At some point we have to start paying attention before it’s too late. And when I say we, I don’t just mean Democrats, I mean Democrats, moderates, independents, and everybody who loves a little democracy in their democracy. We are now embarking on a new chapter of GOP chicanery that I can only call more of the same old shit. But this one may well be the worst.

Let’s be fair, the Republican party is a morally bankrupt, aging, racist party of older, scared white voters resisting change. The party has been overtly racist ever since the Reagan Southern Strategy of 1980. They coddled to their far right Evangelical sky base with their vaunted Moral Majority of the 1990’s. One thing you have to say about the GOP, they have learned how to play their base.

The GOP is certainly capable of long term thinking. And they showed it. Immediately after the Roe v Wade decision, the GOP promised its far right loony Evangelical base that they would overturn it. But the GOP knew that they had little chance of making the change legislatively.

Instead, they asked their wingnut Jesus wheezers to trust them. And they began to attack the problem at the root. Every time that the GOP got control of the White House and the Senate, they started ramming through highly ideological, Heritage Foundation approved federal judges. It did nothing to fix the immediate problem, but it allowed the GOP to tout their progress to their base. And the Democrats ignored it. And now, almost 50 years later, with a 6-3 conservative super majority on the Supreme Court, Roe v wade is almost certainly toast, taking us back to the dark ages of women’s reproductive rights.

But they’re also capable of shorter term planning. In 2008, Barack Obama was elected the first African American President, which was of course intolerable to the GOP. But the Democrats held the congress, so something had to be done.

The natural target was 2010, and the GOP took full advantage of it. They used messaging and resistance to slow the Obama agenda to a crawl. But it turned out that the GOP had bigger fish to fry. They blew the wad on the 2010 midterms to swing the House back to the GOP.

But they went even further, because 2010 was a census year. And as much as the GOP spent on the 2010 congressional midterm elections, they spent even more on state congressional races in order to flip the maximum number of state legislatures that would draw the new congressional maps for the next 10 years,. They succeeded, and basically ensured the GOP strong minority opposition in the House for the next 10 years.

And now they’re doing it again, and this time, I think it’s even more insidious, and more damaging long term. But it’s a plan that will take at least a decade to bring to fruition. Which is fine with the GOP, after all, they waited 50 years to overturn Roe v Wade. What the GOP wants this time is the dumbing of America. Basically, they want to raise a generation of kids that are too fucking stupid to vote Democratic.

In any plan this foul and noxious, of course it started with Two Shirts Steve Bannon. Last year he started calling on the Loud Toys, the Oath Creepers, and other far right loonies to start running for local office. Things like school board, library board, and city council. The object is to create a long term farm team of Trump loonies to get experience and run for higher office down the road. And it’s at least partially working.

Forget electoral politics for a moment, just look at what’s going on locally across the nation. School board meetings have turned into semi violent free for alls, leading school board officials to request police support for school board meetings. The reason is that slobbering Trombies are showing up and angrily demanding that the school board stop grooming their children with critical race theory, which isn’t even taught in grade or high schools, to make them feel guilty. They’re screaming for and demanding that books that they deem unacceptable be removed from the school library and classroom shelves to keep students from being made to feel guilty for being white.

Even Library Board meetings are being turned into free for alls. In normal times, nobody shows up at a library board except the members, unless somebody has some peripheral business for the board. But now they’re overwhelmed by far right knuckle draggers demanding that books be removed from library shelves as racially provocative. 

Basically what these fuckers want to do is to erase African American and Hispanic history from grade and high school curriculums. They already know that they can’t grow their base with no programs, no ideas, no agenda, and no vision, so what they want to do is to create an entire generation of American voters who are actually educated to believe in white superiority and white grievance. This will allow them to maintain political power in Washington in a country that is rapidly moving away from them.

This is by far the foulest scheme I’ve ever seen in my life. Basically, what the GOP is trying to do is to take us back to the days of Nazi Germany in the late 1930’s, when Hitler used his power to into the Aryan culture. And the really scary part of this is, if we don’t get off of our asses and fight this tooth and nail, then they could actually pull this off. Just as they have done before. A word to the wise.


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  1. I live in Texas so of course some of this is happening nearby. But most school districts are ignoring these people. There is only one district that has significant challenges to the school board and the base of that support is just one rich injury attorney. your can contact him here. tell him what you think about his attempt to overturn the local school board. jason desouza has donated 10000 to support racist, homophobic candidates to the local school board.

  2. From the early 80’s the republicans have been attacking public schools and using that argument to reduce funding, while sending money to private schools via vouchers. They have been working on this scenario for a long time. Educational quality has been decreasing all that time.


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