I’m not even going to ask you the question, it’s that obvious. If you’re human, mor than 4 years ikd, and your parents don’t keep you locked in the closet and shove a food tray through the trap door, of course you’ve done something stupid! We all have, its one of the funny things that makes us human, at least funny to everybody else in the room.

But here’s the thing. When you do do something stupid, whether at home, church, work, or the bar, isn’t your initial instinct as someone with dignity who just did something stupid is to try to crawl under the table, squeeze behind the piano, or suddenly yell, Hey! Isn’t that LeBron James?! YO! KING! and then bolt for the door? Just hold that thought for a moment.

If you want somebody to blame for tonight’s meager fare, bitch at rachel Maddow. In her two hour town hall with Chris Hayes tonight, she told a story from her research on her book that I had never known, and like a key in a lock, my brains spilled out of my ears. So it’s her fault.

You, me, and everybody else who has an IQ above room temperature is being had. We’re being sold a bill of goods that up is down, and left is right, and we’re falling for it. And in the words of my political commentary mentor, Saint Jon of Stewart, If you smell bullsh*t, then call bullsh*t. Thanks Jon. Bullsh*t!

Look, in the last 20 years, as the availability of an incredible free flow of information has become more and more widely available, we are being overwhelmed by a Johnstown flood of stupid. And if you look at or listen to the mainstream media it’s the incredible availability of either misinformation or disinformation, take your pick, that’s making mental pinheads out of so many of us. Bullsh*t! If you look at it with just a soupcon of intelligence, exactly the opposite should be true.

Here’s where dear Rachel comes in. When it comes to true news or information of any kind, if it doesn’t agree with the lunatic rantings of The Anti-Christ in a branded suit, name Traitor Tot, it has its own special brand name, FAKE NEWS! But according to Rachel’s research, El Pendejo Presidente didn’t coin that phrase, it wasn’t his to begin with.

According to Rachel’s research, that phrase, Fake News has its origins in the Cold War days of the 1950-60’s, before the internet was even a dream, much less Al Gore’s invention. Here’s how it worked.

By now you are all familiar with the Internet Research Agency, a part of Russia’s FSB, or military intelligence that does nothing but to create false information and stories to distribute to the west via the internet. Their microtargeting in 2016 is widely credited with helping to swing those critical districts to Trump over Hillary.

Well, back in the Cold War days, the Soviet KGB had the same thing, only it dealt with real life. The department was responsible for news that would make the west look bad, but had never actually happened. 

Rachel’s example was that this department would make up a story about something happening in Montenegro that never happened, but would make the US and the west look bad. They typed it up all official like, and then funneled the stories through Soviet friendly news reporting agencies in the US and the west, who discreetly funneled them into the mainstream media. Sooner or later the fake stories were exposed, but by that time the damage had already been done. And so it was actually the 1950-s, and not 2016 that was the birthplace of FAKE NEWS!

But the mental midgets and mouth breathers that slavishly support Emperor Numbus Nuttus I, and the mainstream media that is trying to hide behind the piano for being boneheads are trying to sell you a bill of goods. They’re trying to tell you that the overwhelming influx of FAKE NEWS! makes it almost impossible to separate fact from fantasy. BULLSH*T!

Think about it for a moment. If you were a news consumer back in the 1950-60’s, what news sources did you have. The Big Three, radio, television, and newspapers. And if any or all three of those got suckered into a KGB scam, your only way of independently fact checking would be to call your 2nd cousin Dodi in Montenegro, if you were lucky enough to have one, and rich enough to blow the coin on an international fact check call. You could be forgiven for falling victim to FAKE NEWS!, since you were trusting the only reliable news sources you had available to you.

But this is the freakin’ Internet Age for God’s sake! You have literally unlimited research capabilities at your fingertips. And more importantly, the current reputable news organizations, both print as well as electronic media, have even more sophisticated ways to fact check and re-check their stories before they publish their stories. As Chris Carter used to lead off every X-Files episode with, The Truth Is Out There. All you have to do is to look for it. And in almost every Google search, ABC, NBC, CNN and CBS News will top the search results, far above toxic cleanup sites like Breitbart, NewsMax, Infowars, and various swill centers related to Q-Anon.

So the whole misinformation, disinformation scam is bullsh*t. And I can prove it. Because when you search for a story, the legitimate news stories top the results on the search engines, and for a damn good reason. Because the vast majority of people who search for a news story are looking for legitimate news, and they’re clicking on the stories from legitimate news organizations. So it’s not like they have to go on a multi page search just to get a little honest news.

Instead it’s the misfit toys from Santa’s workshop that are the ones who are having to scan from search result to search result, looking for their own chosen drivel. Try this little experiment. Pick a current political or news story of import. Type it into Google. With the repetition of legitimate news stories from these organizations, including Google News, MSN News, Apple News, and Slate, you have to search all the way to the bottom of the 2nd page before you find The Sludge Report an d Breitfart. Chris Carter is right, The Truth Is Out There. These mental misanthropes are literally searching got bullsh*t.

Which can lead me to only one conclusion. These f*ckers are racists and fascists. Just the same as Hair Twitler, their idiot prophet. After all, the literal, undisputable truth is right out there in front, ready to access, and they’re ready to search down to find their daily adult minimum requirement of filth.

And it’s not like these are ignorant rubes in the deep south or Appalachia with blue tick hounds and rusted out cars in their front yards. Analysis shows that the explosion of membership in Q-Anon took place during the Covid lockdown, when too many alleged professionals had far too much time on their hands. Their own personal and professional lives were in the sh*tter, so instead of digging in and digging out, they looked for somebody else to blame. 

And the internet septic tank was more than happy to provide them with them. Blacks, Hispanics, queers, transgenders, Muslims, Jews, and Asians. Isn’t it funny how hate crimes against all of these groups somehow or other managed to explode after the Covid related lockdowns?

Maya Angelou put it perfectly, When they show you who they are, believe them! This is not an accident, and it sure as sh*t isn’t some pathetic, undereducated, lied to lower class. These are educated Americans, but such special snowflakes that when the going got tough, the wussies decided that Trump’s sewer water of hate and filth was much more palatable than actually Getting their own sh*t together. We have met the enemy, and they are them.

I thank you for the privilege of your time.

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  1. Finding someone to blame seems to be the ticket for the mob-mentality, certainly not taking responsibility for oneself. In fact, that was a quote from last night’s superb show, and I think Rachel said it was from Hitler himself, ‘we need to have someone to blame.’ We see that every day with the nut job wrong wing, whether it’s Jews, POC, women, intelligent folk, books, movies, music, art, liberals, communists, Marxists, etc ad infinitum, ad nauseum. Blame others because maybe you f*cked around in school, didn’t get a good education so you could get a good job and adequately support yourself. Blame someone else because you got involved in drugs/alcohol/crime instead and find yourself in dire circumstances. People made poor choices for themselves and resent those who made better choices, so they are a perfect target for the maga crowd. We seem to have an overload of resentful, whiny people, unwilling to take responsibility for themselves, who want it all handed to them. And tRump with his ‘only I can fix it’ line of BS fills their souls. Ugh!

  2. A lot of them ARE undereducated. Liberals with college degrees,and grad degrees tend to gravitate towards the Democrats. High school.grads and dropouts are attracted to.MAGA.

    And many high schiol grads were never taught how to research topics and tell a biased source from a reputable one. I learned this from teaching Competition and Literature and Composition courses at a college on a military base. These were smart folks, but they didn’t know what they didn’t know. My best moments were when one of them.would catch me and tell.me they’d gotten am A in another class because I had taught them.how to.study and how to write a good term paper.


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