Stupid is as stupid does   Mama Gump

The old saying is that Power corrupts. And absolute power corrupts absolutely. But when you look at the GOP’s response to the J6 committee, and their response, especially this late in the ball game, it can be updated to Political power corrupts. And absolute political power corrupts absolutely.

If there’s one current GOP caucus member is have to have grudging respect for, it’s Moscow Mitch McConnell. He has the political instincts of a political mako shark. He quietly broke with Trump after his public rebuke of Trump’s role in the insurrection from the well of the Senate, and hasn’t spoken to him personally since. For the good of the party he made sure Trump was acquitted. But McConnell is doing everything in his power to keep his caucus under the radar, because he knows how dangerous this committee can be.

Moron Kevin McCarthy and his GOP House caucus on the other hand, are like a bunch of teenage kids with a stolen bottle of Jack, and Daddy’s Dodge Charger. They just know that they’re immortal, and there isn’t a cruiser in the county that can catch Daddy’s Charger. And they’re barrel assing right towards a rollover disaster.

It’s not like the J6 committee didn’t try to play nice. They sent letters requesting 5 of these mental misfits to voluntarily come in and talk to them. They took an oath, it’s their responsibility to testify to the committee. And of course, the miscreants shot them double barrel birds. So now, the committee is taking the next logical step, and subpoenaing their testimony, and once again, the drunken sots will shoot them double barrel birds.

I have one simple question. Are these fucking morons insane?!? Trump is no longer President, the pardon funski valve is shut off. Some simple facts. The January 6th committee has interviewed more than 1000 witnesses, and they have so many documents and tapes that they need a warehouse to store it all in! The committee has already said that they really don’t need to hear from former Vice President Mike Pence, since they have hours of voluntary testimony from his Chief of Staff, Mark Short, who was always the last man in the room with Pence, and was with him throughout the entire insurrection. And they’ve said that they don’t really need to interview Mark Meadows, since they have enough testimony from aides that Meadows wouldn’t even realize were in the room, to tell them what they need to know. And I gotta figure the DOJ hasn’t indicted Meadows on Contempt of Congress charges because they have bigger fish to fry with him.

Sweet Jesus! Are McCarthy and his cronies insane?!? Just look st all of the audio that has already leaked that shows that McCarthy is a two faced, sniveling little coward. Do they honestly think that the committee doesn’t already have testimony from staffers and aides in the Oval Office regarding personal conversations they had, or at least hearing Trump’s side of the conversation, if it wasn’t on speaker, that will allow the committee to draw the proper inferences?

The J6 committee was actually being gracious with these douche nozzles. They had every arrow they needed in their quiver, and yet they allowed these mental crustaceans the chance to come in and present their own side of the story. To show how stupid they are, remember that when the committee allowed Ivanka Trump, Jared Kushner, Kimberly Guilfoyle, and Don Jr, to come in, they negotiated, and then jumped at the lifeline. They all knew how many ears were in those rooms, and they wanted to put their own spin on it.

And now the die is cast. These mental midgets will get to sit there at home and watch the publicized hearings in prime time, and watch the committee lay out in intricate, minute-by-minute detail everything they said and did, without having a goddamn word of their own to say about it. How many times do I have to say it? Stand up and take a bow, fools! 


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  1. Any respect due to Mitch McConnell is strictly past tense. He’s not been right since he broke his shoulder a few years back and his power over his caucus is on the wane. But you’re right, Murf, in saying McCarthy is worse. He NEVER had Mitch’s control and now he and his cronies are just doing whatever to keep from drowning. It’s already too late…for all of them.

  2. Too bad the judicial system is incompetent. They will all get away with bloody murder as usual. If the house falls the tapes get burned and all is forgotten and forgiven.

  3. “The January 6th committee has interviewed more than 1000 witnesses, and they have so many documents and tapes that they need a warehouse to store it all in!”

    And STILL, Merrick Garland does nothing. The Jan 6th insurrection was more than 16 MONTHS ago. As usual, only the little people are held to account. When it comes to the ringleaders of this treasonous act, nothing. No indictments, no arrests, not even any charges. 16 months and counting.


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