This is just getting f*cking ridiculous. I’ll give the GOP Senate a pass on this one, since at least so far they have all been sensible enough to not sign on to this steaming pile of bullsh*t.

Massive stupidity in the GOP House is nothing new, in fact it’s old hat. When in their occasional, rare control of the House, the GOP Speakers are fond of quoting the Hastert Rule in explaining their complete impotence as a ruling party, Never bring a bill to the floor that you can’t pass with 218 party votes. 

What unutterable bullsh*t. When now disgraced, imprisoned pedophile former GOP House Speaker Dennis Hastert, in better days, was asked about his famous rule, his answer was pithy and direct, Bullsh*t. The only rule for a House Speaker is to get to 218 votes. It doesn’t matter where they come from.

Which brings us to yesterday’s latest humiliating defeats for GOP House Squeaker MAGA Mike McCarthy. Originally the plan was for the GOP to put on the floor for a vote a combo bill of financial support for Israel, tied to a vote to impeach DHS Mayorkas. When it became clear that Johnson was going to have a problem on the Mayorkas vote, he split them into two separate bills. And lost on both of them. I saw the vote on MSNBC, and Johnson was coldly furious at being defeated, while the Democrats cheered in the well.

If Johnson wanted to blame somebody, then he should blame the House Majority Whip, Steve Scalise. It is the sole jobg of the House Majority Whip to poll the caucus and ensure that the votes are there to pass the bill if it’s brought to the floor. Unfortunately the GOP seems to be totally incapable of naming Whips who can count past 10 without taking off their shoes and socks.

Unfortunately Johnson couldn’t blame Scalise, because he wasn’t there! Scalise was in the hospital, receiving necessary treatment for his cancer. And while I agree with Steve Scalise on nothing, I wish him nothing but a full and speedy recovery. After geing shot in the thigh on the practice field for the congressional baseball game, he’s suffered enough.

It shouldn’t have mattered. Simply because Democratic Texas House member Al Green was in the hospital having abdominal surgery. Imbecile Squeaker Mike Johnson thought he had his stoppers. But then Green showed up on the floor in surgical scrubs to cast his vote, and four GOP representatives told Jhnson to shove it, and he went down in flames.

A total loser can never actually be a loser, so of vourse Johnson needed a scapegoat. And of course the most immediate and logical scapegoat for his humiliation was Democrat Al Green. And the logic was pure Q-Anon. Green’s abdominal surgery was total bullsh*t! It was a Democratic plant to subversively screw up Johnson’s whip count.

Wait a minute. Wait a minute. Wait a f*cking minute! Your own House Majority Whip is in the hospital getting cancer treatment, but you don’t slam him for screwing you out of a fvote that wouldn’t have made a difference, but suddenly Al Green, who showed up in surgical scrubs to vote is the villain?

But the audacity and simple cynical bullsh*t goes even further back. Several years ago, iconic conservative GOP Senate icon and war hero John McCain got off his sick bed, took a private jet back to Washington DC, and made an impassioned speech from the well of the Senate, practically begging for a return to Senate normalcy, before casting one of his final votes, scuttling the repeal of Obamacare once and for all.

And nobody in the GOP dared to call McCain a fake, or a deep state o0perative. I am getting so sick of this hypocritical bullsh*t, fine when we do it, but you guys are nothing but a bunch of fakers! Instead of blaming the Democrats for being educated, why don’t some of you mofo’s elect some people who can count over 100? Welcome to Trumpmenistan 2024.

I thank you for the privilege of your time.

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  1. I don’t wish the nazi Scalise any better outcome than I do watching documentaries of WW2 when the nazis or the Japanese get sent to hell. He’s an apologist and accomplice to everything evil Trump has done. He’s a child murderer who lies constantly to cover his crimes. I never mourn on April 30th the day Hitler put a bullet in his head. I wish he’d hung himself in prison in 1923. I won’t shed a tear when Trump falls out of his golf cart and breaks his goddamn neck. The day Scalise goes…ho phucking hum. One less nazi. One more day of hope for the children.

    • Truth hurts doesn’t it? I never feel sorry for the fascist lying killers…I always feel sorry for the victims. Seems in America we’ve forgotten what it takes because we’ve been conditioned to play and think nice with everybody! All I know is we didn’t get here by playing ‘nice’ with the British in 1776. We didn’t get here playing nice with the murderers in the Confederacy, or with the nazis. I guess we feel better when we send boys out to die and from THEIR suffering and death, we can sit in church and feel good about our playing ‘nice’. Oh and don’t give me absolute knowledge about what Jesus said and did thousands of years after the man reportedly lived. WERE YOU THERE? NO? Then take a hike hypocrites. The money changers whipped at the temple, a holy place, forgot how ‘nice’ he was.


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