to doing the actual nuts-and-bolts brain work that an imbecile like Trump is incapable of. And if he gets in again, they’ll have the names, jobs, and mechanics ready to rock-and-roll.

This is not a test. This is not a drill. Not only is Trump broadcasting exactly what he’ll do if reelected, the GOP is so arrogant that they’re broadcasting that they already have a whole working froup up and running to make Trump’s nihilistic dreams a reality. brcause this i sthe endgame for MAGA. It is literally now or never. 

The media doesn’t have to cover Trump’s rallies end-to-end, but they do need to air his most bellicose and threatening promises, and then degue into the different machinations that the GOP already has in place to enable him to actually do it.

And Joe Biden needs to immediately retool his messaging as trgards to Trump. Biden did a great job in 2022 of constantly referring to the GOP as the MAGA GOP, and saying that the MAGA GOP  wasn’t your grandfathers GOP. That worked. But now it’s 2023, and Biden isn’t running against the MAGA GOP anymore. Biden is running against Trump. And he needs to make that pivot immediately.

Every time he speaks, he needs to directly quote Trump’s fascist babble, and then graphically describe exactly what Traitor Tot is talking about. Biden has a microphone that nobody else can match, not Trump, not the GOP, not the RNC. And Biden needs to use it at every opportunity to highlight exactly what Trump is talking about. The road to fascism.

Because that’s what Trump is talking about. And Biden has to take the bull by the horns and make that vision inescapable to anyone who listens. And the DNC and all of the aligned Super PAC’s have to hammer it home constantly. Because that’s what 2024 is really about. Democracy vs Fascism.

I thank you for the privilege of your time.

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  1. Not only that murf, but what the MSM needs to do, just like they did in 2016 is to simply show tRump speaking. Or gargling or babbling. Because he truly is batshit insane these days. People gloss over written words these days and I’ve even noted here that I can’t bring myself to even play his clips to say nothing about listening to them with any audio turned on. But if the MSM played some of his blather on the evening news, not cleaned up and without subtitles, people would be kinda forced to see his lunacy. We had to see it in 2016, why not now? It’d be half the battle for President Biden.

    • But the media DID show Trump speaking in 2016. And he wound up in the White House.

      The man even vowed that “if he lost the election,” his supporters should “march on Washington” (and I really don’t think that was meant as a sign of support for President-elect Clinton’s inauguration) but the media just pfft–it was just “Trump being Trump–nothing to worry about.”

      No one in the media actually did their job and challenge Trump on any of his “campaign talk.” They were stupid enough to believe in “the people” being smart enough to see through it. And they were also complicit in tearing down Clinton–every single negative statement about Clinton was repeated by the media without any challenge, without any questions, without any context.

      There was a time when the media considered their job to be INVESTIGATIVE, not just a superficial recitation of information (most of which, if they bothered to really investigate, originated from the right-wing echo chamber). But in 2016, they quit investigating the stories because there was a race to “be first to break the story”; it would take days, maybe weeks, to make any corrections to the original story and where would that be? The paper’s page 5? 20 minutes into the nightly news’s half-hour broadcast?

  2. Agree Joe. The Democrats need to do spots showing how trump’s words and his intentions mirror Hitler exactly, then cut to a montage of ditches full of naked women and children shot by the nazis. Rotate pics of the atrocities of piles of bodies, the camps, and pics of the rubble of Berlin. Do it frequently. End the spot with: Hitler made Germany great again! This is what you’re asking for by voting for Trump or anyone but Biden!!! The world didn’t believe it until they SAW it. Time to act like we are in a fight for our very lives!

    • good analysis. and i also think that people dont even know what democracy and fascism are. they just think whatever we have isnt working for them. so the messaging has to be how much worse and terrible it will be with fascist qop and insane dump. most all rights will be removed. women will lose all their rights. all children will suffer. old people will be impoverished. show pictures of the changes in nazi germany. poc will be persecuted in eliminated by the gestapo proud boys. immigrants will be slaughtered at the borders. criminals and thugs will be everywhere and stealing everything inside and outside of the government. and this is what the crazy cult wants. so they are a lost cause of changing their minds. but everyone else has to be convinced to put down their issues with the dems and look at the larger picture. vote blue and continue to work issues or never be allowed to vote again and life, living and freedom in america will be over.


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