Once again, the j6 committee hearing today didn’t disappoint. There was bombshell after bombshell. But there was one revelation that came out today that I want to take, and lift above the noise to look at separately.

One of the things that the committee hearing highlighted was aa unscheduled December 18th, 2020 late night meeting in the Oval Office. The meeting devolved into a fracas that witnesses described as Unhinged, hysterical, and included threats of physical violence. Just a reminder, this Godsmack mosh pit took place in The Oval Office.

The meeting was an anomaly from the start. The Oval Office is one of the most closely guarded places in the country. There are layers and protocols. But somehow, on December 18th, a group of 3 individuals gained access to the holiest-of-holies without the general staff being aware.

Let’s just take a quick look at the assortment of whack-a-doodles who got through. Sidney Powell, the disgraced lawyer who once said in a press conference that it was time to Unleash the Krakens!, and then in response to a billion dollar lawsuit from Dominion voting machines, defended herself by saying Nobody who actually read what I said could possibly take it seriously.

Next up is Rudy Giuliani. Testimony today showed that in the meeting, he called Cipollone and the sane people a Bunch of p*ssies! When I heard that, I laughed my ass off, turned to Teri, and said, Maybe they’re a bunch of p*ssies, but who got his law license pulled?

Disgraced General Michael Flynn, who was fired from his last post on the NSA by President Obama, and when Trump ignored Obama and made him his National security Advisor, was fired in less than 30 days for inappropriate contact with the Russians. Flynn had been taped taking the Q-Anon oath.

And the former CEO of Overstock.com, whose name I don’t feel like googling, who was thrown out of his own company for his personal sins.

The premise of the meeting was absurd from the start. They presented Trump with a draft executive order, penned two days earlier over a leisurely lunch at the Trump International DC Hotel, for the military to seize voting machines, and make Sidney Powell a Special Counsel to prosecute pretty much anybody who hadn’t voted for Trump. Little wonder that the administration lawyers had a coronary infarction when they charged into the room.

But here’s my point. Every American citizen, regardless of political affiliation should be scarified shitless about what we heard today. Simply because of the fact that this isn’t the way that a well run presidency is supposed to operate.

Look, I don’t care who you are, or how old you are. We all grew up with a preconceived notion. That notion is that whether you liked the President or not, you trusted that he was a qualified President, who staffed his administration with qualified advisors to counsel him. And whatever your personal feelings, he was making decisions based on the best possible advice.

But todays testimony shattered that illusion. In the month after the election was called, pretty much every sane advisor, and even family members tried to tell Trump to Give it up, it was over. And in his desperation to cling to power, and avoid possible criminal prosecution, Trump ended up listening to a cabal of advisors that came straight out of a Saturday morning Looney Tunes program.

This is what we have to worry about. If Trump runs and wins again in 2024, he will not repeat the errors he made the first time. There will be no adults in the room to keep him from going off of the rails. How about Michael Flynn as Secretary of Defense. How about Sidney Powell as the Attorney General. How about How about Jim Jordan or Matt Gaetz as his Chief of Staff. Trump knows the rules now, and he won’t make the same mistake again. As Wednesday Addams said, Be afraid. Be very afraid.



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  1. I am in Australia and afraid, very afraid.
    This effects us all. China is mobilising its militarily. Chaos everywhere. With tremendously stupid baby brain Don Stump at the helm again we’re all doomed.

  2. Yes…he…will, Murf. Because those weren’t his real mistakes. The latter is why he will get nowhere near the presidency by 2024. Oh and anyone who would like to contradict me on this can save their breath. He’s proving to be a liability the GOP can no longer afford. As such, the sane folk are going to cut him loose.

  3. Yet, in a recent poll, frump was the republican choice, revealing once again, that our culture reveres stupid, evil, delusional people if they’ve stolen enough money & TV time.

  4. Of course I agree with this, and besides, my illusions about Trump and his administration were never shattered, since I didn’t have any in the first place. But I’d go easy on the diagnosis of “insanity”, since I can see this becoming a defense plea. I’d put it somewhere more along the lines of evil. Trump and his gang must not be allowed to dodge responsibility.

  5. “Trump ended up listening to a cabal of advisors that came straight out of a Saturday morning Looney Tunes program.”

    Murf, I am OUTRAGED!!!!!! How dare you–how DARE you!!–compare the wonderful performances of every member of the Looney Tunes ensemble to the people that Trump listened to? Every single character in the Looney Tunes cast displayed better sense than the entire collective of Trump “advisors.”

    Even Wile E Coyote wouldn’t take the “advice” of anyone connected with Trump, even if they were offering him the latest Acme Corporation products at 90% off and promising money-back guarantees on any product that failed to do what they advertised.

    And, shoot. Bugs Bunny alone could outsmart the whole group without even working up the kind of “sweat” he needed to do to outsmart Daffy, Elmer and Yosemite Sam.

  6. So, that little sh*t flynn took the ‘q-anon oath–I’m shocked I tell you. I am just guessing here but if that ignorant little sh*t (and let’s face it, if you’re stupid enough to not only believe that bull-sh*t but take an oath on the nonsense, you’re pretty f*cking stupid) made it to the rank of general, the military is not getting even D, E, F…list folks to join. They truly must get the dregs of society.

    • I remember when if you committed a crime, the judge gave you the option of jail or joining the army.
      My bet is the flynns got caught stealing hubcaps, were forced to join up where they were somehow promoted to “general”…
      West Point people dont cheat for nothing….

    • Look at it this way – Flynn also took an Oath to our Constitution and it turns out it didn’t mean shit to him. For him, and it turns out what seems the bulk of conservatives it’s just a set of words that have to be recited to get a coveted job/position. Kinda like the underpaid cashier at some store at the end of a shift (that got extended a couple of hours with no notice) who is worn the hell out but mumbles “Have a nice day” because it they don’t they’ll get fired. It simply doesn’t mean shit. So, when I think of Flynn an Oaths I guess I’m not as worked up about the Q Oath because he was already part of that fucked up world and said whatever they told him to repeat just so he could keep hanging out with them. The words don’t mean anything. At least the Constitution is an actual thing that’s written down for all to see/read. Q? Unless I’m misinformed they have no charter or set of principles written down anywhere, and what few notions are out there can be changed at any moment by not just the mysterious Q but a shitload of other wackjobs. Frankly, since he’s been running around trading on his having once been a General I think Flynn should be recalled to active duty and Courts Martialed – and spend the rest of his fucking life in Leavenworth.

      • He’s a disgrace to every veteran who served honorably. He should be publicly stripped of everything to do with his ‘service’.

        • That’s the cool part. If convicted at a General Courts Martial (the highest level proceeding) he could in fact be stripped of all rank and sent to a military prison. And prisoners not only have no rank, but assholes like him who tried to throw his weight around would learn some very hard lessons, perhaps from some who once served with or under him. Let that motherfucker rot in prison for the rest of his days, die and be buried with NO military honors because he’d no longer be entitled to them.

  7. Flynn didnt really get fired. He was promoted to “leader of the traitor army”.
    He and his brother need to be locked up and charged with treason because at the end of the day, putin financed this attempted overthrow of our government along with the “heritage foundation” which is a terrorist organization.

  8. I didn’t catch the sh@t show but I have said from day one. Trump and his collection of mental midgets need to go to jail. Once secured then you start figuring out what to charge them with. Conspiracy to commit treason should hold them a day or two. What the Fock are we waiting for. The opportunity for them to do it again. Everyone knows the truth even if they want to say they don’t. It gives them an out of their boring, pathetic little lives and a reason to argue with the paperboy.


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